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The Bulwark Newsletter, according to, was founded to provide analysis and reporting in defense of America's Liberal democracy. The Bulwark offers a wide variety of newsletters, podcasts, and YouTube videos on its channel, The Bulwark.


  • Critical Perspective: The Bulwark has a critical perspective on conservative politics, especially regarding the Trump Administration and Trumpism. This approach may appeal to those seeking an alternative viewpoint within the conservative movement.
  • Diverse Contributors: The Bulwark has a diverse team of contributors, which ensures a variety of opinions and analyses on the newsletters.
  • Quality Analysis: The quality of the analysis on the Bulwark newsletter is always top-notch, thanks to its elite team of writers, who cover current events and political trends in-depth.


  • Limited Ideological Appeal: The Bulwark's anti-Trump approach may appeal to only people with similar political standpoints, limiting its subscribers to a relatively small market segment.
  • Subscription Fee: Although most of the content on the website is free of cost, some of the premium stuff, such as newsletters, podcasts, etc., can only be viewed after The Bulwark+ purchase.

 What is The Bulwark?

The Bulwark center-right newsletter presents political analysis and reports from a liberal democratic perspective. The newsletter was founded in 2018 by Sarah Longwell in collaboration with Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes.

The Bulwark features a center-right standpoint on political matters across America. The news reports are generally shared via Newsletters, Podcasts, YouTube videos, and Special projects.

The Bulwark boasts an impressive 6 Newsletters and 10 Podcasts on the website. With 1.3 monthly visits and 631st rank in the USA, The Bulwark is one of America's most extensive news networks.

What kind of news does The Bulwark cover?

The Bulwark covers many news and topics, often focusing on political developments, cultural issues, and conservative commentary. Here is a list of topics covered by The Bulwark newsletter primarily:

  • Political Analysis: The newsletter provides an in-depth analysis of current political events in the United States. High-priority events such as the general elections and legislative developments are also covered live.
  • Conservative Critique: The Bulwark newsletter publishes its critical analysis of conservative politics. This critique is mainly targeted at the Trump administration.
  • Cultural Issues: The Bulwark newsletter often addresses cultural issues from its conservative viewpoint. This includes discussions on the entertainment industry, movements, and culture.
  • Foreign Affairs: Although less abundantly, the Bulwark newsletter covers international news and foreign policy developments. The analysis of geopolitical issues and developments, diplomatic relations, and global events can be found in the newsletter and podcasts.

Is Bulwark Newsletter Free?

Most of the products on the Bulwark network are free and accessible to the public. This includes podcasts, YouTube videos, and a range of newsletters.

However, some exclusives are behind a paywall, such as the ad-free versions of The Secret Podcast with Sarah and JVL, Thursday Nigh Bulwark livestreams with JVL and guests that feature a Q&A session with members and staff, and all special projects like The Corruption of Lindsey Graham by Will Saletan.

The membership cost of The Bulwark Network is $100 per year or $10 per month. Members can opt-in to the founding memberships, which start at $300 and are specially designed so members can voluntarily pay to support the network.

How to subscribe to The Bulwark:

  • For The Bulwark Plus: To subscribe to The Bulwark newsletter and access the 'plus' version, the user must click the red '+ Join' button on the top right of the screen.

Once prompted, the user has to enter their email, after which the website takes them to the package selection and payment details page. Here, the user can select their desired package and enter the card details to subscribe.

  • For the free version: To subscribe to the free version of The Bulwark newsletter, the user must go to the website, go to the '+ Join' page again, and select the free plan from the list of plans. The subscription will be initiated, and the user will receive emails from the newsletter.

Honest Review:

The Bulwark is one of the most significant news networks in the world. With over 171k subscribers on YouTube and 120k followers on X, the online presence and reach of the Bulwark is respectable. The newsletter has 241k subscribers, which makes it one of the most followed newsletters in the world. 

The main concern that I had regarding the newsletter was related to the political standing. I did not find the newsletter for the general public but for those criticizing Trump and Trumpism.

The writers are knowledgeable, and despite some hints of bias in their analysis, the content is well-written and easy to digest.

The newsletter's service is also on par with the modern-day standards of the digital age. It's easy to navigate the website, and the subscription procedure is straightforward.

I recommend The Bulwark newsletter to those whose political standpoints align with the center-right or who want to hear a different perspective. 

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