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The AI Ethics Brief newsletter focuses on the ethical and safe development and use of artificial intelligence. It is a worth-reading AI-focused email copy with 12000 subscribers. This AI Ethics Brief newsletter review tells you all about it.


  • The newsletter is by authentic research
  • You receive a potent dose of content every week
  • The AI Ethics Brief copy contains interesting podcasts


  • The content has a complex writing tone 
  • Free subscribers have access to limited content

What is the AI Ethics Brief Newsletter about?

The newsletter team conducts practical and applied research in both technical and policy aspects related to the ethical, safe, and inclusive development of artificial intelligence. The AI Ethics Brief newsletter aims to make AI literacy accessible to a broader audience. They publish all the content and research open-source for the users so everyone can enjoy access to the latest research.

The Newsletter Structure of AI Ethics Brief Newsletter

  • The newsletter starts with the title that reflects all the news highlights or research to be discussed in the editorial. Moreover, the title also contains the edition number in the beginning.
  • The Montreal AI Ethics Institute writes all the articles, so the institute's name is mentioned below the title, along with the current date. 
  • Then the author greets the readers and invites you to subscribe to the paid edition to support the newsletter so that they may keep delivering informative content to the community.   
  • Next, you will find the overview of the respective week’s newsletter. The section contains the summary of the newsletter. 
  • The first section, “Ask the Ethicist,” features a question and its answer to the readers. 
  • The second section, "What We Are Thinking," contains an in-depth article.
  • The third section asks a question to ponder over and the author invites the readers to answer the question. 
  • Then, there is one research, article, and miscellaneous news. 
  • The author concludes the newsletter with a call to share the latest research papers that caught the reader’s attention.  

What Topics does AI Ethics Brief Cover?

Topics in the AI Ethics Brief include research papers and content based on practical and applied research being carried out at the Montreal AI Ethics Institute. 

Next, let’s tell you the subscription plan in the AI Ethics Brief newsletter review.

Is AI Ethics Brief Free or Paid?

AI Ethics Brief offers multiple subscription plans to choose from. The free plan offers the latest articles, news, headlines, and newsletter posts. However, you can also subscribe to the paid subscription to support the AI Ethics Brief management. The monthly plan costs $8 per month, while the yearly plan costs $80 per year, which is 17% cheaper than subscribing to the monthly newsletter. 

You can subscribe to The AI Ethics Brief newsletter by visiting the official website, entering your active email address and clicking “Subscribe” to receive the free email copy of the newsletter. 

Subscribe to AI Ethics Brief newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The people behind the AI Ethics Brief are the researchers, engineers, and experts from the Montreal AI Ethics Institute. They research the technology and publish the findings through the newsletter to educate the readers. All the research and content are open-source, so anyone subscribing to the newsletter can read them.

The AI Ethics Brief Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Readers find it useful because it contains unique content they do not find in regular email copies. The research-based content caters to the interests of AI enthusiasts, and they acknowledge its reliability and content quality. Subscribers also appreciate the engaging structure of the newsletter, making it interesting despite the complexity of the subject. The inclusion of graphics, emoticons, and images enhances the visual appeal. Overall, readers seem to value The AI Ethics Brief newsletter for its unique and resourceful content.

My Honest Review of The AI Ethics Brief Newsletter

The AI Ethics Brief is a distinct email copy with very resourceful content. It contains practical research-based content that you will not find in ordinary newsletters. The articles are authentic and reliable, considerably beneficial for AI enthusiasts. Moreover, it is supplemented with sufficient graphics, emoticons, and images that make it visually appealing. Being an AI learner, I find it a valuable resource for keeping up with the latest developments in AI ethics. The content goes beyond what is typically found in regular newsletters.

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