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Read by professional athletes, industry executives, inventors, and sports enthusiasts, the Huddle Up newsletter breaks down the business behind sports. Over 121,000 subscribers look forward to this newsletter to learn how the sports world works beyond the ground.


  • The Huddle Up newsletter comes from an industry expert
  • It lands in your inbox three times a week
  • You can subscribe to the free version


  • The email follows a long-form layout
  • Free subscribers receive only 1/4th of the total monthly content

What is the Huddle Up Newsletter about?

The Huddle Up newsletter is an excellent newsletter for those interested in learning about backstage working in the sports world. It brings you the latest news and insights on money matters and the business behind sports. Each email guarantees to teach you something new about the sports world through an easy-to-understand copy. 

The Newsletter Structure of Huddle Up Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with the day's title, followed by a short description of the email content.
  • Then, you see "What to expect" and the sponsor’s logo.
  • Next, the author formally dives into the newsletter content with a relevant image and the day’s story.
  • When the story ends, the author signs off with links to his podcasts and business community. He also asks you to leave a review by choosing from Loved, Great, Good, Meh, or Bad.
  • “What I’m Reading/Watching” is the last section, giving you a sneak peek into what the author is reading or watching nowadays.

What Topics does the Huddle Up Newsletter Cover?

This thrice-weekly newsletter covers a bit of everything from the sports world. You might see content about athlete investment in one edition and expansion of sports betting in another. Moreover, the emails also cover topics like endorsement deals, media rights deals, franchise valuations, and much more. This email copy is the perfect dose of regular news from the sports world that you might not typically find on other channels.

Is it Free or Paid?

Huddle Up newsletter offers multiple newsletter subscription options with varying features and benefits. You can take the monthly subscription plan for $15 per month ($12.45 per month on discount) or the annual subscription for $120 per year ($99.60 per year on discount) to save money. 

Paid subscribers get 12 monthly essays, access to a library of over 500 essays, prioritized questions, and a private community of business sports fans. At the same time, you can opt for the free version that brings you three essays every month. You can also get a group subscription or gift it to your friends and family.

Subscribing to the newsletter on Substack is incredibly easy. Visit the Huddle Up website, enter your email address, choose your preferred subscription plan, and sign up for this informative copy. 

Subscribe to the Huddle Up newsletter 

If you’re wondering about the genius behind this amazing newsletter, the next section of the Huddle Up newsletter review kills your curiosity. 

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Huddle Up is the brainchild of Joe Pompliano, a sports investor and entrepreneur. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics because author Joe Pompliano has developed an expansive sports network through his investor background. Seen on networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, and CNBC, Joe has a distinct ability to break complex topics down into digestible content for the average sports fan.

The Huddle Up Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Over 121,000 professional athletes, industry executives, inventors, and sports enthusiasts read this newsletter and love the content it brings. Huddle Up is a one-of-its-kind newsletter that shares the ins and outs of the sports world, usually not covered by other news sources and emails. It is best for people who want to invest in the sports world or step into a related business stream. Huddle Up has numerous positive reviews, showing its popularity among readers. 

My Honest Review of the Huddle Up Newsletter

While I am not really interested in sports investments, I appreciate how Huddle Up brings the latest news and information in an easy manner. It is a suitable read for people looking forward to understanding business and money breakdown in sports. So, start with the free plan if you do not want to invest initially; you’ll want to upgrade to the paid version soon.

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