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The Failory Newsletter addresses the common causes of startup failure and how to avoid them. This site is a better resource for entrepreneurs than any other. The author shares insights from the startup world and tells you how you can do better.


  • The Failory newsletter lands in your inbox twice a week
  • The emails share sources and examples for a better understanding
  • It is a free resource


  • The newsletter may seem lengthy to some readers
  • The email contains distractions like sponsor and referral links

What is the Failory Newsletter about?

The Failory newsletter mentions, “90% of startups fail. Learn how not to." So, it offers comprehensive advice on actionable and valuable ways to avoid making the same mistakes as your peers. It shares details on reasons why businesses fail and how you can avoid them. 

Each email provides frameworks, stories, and tactics to help you become a better founder. You also get step-by-step guides on how to apply the strategies and frameworks shared. This helpful resource allows you to learn from startup failures and successes in five minutes or less. 

The Newsletter Structure of Failory Newsletter

Each Failory email is tailored according to the day's topic instead of following a fixed format. Sometimes, you might find tools for entrepreneurs, while other editions might bring a list of valuable CEO interviews. 

We’ve shared a glimpse of one of the emails in this Failory newsletter review here:

  • The email begins with the day's title and a short description.
  • You will also see a link to Read Online in the top right corner.
  • Then, there’s the author’s name and links to share the newsletter on your socials.
  • After that, you might see an invitation to refer 5 subscribers to get featured, followed by the sponsor’s name and link.
  • Next, the author gives you a quick summary of the email and details on the sponsor.
  • Then, the newsletter may contain sections like “This Week In Startups,” “Fail(st)ory,” “Trend Radar,” etc. 
  • As you scroll down, the author again encourages you to refer the newsletter to your friends.
  • The newsletter winds up with “Share Failory” and “Help me Improve Failory.” 

What Topics does the Failory Newsletter Cover?

The Failory covers insights and details on business success to help you become a better entrepreneur. The name indicates the focus: "failures." The author, Nico, believes that you can learn more from failures than successes as a businessperson.

So, the newsletter does not only bring success stories, such as how ABC company made $1 million in their first year. Instead, it tells you how a startup faced a problem and walked through it gracefully. Eventually, Failory helps you carve the path to success by enabling you to learn from other people's mistakes instead of experiencing them.

Now if you’re wondering the author must be charging a fortune for this newsletter, we’ve answered that next in the Failory newsletter review.

Is it Free or Paid?

Failory is an absolutely free resource that lands in your inbox on Thursdays by 9 am Eastern time.

Moreover, subscribing to the newsletter is also quite easy. Visit the Failory website and mention your email address in the given space. Next, click on “Subscribe” to receive the emails regularly.

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Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Failory was founded by Nicolás Cerdeira, who usually uses “Nico” instead of his full name. He established the company in July 2017. He also co-founded another startup called Scouth, a productized headhunting service that connected Argentinian CX talent with international startups. Nico received his Business/Managerial Economics degree from Universidad Torcuato Di TellaUniversidad Torcuato Di Tella in December 2023.

The Failory Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Failory newsletter reaches 40,000+ founders and entrepreneurs weekly who love the content. Some of them write:

  • “TOP 3 newsletters to be subscribed tosome text
    • Failory's Newsletter (by @hellofailory )”
  • “One of the websites I've noticed I'm spending lots of time on lately is Failory & specifically the Startup Cemetery section which analyses why so many startups have failed.”
  • “Have you seen @hellofailory really great learnings from failures.”

My Honest Review of Failory Newsletter

The Failory newsletter is undoubtedly one of the best resources for entrepreneurs looking to learn about the startup landscape. It acts like a mentor who shares actionable advice so you do not face the same challenges as other startups. And if you do, you can easily rise above them through the framework Failory brings you.

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