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The Gradient Newsletter shares a valuable copy of news, highlights, interviews, and articles regularly focusing on artificial intelligence and futurism. Over 39,000 subscribers read this newsletter to stay in the loop. The Gradient newsletter review tells you all about it in detail.


  • The Gradient comes from a team of informed and experienced professionals
  • Covers overviews and perspectives of critiques and researchers on AI developments
  • You can also listen to podcasts by The Gradient team


  • Free subscribers might not bring all updates
  • The newsletters may seem too long to some readers

The Newsletter Structure of The Gradient

  • The newsletter begins with the edition number and the featured news title, followed by the author's name and current date. 
  • The author greets the readers and shares a reference to the edition number again. Relevant images back the news highlights. Each piece of news has a summary, an overview, and the writer's take on it.
  • The newsletter contains multiple news stories in the same format. The writer's opinion is straightforward and impartial.
  • You will see a section named New from The Gradient which offers an informative article. 
  • Moreover, the newsletter shares informative podcasts you can listen to and some random news related to AI and developments that caught the author's eye. 
  • The Gradient newsletter ends with closing remarks by the author. In this paragraph, the author invites the reader's feedback and shares the relevant email address to share the most interesting thoughts about the newsletter.

What Topics does The Gradient Newsletter Cover?

The newsletter aims to make AI-related information accessible. The content includes technical overviews of artificial intelligence and its future and critique perspectives on the work done by researchers and experts in artificial intelligence. Moreover, it also provides the latest research papers and stories. 

You can also recommend the topics you want the newsletter to cover in the future and the people to interview for the upcoming podcasts.

Is it Free or Paid?

The Gradient newsletter offers multiple subscription plans including a free subscription option. The free plan offers the latest articles, podcast episodes, and newsletter posts. However, you can also subscribe to the paid subscription to enjoy early access to new articles and support the non-profit team. The monthly plan costs $5 per month, while the yearly plan costs $50 per year, which is 17% cheaper than the monthly plan.

You can subscribe to The Gradient newsletter by visiting the official website. Enter your active email address and Subscribe to the free plan to start receiving the free email copy of The Gradient instantly.

Subscribe to The Gradient newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The Gradient newsletter is an effort of an organization named The Gradient. It is a community of researchers, students, and engineers. The community runs The Gradient Podcast, The Gradient Magazine, and The Gradient Newsletter. Their aim is to raise awareness about artificial intelligence to everyone. 

A team of researchers, students, and experts is behind the success. They belong to the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL). Some prominent names contributing to the newsletter are Daniel Bashir, the co-founder, Andrey Kurenkov, Ather Fawaz, Jonathan Xue, Derek Lim, Justin Landay, Sharut Gupta, and Hugh Zhang. 

The Gradient Newsletter Reviews: What do Readers Think about this Newsletter?

The Gradient is a unique email copy with a distinctive format and structure. It is resourceful and valuable for those who understand AI is the next big thing. The audience is researchers, experts, professionals, and prestigious people from big tech organizations, and they find it great to receive The Gradient’s generous edition regularly. We observed a number of testimonials of this resourceful copy online that had something positive to say about it.

My Honest Review of The Gradient Newsletter

The Gradient is a resourceful read indeed. However, it is not digestible for some because it contains complex topics. The intellectual articles and editor-picked research papers are valuable for professionals. The content structure is interesting, though. It contains a podcast and sufficient images and graphics, making it visually appealing and interactive. But if you’re a beginner looking forward to learning the basics of AI, it might not be the best pick for you.

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