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Just Women’s Sports (JWS) is a digital-first consumer media brand dedicated to 100% women’s sports, 100% of the time. Through original programming, digital media, and editorial coverage, JWS makes it both easy and fun to be a women’s sports fan. The Just Women's Sports newsletter is the leading women's sports newsletter, delivering the top daily headlines directly to your inbox.


  • The newsletter offers a timely and comprehensive coverage of women's sports
  • Just Women’s Sports newsletter has a well-structured layout and user-friendly design
  • It offers free subscription, making it accessible to everyone


  • There is not much information about the editorial team
  • It comes three times a week

What is the Just Women’s Sports Newsletter about?

The Just Women's Sports newsletter is a bundle of curated news, latest stories, and developments in women's sports. This newsletter is delivered straight to your inbox three days a week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It covers updates about women's athletics in an interactive and interesting way. Each editorial has loads of digestible content, making you anxiously wait for the next edition.

Next, let’s navigate the email layout in this Just Women’s sports newsletter review:

Newsletter Structure of the Just Women Sports Newsletter

The structure of The Just Women's Sports newsletter is simple yet engaging. It is easy to navigate. Each edition covers a range of topics, including highlights from various sports, athlete interviews, upcoming events, and updated commentary on tournaments within the women's sports community.

  • The newsletter begins with a quote related to athletics.
  • It comprises three descriptive stories and articles equipped with related interactive pictures. A separator distinguishes each article so you can easily see when it ends. 
  • The newsletter also contains a section titled News to Know. The section contains short-form content about the latest updates and news. This section also shares the schedule of upcoming tournaments of the week so you can decide what to watch.
  • The newsletter ends with a popular quote or saying by an athlete.
  • The footer contains the option to unsubscribe if you don’t really like the newsletter and tabs to follow the newsletter on social media. 

Overall, the structure is clear and well-organized. The author uses engaging and easy-to-understand language throughout the newsletter. It also contains various external links and references, so you can enjoy more content if you still have an appetite for sports-related news. 

Which Topics does Just Women’s Sports Newsletter Cover?

The newsletter covers developments in multiple women's sports, specifically Basketball and Soccer, so that the subscribers may stay up-to-date with the latest news and happenings across different sports. From soccer and basketball to gymnastics and tennis, The Just Women's Sports newsletter offers engaging content for everyone who loves to watch and read news about sports. 

Is It Free or Paid?

The Just Women's Sports newsletter is available for free to everyone. The news is accessible to all the readers once they subscribe to the newsletter.  

To subscribe to The Just Women's Sports newsletter, simply visit the official website and click on the "Subscribe" tab located at the top right corner of the page. Enter your email address and submit the form to receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Subscribe to the Just Women’s Sports newsletter

Mentioning the genius behind the newsletter is a vital element of our Just Women’s Sports newsletter review. Let’s get to it quickly:

Who is Behind the Newsletter?

The founder of The Just Women's Sports newsletter is Haley Rosen, the CEO of Just Women's Sports. A Stanford graduate and former professional soccer player, Haley Rosen has considerable contributions to the sports industry, earning popularity in both Forbes' 30 Under 30 and SBJ's New Voices Under 30 lists.

Reader Reviews about the Just Women Sports Newsletter

Readers find the news coverage insightful and interesting. Interactive commentary and commitment to promoting women's athletics make the content engaging. Readers admire the newsletter's easy-to-understand tone, content quality, and role in promoting women's sports.

My Honest Review about The Just Women Sports Newsletter

Winding up my honestly Just Women’s Sports newsletter review, I’d love to share that it is a one-of-a-kind newsletter that provides exclusive content about women's sports. You will rarely find such newsletters that do so. So, subscribing to this newsletter is a worthwhile bet indeed. The tone is simple yet engaging, and the graphics are appealing enough to keep you anxious for the next edition. 

The Just Women's Sports newsletter is a valuable resource for anyone passionate about women's athletics. The informative articles, interactive features, and commitment to promoting women's sports make this newsletter a good pastime and a constructive hobby for athletes and fans alike.

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