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The AI Solopreneur newsletter is a valuable resource for one-man-army entrepreneurs on how AI can improve workflow and boost business growth. It brings detailed, actionable plans on how to use AI to earn more while working less. Learn more about it in this AI Solopreneur newsletter review.


  • AI Solopreneur provides easy AI solutions to complicated problems
  • You can get the free version of the newsletter
  • The email comes regularly


  • The email does not share tools or the latest AI developments
  • It may not be suitable for readers looking for daily emails

What is the AI Solopreneur Newsletter about?

The AI Solopreneur newsletter is a helpful twice-weekly email that lands in your inbox every Wednesday and Thursday. Over 26,000 solopreneurs around the world read this email to get actionable insights into AI workflows, tactics, and hacks to help your business grow faster. The author shares tips on future-proofing your business model and earning more by skyrocketing your productivity using AI. The AI workflows have helped thousands of solopreneurs establish and scale their businesses. 

The Newsletter Structure of AI Solopreneur Newsletter

The newsletter follows a simple structure, best for people who like skimming through emails to read the headlines. However, it also shares detailed insights into each topic for those who prefer in-depth explanations.

  • As you open the email, you will see the day’s topic in the middle of the email on top.
  • There's also the publishing date and a link to reading the newsletter online in the top right corner.
  • As you scroll down, the email has the AI Solopreneur logo, followed by the estimated reading time and a link to sponsor the newsletter.
  • Next, the author greets you and dives into the first story with an interesting introduction.
  • Similarly, you might see other topics or sub-sections of the same story. 
  • Then, the author winds up the newsletter with “Wrap Up,” giving you a quick summary of the email contents. 
  • In the end, you can leave feedback by selecting one of the options.

The email may also occasionally promote the author's course and tools. 

What Topics does the AI Solopreneur Newsletter Cover?

AI Solopreneur shares everything about AI that can help you build and boost your business growth. Each newsletter helps you solve a specific business problem using AI. The author shares detailed instructions on using AI to sort out issues and boost productivity. It is best for people who want to take their business to the next level. 

You might wonder if the author charges a huge sum for this valuable resource. Let’s find that out here in this AI Solopreneur newsletter review:

Is it Free or Paid?

The AI Solopreneur is an absolutely free resource. Subscribing to the newsletter is incredibly easy. Visit the AI Solopreneur website and enter your email in the given space. Click on "Subscribe" and receive the email regularly in your inbox. 

Subscribe to AI Solopreneur newsletter 

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Ole Lehmann is the genius behind this helpful newsletter, helping thousands of businesses around the world boost productivity with AI. Besides the AI Solopreneur, he is also the founder of Fynnster Limited. Ole received his bachelor's in audio design from HDPK, Berlin, in 2018 and started his career with music production and viral TikTok content marketing before stepping into the AI world.

The AI Solopreneur Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The AI Solopreneur is a favorite among entrepreneurs worldwide who want to learn AI in an easy way. The simple solutions to complicated business problems in the newsletter make it popular among the subscribers. They love how Ole understands the issue at root level and breaks down the process step-by-step.

My Honest Review of AI Solopreneur Newsletter

As you all know, I love exploring AI newsletters, considering how AI can be immensely helpful in routine life, and AI Solopreneur is one of the best ones out there. It does not share extensive lists of AI tools or the latest advancements in the AI industry. But the newsletter never fails to amaze with the easy-to-understand processes and solutions. Even if you’re not well-informed about AI platforms and tools, the author tells you all in this newsletter. So, if you’re an entrepreneur struggling to make work easy and boost business growth, I’d suggest subscribing to the AI Solopreneur. Supplement the information with another newsletter that brings the latest tools and insights.

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