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Selfless Anatta's newsletter provides interesting and unique insights on spirituality, Buddhism, and parenting autistic children. It is ideal for parents who are trying to navigate the world of autistic children. The author also brings you insights on spirituality from Buddhism. Let’s tell you more about this interesting read in this Selfless Anatta newsletter review.


  • Selfless Anatta is a free newsletter 
  • The newsletter follows a simple structure
  • It is a valuable resource for parents with autistic children


  • Each edition focuses on one topic only
  • There is no information regarding the author

What is the Selfless Anatta Newsletter about?

Selfless Anatta is an interesting and informative newsletter for those who wish to dive into the spiritual world. Anatta is the Buddhist idea that no substantial self actually exists, and the newsletter focuses on similar beliefs and ideas. Furthermore, it covers details on the life of autistic parents as the author is a father to a young autistic boy. He shares his journey as a parent and how it has changed his outlook on life.

The Newsletter Structure of Selfless Anatta Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with the email title in the top middle, followed by the publishing date.
  • Then, the author dives into the topic in-depth with sub-headings and images to keep the readers hooked.
  • You will see the “Share” CTA at the end, and the writer signs off with "Wink, Anatta.”

What Topics does the Selfless Anatta Newsletter Cover?

Selfless Anatta covers Buddhism, spirituality, and life with autistic children. The author mentions that his son is the focus of his spiritual practice and pushes him to grow emotionally. He also shares that accepting his son’s condition revealed his purpose for being. His compassion for special needs children provides the drive and energy for his writing. Furthermore, the writer’s experiences have led to his spiritual journey, which he expresses in the newsletter. However, you may also find some pieces on politics and current affairs.

Next, let’s tell you about the subscription in this Selfless Anatta newsletter review.

Is it Free or Paid?

Selfless Anatta is an informative newsletter that brings you something valuable in each edition to help you spend a more meaningful life. From insights into the writer's journey as the parent of an autistic child to details on spiritual life, the emails share everything with you absolutely FREE!

You can subscribe to the newsletter by visiting Selfless Anatta's Substack profile, entering your email address, and clicking "Subscribe.”

Subscribe to Selfless Anatta

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The author introduces himself as “Anatta,” which is the Buddhist idea that no substantial self exists, as mentioned earlier. He uses this name to maintain anonymity and encourages subscribers to respect it. Furthermore, he says he does not wish to impress anyone or seek accolades, and anonymity allows him to tell his story from the heart. So, we respect the author's wishes and not sharing details about him for now.

However, "Anatta" shares some of his life experiences with the readers. He mentions that he practiced Buddhism for 20 years, and his practice blossomed when he started practicing Lamrim in float tanks. He spent hundreds of hours in deep meditation in total sensory deprivation. His meditation and experiences have led to his current approach toward life.

The Selfless Anatta Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Selfless Anatta is a popular newsletter among its readers who want to learn about spirituality and Buddhism. Readers appreciate the content shared in the newsletter in an easy-to-understand manner. The author shares his point of view with the subscribers, who enjoy every edition and wait for his insights in the next one.

My Honest Review of Selfless Anatta Newsletter

Buddhism and spirituality are not my top-favorite topics, but I enjoy reading the Selfless Anatta newsletter for the valuable wisdom the author shares in the newsletter. Though I do not religiously follow the newsletter and skip topics that do not interest me, it is an excellent resource for people who want to know about life with autistic children. Subscribe to Selfless Anatta to learn from the author’s journey. 

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