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The Industry Dive newsletters help decision-makers stay ahead in competitive industries through recent and valuable industry updates. Choose your favorite topics and stay informed via the business world’s most respected journalism.


  • You can choose from multiple topics for targeted news and articles
  • The newsletter delivers in-depth insights and analysis
  • All the emails are absolutely free


  • The newsletter is better suited to industry leaders only
  • Each newsletter focuses on a sub-niche

What is the Industry Dive Newsletter about?

Industry Dive aims to provide useful information to decision-makers to help them stay on top in their respective industries. They publish multiple newsletters in various domains to cater to the needs of different professionals. You can choose from fashion to marketing, automotive, business, food, and more.

Over 100 journalists create these newsletters for more than 14 million decision-makers who read these emails regularly. Their editorial expertise allows Industry Dive to develop effective content for industry leaders who control massive budgets.

The Newsletter Structure of Industry Dive Newsletter

Each Industry Dive newsletter follows a specific style and layout. We have shared the Social Media Today Daily structure in this Industry Dive newsletter review to review:

  • The newsletter begins with the date and links to “Sign Up” or “Forward” the email.
  • Then, you will see the Social Media Today logo.
  • Next, the author mentions the sponsor.
  • As you scroll down, you will see headlines and short descriptions of the latest news in sections like “Editor’s Choice” and “Best of Social Media Today”; click on the headline to read further.
  • Then, there’s “Upcoming Event,” “What we’re Reading,” and “Discover more,” where you can get insights into further social media happenings.

What Topics Does the Industry Dive Newsletter Cover?

Industry Dive covers an extensive array of topics, including construction, education, energy/sustainability, facilities management, financial services, food, holiday shopping trends, hospitality, human resources, legal, life sciences, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, real estate, retail / CPG, and technology. 

Moreover, each section offers multiple newsletter options, including daily and weekly emails, so you can choose what suits your needs and preferences. 

Considering the vast range of topics Industry Dive covers, you must think it's an expensive newsletter (we thought the same!). So, in this Industry Dive newsletter review, we'll share the details about the subscription plans and methods.

Is it Free or Paid?

This amazing newsletter is absolutely FREE!

You can subscribe to any of the numerous newsletters across multiple industries without paying a penny. Furthermore, subscribing to the newsletters is quite simple:

Visit the Industry Dive website, click "Publications,” and select “Subscribe.”

It will take you to a page with all the newsletter options; select the ones that interest you and enter your email. Alternatively, use the link below to land directly on the subscription page.

Subscribe to the Industry Dive newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Industry Dive, a pioneer in the newsletter industry with the widest reach in B2B, publishes Industry Dive newsletters. The company was established by Sean Griffey, Eli Dickinson, and Ryan Willumson in 2012 who started with marketing, education, utility, construction, and waste content.

Sean Griffey is the CEO of Industry Dive, Eli Dickinson is the Chief Technology Officer, and Ryan Willumson is the Senior Advisor (previously Chief Revenue Officer). 

The Industry Dive Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Industry Drive is an excellent newsletter and one of the most widely read among industry leaders. It is a favorite among decision-makers who have to invest hundreds of dollars and helps them stay in the loop with the latest, changing trends in one place. This quick industry insight and analysis helps them stay updated with recent advancements and valuable information. 

My Honest Review of Industry Dive Newsletter

As someone who appreciates newsletters that cover specific topics and domains, the Industry Dive is a favorite. It brings you the top news and the latest trends in the industry of your choice without overwhelming you with information. This information is critical when leading teams and contributing to budget utilization as it helps ensure you do not invest or spend in the wrong places.

I’d wind up this Industry Dive newsletter review by mentioning that it is one of the best resources for leaders who want to get authentic and the most recent information in their industry; it's free, and you can unsubscribe anytime if you don't like it.

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