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Artificial Intelligence, machine learning & technological advancements are reshaping lives, and one needs to stay updated if one wants to bring change. So, Synthetic Mind has just got you covered.


  • This newsletter lands in your inbox every week.
  • Synthetic Mind is free of cost.
  • It’s a simple newsletter with an easy-to-follow format.


  • It has a general approach, and some topics need more research & depth.
  • It is not very visually appealing and lacks interactive graphics.

What is the Synthetic Mind about? 

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning & technological advancements are reshaping lives, and one needs to stay updated if one wants to bring change. So, Synthetic Mind has just got you covered. It offers easy ways to earn money by using the internet, technology & information & guides you to become smarter. It provides resourceful content for tech enthusiasts, IT professionals, and CS freaks who want to stay in the loop & learn AI. All it takes is to subscribe to the free newsletter and take 5 minutes a week. You will get informative articles in your email every week without opening your browser to learn more. 

The newsletter structure of Synthetic Mind

The next on our Synthetic Mind newsletter review is the newsletter structure to help you make a more informed decision.

  • The newsletter begins with the date on the right side with a link to read the newsletter online.
  • Then, you will see the first story, followed by the rest. The author typically brings 5 stories in each edition. 
  • As you move toward the end of the article, there’s a poll at the end asking if the newsletter was Absolutely right, it was okay, or Be better. You can freely give your opinion.
  • At the end, there are icons that take you to their social media and YouTube.

Is it free or paid? 

The good news is that this bundle of thought-provoking articles is absolutely free. So, those expecting to read some informative content about the role of AI for free must subscribe to this newsletter. You will get to enjoy loads of curated articles, interviews & research highlights that delve deep into the world of AI. The free newsletter lands in your inbox every week to inform you of the topics you want to learn more about.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

The author of the newsletter is Rachael Guenther. She is a seasoned professional and handles the content marketing, copywriting, and email writing of the Synthetic Mind newsletter. The author shows a keen understanding of the subject matter and presents it in a manner accessible to newcomers and engaging for experts.

Is Synthetic Mind Legit? 

Synthetic Mind is one of the best newsletters that provide information & updates about artificial intelligence. Review the newsletter's content yourself and enjoy well-researched, informative, and well-written content that proves its legitimacy. Moreover, its readers, the tech enthusiasts, endorse its credibility & post positive reviews. The newsletter brings legit news to the readers who enjoy it and appreciate the information delivered by it.

Synthetic Mind Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Synthetic mind is popular among its readers as it provides in-depth information regarding AI and technology. Readers love that Rachel simply shares news and informative articles, enabling easy understanding. Many readers started reading it as their first AI newsletter and now read the more advanced-level ones. They mention Rachel makes it very easy to understand complicated terms and the latest technologies. So, this newsletter has made its place among readers as a credible newsletter. However, tech experts speak less of this newsletter as they believe it is not that technical. They say it is more suited to beginners than intermediates and experts in AI and technology. 

My Honest Review of Synthetic Mind 

Overall, Synthetic Mind is a power-packed source of authentic news, articles & latest happenings on AI technology that guides tech enthusiasts & researchers about AI & machine learning interactively. I found it a treat for anyone interested in the future of technology and its ethical implications. The 5-minute weekly newsletter is simple yet interesting for those who crave to learn more but cannot delve deep into technology because of their busy schedule. Rachael does reasonable research & has a good grasp of AI technology. However, I feel that depth is missing in some topics, so the newsletter does not satisfy technical readers and formal audiences. 

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