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The Matt Schlicht's AI newsletter is an excellent AI resource that keeps you in the loop with the latest AI advancements. The newsletter also contains images and interactive videos for those who prefer visuals over text. Learn more about it in The Matt Schlicht's AI newsletter review.


  • The articles have an authoritative writing tone 
  • Matt Schlicht uses easy-to-understand language and an appealing format 
  • Authentic content coming from a well-versed author


  • The newsletter is not free of cost
  • The free content is not regular

What is The Matt Schlicht's AI Newsletter about?

Matt Schlicht's AI Newsletter is a unique read with over 30,000 subscribers. It gives you an idea about autonomous agents and AI and keeps you updated about the latest developments. It brings you the most recent news in an interactive and easy-to-follow layout, so you do not miss out on any details. 

The Newsletter Structure of The Matt Schlicht's AI Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with the title of the featured article followed by current date and author’s name.
  • Each newsletter has one informative article about artificial intelligence or autonomous agents backed by different images and posters generated using AI technology.
  • The author elaborates the topic descriptively giving the readers a thoughtful piece of content to ponder over. 
  • You will also read some relevant quotes by famous people throughout the newsletter. 
  • Furthermore, it contains an interactive video for those who don’t want to read long-form content. 
  • The author ends the newsletter with a farewell note and his email address for feedback and queries. 

What Topics Does Matt Schlicht's AI Newsletter Cover?

The newsletter's topics include descriptive articles and videos on artificial intelligence and autonomous agents. The articles are quite detailed, and the author elaborates on the topic very well. Each issue comprises one article and one video backed by an appealing layout. 

Is it Free or Paid?

You might have heard that there is no free lunch. So, this time, you will have to pay $5 for a month or $50 for the year. But the email copy you will receive in return is worth every penny.  

Subscribing to the newsletter is straightforward. Go to the official website, enter your active email address, and submit. Consequently, you will land on the next page, where you can purchase an annual or monthly subscription to the newsletter by selecting one option and submitting the credit card number. Once you submit the email address, the author sends you a welcome email and some extra resources. 

Subscribe to The Matt Schlicht's AI newsletter

As we move forward, mentioning the genius author is unmissable in this Matt Schlicht's AI newsletter review. 

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The amazing person behind this amazing read is Matt Schlicht, a multi-talented individual. Matt Schlicht is the CEO of Octane AI, which is a unique AI tool that helps e-commerce businesses grow. Over 3000 Shopify merchants are using the tool to generate profits. At heart, Matt is an AI enthusiast. He has been building and working on AI software and autonomous agents since 2016. Furthermore, he is an author and brings awareness about AI through his newsletter.   

The Matt Schlicht's AI Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The newsletter has over 30K subscribers. Readers join the community, setting aside the fact that they must pay to subscribe to the newsletter. The reason is its unique and engaging subject and the content quality. Readers find it worth every penny they spend. The author knows the subject very well, so he jots down the details authoritatively and helps readers understand and stay updated about technological advancements. 

My Honest Review of The Matt Schlicht's AI Newsletter

I truly understand that learning about technology is inevitable in this fast-paced world. I am very techy and a huge fan of machine learning and AI tools. Matt Schlicht's AI Newsletter is a treat for me, and I believe it is handy and resourceful for anyone who wants to stay updated about technological advancements. The format is appealing, the tone is simple yet engaging, and the price is affordable. The writer is a very intelligent person and an AI product builder as well, so his write-ups reflect true love and dedication to the tech world.

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