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The LawVerse Substack is a great newsletter for tech enthusiasts and startups to keep up with the latest news in the legal domain.


  • The newsletter comes from experts
  • It brings in-depth details into the recent news
  • You can subscribe to the free version


  • The newsletter may seem too long to some readers
  • The LawVerse may not suit attorneys and

What is The LawVerse Substack Newsletter about?

The LawVerse Substack newsletter is a startup and tech law blog that helps people navigate legal challenges and keeps them updated with the latest in the law world. It is perfect for people who want to be in the loop with all the recent advancements without missing out on any important news. 

So, how does the email look? Let’s tell you that next tin the LawVerse Substack newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of The LawVerse Substack Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with The LawVerse Substack logo, followed by the email title and description of the newsletter contents.
  • Then, you will see an image relevant to the story before the writer dives into the story details.
  • As you scroll down, the author shares the story in-depth, broken down into headings and subsections for easy understanding.
  • The newsletter is supplemented with images to make it attractive and interesting for readers.
  • While the newsletter may seem lengthy, it is an excellent resource providing detailed insights. The email ensures you know about every element without missing any detail.
  • You will also see a Resources section at the end sharing links to the original sources. Some editions might share celebrity lawsuits, promotions, gossip, and more. 

What Topics does The LawVerse Substack Newsletter Cover?

The LawVerse Substack newsletter covers everything related to tech law, including crypto. You will find the latest happenings and stories from the legal world, whether about influencers, technology, or changes in certain laws. This newsletter is a compact resource for everyone looking forward to learning about advancements in the law landscape.

Is it Free or Paid?

The LawVerse Substack newsletter aims to help everyone understand the legal aspects of matters, especially around crypto, to ensure they are aware of the latest legal advancements. So, you can get the newsletter for free if you do not want to subscribe to a paid version. However, the newsletter frequency might not be the same as that of paid subscribers.

Furthermore, subscribers can also choose from the following paid subscription plans:

  • $8 per month
  • $80 yearly
  • $150 to become a founding member

Subscribe to The LawVerse Substack newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Jessica Furr and Bryan Edelman bring you The LawVerse Substack. They are Associate General Counsel at Dragonfly Capital and have been associated with the organization for two years. 

Jessica previously worked at Gunderson Dettmer from 2017 to 2022, whereas Bryan was associated with Goodwin before joining Dragonfly Capital.

They are law graduates, so all the information in this newsletter comes from professionals. Jessica earned her Doctor of Law from New York University School of Law, and Bryan is a Fordham University School of Law graduate. 

The LawVerse Substack Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The LawVerse Substack newsletter is a favorite among techies who love to stay updated on the latest stories with in-depth insights instead of short stories. Some subscribers believe it is a long read and opt for newsletters that give them a glimpse into the top trending tech law news. However, others mention that it suits their interest and they look forward to the email. It is suggested that you take one of the paid packages if you want to receive all editions, as the free subscription does not offer all features and emails.

My Honest Review of The LawVerse Substack Newsletter

I have heard good reviews of The LawVerse Substack newsletter, which also pushed me to subscribe to this newsletter. But personally, it does not match my frequency as I prefer skimmable law and current affairs newsletters. However, that does not mean The LawVerse Substack is not worth subscribing to.

It is one of the very few newsletters that puts so much effort into providing authentic information with intricate details. Thus, it is best to learn about stories in the law world in depth. 

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