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In the realm of human resources, the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter is considered as one of the best-read to gain HR knowledge. This weekly newsletter delivers content filled with the best strategic moves and ideas for bringing talents together and boosting your workforce.


  • Easy-to-understand read with graphics and data.
  • Trusted source for staying current with the latest HR news and approaches.
  • Easily accessible tools and resources for HR professionals.
  • Free to subscribe.


  • The newsletter is very informative for HR leaders, but it is weekly.
  • Some newsletters may take more than 10 minutes to read.

What is the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter? 

In the realm of human resources, the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter is considered as one of the best-read to gain HR knowledge. This weekly newsletter delivers content filled with the best strategic moves and ideas for bringing talents together and boosting your workforce.

The content of Talent Edge Weekly mostly helps the Chief HR officers, HR leaders, and HR Center of Excellence leaders. The professionals will get highly researched materials regarding talent management, talent acquisition, learning and development, workforce planning, people analytics, etc.

The newsletter provides such an amazing service that it is thriving and has already gained 21,000+ subscribers who are mostly HR and business professionals.

The newsletter structure of the Talent Edge Weekly 

The Talent Edge Weekly newsletter has eye-catching visuals and an easy-to-follow structure.

  • It starts with a header in bold letters that mentions the name of the newsletter and the number of the weekly issues.
  • Below that, you will see 2-3 lines in smaller font that mention what HR content will be discussed in the newsletter.
  • Then, you can see the writer's name and publishing date of the newsletter.
  • Then, you will see the section of a sponsored ad. Every week someone sponsors the newsletter and advertises their products in it.
  • After that, there will be a section of 5 topics that will be discussed that day later.
  • Then, there will be a header called ‘THIS WEEK’S EDGE’ and below that, there will be five sections. For example- edge 1, edge 2, edge 3, edge 4, and edge 5. Here, you will read the writer’s perspective with visuals about that week’s HR trends, strategies, tools, or research which will be highly beneficial for HR enthusiasts. And every header will have a hyperlink as a resource for you to learn the topic more elaborately.
  • The next section will highlight last week’s top-discussed HR content.
  • Then the later section will be called ‘2023 JOB CUTS AND LAYOFF TRACKER’. Here, the writer has tracked down the latest job cuts by companies to gather the best talents.
  • Next, you will read the information about the Chief HR Officer hire of the week to motivate the readers.
  • After that, you will get to see a weekly selective tweet from the writer's Twitter account.
  • Then the next header will mention one particular highlighted weekly HR topic called ‘TALENT EDGE WEEKLY REWIND’.
  • The last section will be the feedback section for the readers.

Note: Depending on the ending, the Talent Edge Weekly also publishes the ‘Best of the month’ newsletter every month.

Is it free or paid? 

The Talent Edge Weekly newsletter is free to subscribe to. Subscribers are mostly Chief HR officers, HR leaders, HR Center of Excellence leaders, HR practitioners, and other business professionals. Every week on Sunday at 6 pm EST, the readers get the weekly newsletter in the email.

This free newsletter delivers the best HR approaches to help with talent management, workforce planning, people analytics, learning and development, talent acquisition, etc.

The Talent Edge Weekly is very popular among HR leaders for providing them with recent HR trends, best strategies, and useful tools so that they can stay up to date in the rapidly evolving field.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Brian Heger is the main person behind the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter. He is an internal HR practitioner for a future 150 organization. He is the sole author of this informative and detail-oriented newsletter that shares necessary HR strategies, and tools with hand-piqued resources.

Brian is a popular international human resources practitioner. He has experience in multiple industries like Pharma, Retail, and Telecom. His intention to create this weekly newsletter was to provide curated insights about the world of human resources.

He has a website where he shares HR and talent management ideas as well. Brian’s amazing effort to create the Talent Edge Weekly has gained huge attention from the HR professionals. The newsletter has more than 21,000 subscribers.

Is the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter Legit?

Yes, the Talent Edge Weekly is a legit newsletter. Brian does extensive research on a diverse range of relevant and practical HR topics. All his curated strategies, information, and advice regarding which HR tools are best for the specific workforce have been gaining immense popularity.

His intention behind publishing this informative weekly piece is to help the busy HR personnel. They can get the necessary information since everyone can’t afford to do exclusive research regularly.

All the information regarding the HR field has to be up to date if the HR leaders want to stay ahead of the game and beat their competitors. That's where Talent Edge Weekly is doing a great job because of its authenticity.

Who reads the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter? 

Most subscribers of the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter are HR leaders or other HR professionals working in the field. Since this newsletter has become one of the ultimate must-read pieces filled with fantastic HR updates and strategies to gather talent and boost the workforce, more readers are subscribing to it.

The Talent Edge Weekly newsletter has been a go-to help for many who want to stay on top of the latest HR trends. They offer timely reminders of which HR tools are doing great and which personnel are getting the best position in the field to motivate others. The readers highly appreciate the efforts of the newsletter.

Talent Edge Weekly Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

So far, we have only heard positive reviews from the readers about the Talent Edge Weekly. People who work in the HR industry have been praising the Talent Edge Weekly because of its impactful information, thorough research, and weekly updates about the ongoing HR trends and tools.

The HR professionals feel empowered by the weekly content of the newsletter. Many HR leaders stated that with its help, they can translate strategic concepts into tangible action. They can enhance their HR skills and make a lasting impact on their organizations as well. Most renowned HR leaders have given five stars to the newsletter and recommended Talent Edge Weekly.

My Honest Review of the Talent Edge Weekly Newslette

I really think the Talent Edge Weekly newsletter has become an important addition for HR enthusiasts. People who want to become successful HR personnel must read this weekly newsletter to increase their HR knowledge about recent trends.

Regarding the matter of AI in the HR field, we have seen the market has been launching many new tools. In this case, Brian is doing a great job by providing a highly researched guideline where people will know which tools will be best for them.

Also, the newsletter gets weekly sponsors from different companies who can promote their tools especially so that the readers can know about them. I think it is also a smart move to bring more readers who want to become successful in the HR industry.

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