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The 6 am City newsletter brings you a round-up of all the local news early in the morning so you can skim through it with your morning tea or coffee. This 6 am City newsletter review tells you everything about this newsletter to help you decide whether to subscribe.


  • The 6 am City newsletter is a free daily resource
  • It lands in your inbox early morning
  • The newsletter brings you details on all the upcoming events and developmental changes


  • The email may not cover crime and breaking news
  • The 6 am City newsletter is only available in 19 cities yet

What is the 6 am City Newsletter about?

If you want to read a newspaper every morning but don't like the random pieces of information among important news, the 6 am City newsletter is the best for you. It skips the extra details and tells you about all the happenings in your city briefly. From city developments to upcoming events and interesting things to buy – this email covers everything. 

If you wonder, “Which city is the 6 am city newsletter for,” it caters to readers in 19 cities. 6 am City aims to become the most relevant local media brand in the cities it serves.

Next, we’ve shared the email structure of Kansas City 6am in this 6 am City newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of 6 am City Newsletter

  • The email begins with a greeting followed by the weather forecast.
  • After the intro, you will see the first section, e.g., How to give back, Music to your ears, etc. 
  • The next segment is “Events,” that brings you a summary of all the upcoming events with links to further details.
  • After events, “News Notes” share news from different categories like transit, development, sports, arts, wellness, etc.
  • After News Notes, some editions have a Civics section, while others may explore Travel.
  • As you move toward the end of the email, “The Buy” tells you some interesting items to buy.
  • Before the author signs off, they encourage you to refer the newsletter to friends and family.

Lastly, the author bids farewell for the day under “The Wrap” with sub-sections like “From the editor,” “Missed our previous newsletters,” “Send Us a Scoop, Question, or Feedback,” “Advertise,” and “Shop.”

What Topics does the 6 am City Newsletter Cover?

The 6 am City newsletter covers everything you'd want to read in a morning newspaper. It shares all the recent development news in the city, followed by upcoming festivals, transit news, sports, etc. You also get to know about worthy products and donation calls. 

Is it Free or Paid?

The details in this 6 am City newsletter review might make you think that this newsletter must cost an arm and a leg. In reality, the 6 am City newsletter is absolutely FREE!

Yes, you can receive all the latest happenings in the city in your email every day without any subscription fee. Residents of Madison, Austin, Asheville, Boston, Columbus, Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia, Fort Worth, Greenville, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Lakeland, Lexington, Louisville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Saint Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, San Jose, Tampa Bay, and Winston-Salem can benefit from this daily email.

Click on your city name on the subscription page and add the required details to receive the newsletter.

Subscribe to the 6 am newsletter 

The 6 am City Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The 6 am City newsletter is a favorite among readers who want to stay in the loop with city changes and events. It brings you the latest happenings, from festivals and events to changes in city development and transit. It is the perfect resource for people who want to know all the scoop in one place. The 6 am City newsletter lands in your inbox early in the morning, saving you the hassle of scrolling multiple websites. 

My Honest Review of the 6 am City Newsletter

My honest 6 am City newsletter review is no different from other readers; I also love it! While it does not replace the morning newsletter, where I catch the headlines, it is an excellent supplementary source. It helps me stay updated with city changes and future events, so I can plan my week accordingly. The email takes five minutes to skim through and stay in the loop.

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