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The Kitson’s Email newsletter is an excellent, interesting email that regularly lands in your inbox. It brings you funny content for a hearty laugh. Let’s tell you more about it in Kitson’s Email newsletter review.


  • The newsletter comes from a seasoned comedian
  • Each email shares a funny story to make your day
  • The paid subscription is quite affordable


  • The newsletter may seem too lengthy to some
  • Unpaid subscribers do not receive all editions

What is Kitson's Email Newsletter about?

The Kitson's Email newsletter brings you a series of funny short stories from Alex Kitson, a seasoned writer and comedian. He has been writing this email for his subscribers, who enjoy his witty take on different life situations. Many readers appreciate the cute and interesting characters he covers in his emails. While each edition may differ from the previous one, Kitson's Email newsletter continues to be a favorite among readers.

The Newsletter Structure of Kitson's Email Newsletter

Kitson's Email follows a simple structure that may seem straightforward to some and lengthy to others. The emails do not have segments; they bring you one story in each edition. However, it's usually long-form content in each email that may not seem interesting to some.

Here’s a glimpse into the newsletter structure of Kitson’s newsletter:

  • The newsletter begins with the email number (e.g. Kitson's Email #13 (Series 2:5) in the middle, followed by a short description.
  • Then, the author welcomes you to the email with an exciting image to go with the funny story he's about to share.
  • After that, you will see the story's title and a long (hilarious and witty) piece of text.
  • As you scroll down, you will see a note from the author under, “Cheers,” where he tells you further about the content and thanks you for reading his stories.
  • The emails may also have other details like previews, next shows, other future things, etc.

What Topics does the Kitson's Email Newsletter Cover?

The Kitson's Email newsletter is a simple resource that lands in your inbox to bring a smile to your face. The funny stories are enough to make everyone laugh. While you might not learn about politics or who won the Miss Universe pageant, you'll definitely have a fun start to the day.

Is it Free or Paid?

Like most other newsletters, Kitson's Email offers a free subscription plan besides the paid options. However, the subscription is so small that you wouldn't think twice about subscribing to the paid plans. Subscription options include:

  • The monthly plan is £3.50, brings you subscriber-only posts, access to the full archive, and entry to the community
  • The annual plan is £20, which comes down to £1.67 per month, which is 52% cheaper than subscribing monthly

Furthermore, you can take group subscriptions or gift them to your friends and family.

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Alex Kitson, the face behind the Kitson’s email newsletter, is an author and an award-entering comedian who loves making people laugh. He launched the newsletter a year ago with his stellar comedy career and regularly takes out time to pen down the newsletter for his subscribers.

The Kitson's Email Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The newsletter has quickly become one of the most favorite comedy newsletters among subscribers. They look forward to each edition to be entertained by Kitson's wit and humor. Despite being a long read, it has gained popularity among its readers and continues to make everyone happy. 

My Honest Review of Kitson's Email Newsletter

Like other subscribers, I also appreciate Kitson's Email, which brings a wide smile to my face in every edition. Though I usually do not like long emails and text, this newsletter stands out for its interesting content that keeps me hooked throughout. I enjoy reading every word in the email, and it makes me incredibly happy that the author brings this resource to the audience for such a low price—£1.67 per month is insane, right?

So, if you're also looking for a fun newsletter that seems expensive, subscribing to Kitson's Email newsletter could be the right choice!

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