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For years, literary magazines have created a haven for writers, poets, and journalists. It is a space where words are nurtured by extending the mindfulness they deserve. The Bookworms Newsletter is one of those places. They have a meticulous team of editors and reviewers who brandish their artistic sophistication by bringing forth the most original, unique, and individual literary voices. Their diligently crafted reviews do justice to the authors who have spent a lifetime crafting these books. They started in July 2023 and have since grown into a family of over 1000 subscribers. You can explore an interesting archive of book reviews by subscribing to their monthly newsletter on Substack.


  • Access to an archive of interesting book review 
  • Book recommendations apart from mainstream media
  • A relatively cheap subscription package 
  • Explore new writers


  • Paid subscription

What Is The Vision Of Bookworms Newsletter?

Over time, with the surge in technology, people have disengaged from reading. To preserve the most authentic and historic mode of bequeathing wisdom or knowledge, it is essential to promote the irreplaceable craft of writing. 

Almost thirty years ago, the Literary Review of Canada realized the importance of this act. Since then they have grown and worked tirelessly to never let go of literary wisdom in vain. This idea was turned into reality back in 1991 by a political scientist and historian, Patrice Dutil. He worked zealously to foster a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where writers feel secure in presenting their ideas, vision, criticism, wisdom, and philosophy. The ownership of this magazine was transferred to Carleton University Press in 1996.

Staying true to their original vision they have not backed down in the face of technological advancements but they rather chose to adapt to it. Therefore, in July 2023 the Literary Review of Canada expanded and launched a newsletter series called Bookworms Newsletter to amplify their reader outreach. 

Their newsletters reflect the primary vision of the magazine but with a slight modification of personalization for their readers. It is a delightful archive of various book reviews, opinions, and critiques. You, as a reader, can discover and devour some of the most unique voices. 

What Is The Bookworms Newsletter About? 

The Bookworms Newsletter comes with a weekly delight of engaging yet readable pieces of book reviews and critiques. Their reviewers discuss these books in detail, delineate the essential idea behind a book, and comment on the plot, character development, and writing style. In addition to sharing their perspectives, they also elucidate the intended readership for this book.

For instance, one of the newsletters discusses the poetry collection, “Into the Continent by Emily McGiffin” which was creatively reviewed by Caroline Noël. In her detailed review, she has successfully managed to explicate the critical theme of Canadian colonialism while elucidating the writer’s perspective as well. The inclusion of her poetry excerpt as well as the reviewer’s comments on the writing style are worth considering before one buys the poetry collection. 

Likewise, their other newsletters bring forward voices that are not very popular, probably unheard of before but equally unique and raw. The best part is their newsletter often features a book that is distributed by small publishing houses like the University of Regina Press or ECW Press. Or at times even self-published books like “Goose Village by Marisa Portolese”. 

They are very determined to suggest books apart from the main media recommendations which are promoted on the crutches of vast marketing teams without any consideration of the quality. 

Who Should Subscribe To The Bookworms Newsletter?

Any avid reader is enthusiastic about exploring new books. In the times when mainstream social media is hijacked by capitalist mammoths like Amazon, it is very strenuous to find authentic book suggestions. Even some of the reviewers on social media apps like; TikTok or Instagram are paid to promote certain books. In this scenario, if you find yourself helpless yet craving interesting book suggestions, Bookworms Newsletter should be your go-to. 

Their reviewers are experts at what they do. They provide you with their unapologetic opinions while elaborating storyline, characters, and themes. You will likely discover many original voices that are worth reading and recommending. You should subscribe if you are a Canadian because most of their newsletters feature Canadian authors. It will be exciting to further explore the history, culture, and legacy of this country. 

Don’t worry if you are a fiction or non-fiction reader, the Bookworms Newsletter is a hub of innumerable archives of book suggestions which means they have something to offer for every type of reader. Let it be a heart-wrenching tale of grief like, Broughtupsy Christina Cooke in the contemporary fiction genre. Or a motivating memoir like, A Darker Shade of Blue by Keith Merith, you will never fail to find a book for yourself. 

Final Views – The Bookworms Newsletter

I am an avid reader, my biggest dilemma is to scroll through hundreds of reviews on websites to find one good book. Even after doing so, I often end up buying a book that was not meant to be for me. If you are a reader and want to steer clear of book marketers from catching up to your bank account. 

The Bookworms Newsletter is your answer, you may have to pay a small sum of money to receive an authentic book review but it will be like you are investing in a book discovery project. Their recommendations are truly exceptional alongside an interesting insight and an excerpt that allows you to make an informed decision before investing in a book. So, if you are a true bookworm, subscribe to Bookworms Newsletter today. 

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