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Michael Shellenberger has taken the initiative to take journalism into authentic, responsible, and ethical hands and fulfill the original purpose of the field. He does so by hosting a space called, Public Newsletter. A community that is hosted by the common people for the common people to uncover the nasty crimes, government policies, world politics, and controversial agendas of the politicians.


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It's time to change your information source if you're sick of seeing the same old manipulative ramble on capitalist news media channels. Many people have discovered a way to share their reports and research findings without worrying about censorship because of the growth of social media. Therefore, private platforms have unfortunately become more reliable sources of information than television networks.

He is doing a favor to the world by bringing forth the original and unfiltered information so responsibly. If you want to join his journey then subscribe to Public Newsletter. He already has more than 100K subscribers, you can join them too to explore interesting informative reports.

Who Runs The Public Newsletter?

Before you get to the information, it is important to know who is providing that information. This way it becomes easier to develop a bond of trust. The Public Newsletter is run by four members in total. 

It was initially founded by Michael Shellenberger, a climate activist and journalist. He has written many books including; San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities and Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All. He has also published interesting stories and won awards for them; Censorship Industrial Complex; San Francisco’s cash incentives for homelessness; and won the 2023 Dao Award for journalism; for it also covered the “Amazon Forest are the lungs of the world” myth; climate pseudoscience” story.

The co-founder of The Public Newsletter is Leighton Woodhouse. He is a journalist and Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, contributing to various publications such as The Intercept, The New Republic, and Vice News. He has produced numerous short documentaries for outlets like The Washington Post and PBS Frontline and directed two feature films, one earning an Emmy nomination.

Alex Gutentag, a former Special Education teacher in New York City and Oakland, now covers censorship, COVID-19, and related issues. She writes extensively about the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 policies and scientific debate suppression. Zaid Jilani, based in the Atlanta area, is a reporter with previous experience at outlets like NewsNation, The Intercept, AlterNet, and ThinkProgress.

What Does Public Newsletter Discusss? 

The public newsletter is a work of journalism initiated by highly qualified individuals who belong to different backgrounds and have mastered different niches. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you will get a fact-checked, researched, original, and authentic set of information from credible individuals. They profoundly discuss the following subjects:

1. Censorship and media manipulation: The main reason to resort to new platforms is the misinformation on mainstream media, it is obvious to discuss press freedom. These newsletters often discuss concerns about censorship, particularly in the context of online platforms and mainstream media. They explore how information is controlled or manipulated to serve certain agendas.

2. Critiques of Democratic Party policies: The newsletters provide critiques of policies and actions taken by the Democratic Party, often questioning their effectiveness or motivations. They analyze social justice movements and identity politics, discussing their impact on society and potential consequences. The purpose of the newsletter is to uncover the truth, they report on investigations into alleged corruption within various institutions, including government and corporate entities. Discussing subjects like Democrats Spread Russia Collusion Disinformation To Weaponize The FBI and Trudeau Government Used Faked Intelligence To Illegally Frame Protesting Truckers As Violent Extremists.

3. Discussions on public health issues: The pandemic should be regarded as the most successful era of misinformation. While the world has moved on it is important to learn about history. These newsletters host discussions on public health issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and drug crises, exploring their societal impacts and potential solutions. Uncover conspiracy theories like on their column and podcasts; US And Chinese Scientists Made Plans To Engineer Coronaviruses Like SARS-CoV-2, New Documents Show.

4. Analysis of geopolitical tensions: They analyze geopolitical tensions and foreign policy decisions, providing perspectives on international affairs and their implications. They actively call for accountability and transparency in both government and media, advocating for honesty and integrity in public discourse owing to the original idea of hosting this

Final Words – Public Newsletter

It is no secret that misinformation and propaganda have been on the rise but even after knowing the cost of such ignorance we do not take action to curtail it is surprising. If you regard yourself as a responsible individual who refuses to be manipulated then subscribe to authentic media sources like Public Newsletter. I have been following them for a long time, they present each of their claims with well-researched information and with stats and figures from a credible source. After knowing the repercussions of misinformation, it can cause war, take innocent lives, and let culprits roam freely, it should be a part of our conscience to stand against it and support independent media houses. If you pledge to do so then subscribe to Public Newsletter. 

You can follow Michael Shellenberger on X: Michael Shellenberger

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