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The Algorithm is an artificial intelligence newsletter that brings all AI news, insights, and details on trending topics. It is an amazing resource for people looking forward to learning more about AI. Check more in The Algorithm newsletter review.


  • The newsletter lands in your inbox regularly 
  • The Algorithm demystified the latest AI breakthroughs
  • It is a free resource


  • It comes only once a week
  • The Algorithm follows a long essay-like structure

What is The Algorithm Newsletter about?

The Algorithm is an AI newsletter that shares the latest AI breakthroughs and lets you know if they are worth the hype. The newsletter also tells you about the consequences of artificial intelligence that we may overlook right now. It is excellent for people who love knowing the scoop and demystified news. While the newsletter does not share multiple AI tools and news pieces in detail, it provides surplus information on the day's topic.

The Newsletter Structure of The Algorithm Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with the logo of The Algorithm, followed by the author's name and publishing date.
  • Then, the author dives into the day’s topic with an interesting introduction encouraging you to read more.
  • As you scroll down, you will see a long piece of text supplemented with images. You may also see another story or sub-sections of the same topic.
  • Lastly, The Algorithm gives you an insight into the most recent AI news and advancements in the “Bits & Bytes” section. Each news piece comprises a short paragraph followed by a link to the source.
  • While the newsletter looks like a long essay on one topic concluded with news snippets, the font styles and images make it easy to read. 

What Topics does The Algorithm Newsletter Cover?

The Algorithm majorly demystifies the latest AI breakthroughs and reveals the most recent research from the hottest AI labs. The newsletter also shares what tech giants are doing and why mindful usage of AI is important for society. While the recent wave of AI makes it seem like a marvel, making life easy, it must be handled carefully. The Algorithm newsletter highlights this important aspect when bringing you the latest insights.

Is it Free or Paid?

The Algorithm is a free newsletter that lands in your inbox every Monday morning. Select the newsletter on the Technology Review website and enter your email in the given space. Mention your email and click "Subscribe” to receive the emails regularly.

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Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The Algorithm is one of the numerous newsletters by MIT Technology Review. MIT Technology Review is a world-renowned, independent media company that provides insights on the latest technologies through reviews, analysis, interviews, and live events.

Besides The Algorithm, MIT Technology Review publishes six more newsletters. You can choose from The Download (weekdays), China Report (Tuesdays), The Spark (Wednesdays), The Checkup (Thursdays), The Technocrat (Fridays), and Weekend Reads (Saturdays). They also offer occasional events and insights newsletters to subscribe to.

The Algorithm Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Algorithm has become a favorite among readers quite early because of the valuable content it shares with them. The subscribers trust the MIT team's credibility to bring accurate information and analysis of the latest AI innovations and technology. Readers appreciate the insights and analysis shared in the newsletter and eagerly await the next edition.

My Honest Review of The Algorithm Newsletter

Winding up The Algorithm newsletter review, I’d unhesitantly say it is one of my favorite AI newsletters. Coming from a team of qualified and experienced professionals, The Algorithm never fails to provide a fresh perspective on the latest AI news. Apart from technologies already out in the market, it also informs you what's cooking in the most prominent AI labs. Though I supplement my AI reading with other resources throughout the week, I’d give The Algorithm a thumbs up. The Algorithm is a worthy resource if you're an AI enthusiast looking for insider news from AI industries and want to learn more about emerging trends.

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