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The Mill Newsletter offers exceptional local journalism from Greater Manchester's new high-quality newspaper, which has received awards for its reporting. Discover more about it in this review of The Mill newsletter.


  • The Mill offers a free version
  • The newsletter lands in your inbox regularly
  • The emails follow a simple structure


  • The Mill newsletter comes only twice a week
  • Free subscribers get limited content

What is The Mill Newsletter about?

The Millaims to bring quality journalism to the readers. The emails include interesting local stories and recommendations. You will also find local events and the latest stories in education, politics, culture, and business in Greater Manchester. The newsletter gives the readers easy-to-digest information instead of stuffing the email with unhelpful news.

The Newsletter Structure of The Mill Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with The Mill logo and an invitation to refer the newsletter to your friends.
  • Then, the author dives into the main story with sub-sections to provide further information.
  • The email winds up with the editor, Sophie, encouraging you to become a paying member. 
  • Lastly, you will see CTAs like "Join Today" and "Refer a friend."

What Topics does The Mill Newsletter Cover?

The Mill newsletter focuses on all the important news in Greater Manchester while avoiding clickbait. You can also listen to the free weekly podcast that rounds up the stories every Thursday and shares an interesting interview every Sunday.

Is it Free or Paid?

The Mill offers multiple subscription plans, from a free option to a super supporter subscription. Pick what suits you the best and enjoy the benefits of the chosen plan. 

Monthly subscription for £7 that brings two member-only posts every week and access to the complete catalog.

An annual subscription costs £70 (£5.83 per month; 17% cheaper than a monthly subscription), which also includes two member-only posts every week and offers access to the complete catalog.

The super supporter subscription for £150 or more offers extra support to The Mill team and gives you the same perks as subscribing members.

The free subscription option only offers a few free editions every month, usually including Monday briefings and some long reads.

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Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The Mill is the brainchild of Joshi Herrmann, who launched the newsletter during the Covid-19 lockdown to offer a different type of news coverage to Greater Manchester residents. Joshi has worked as a journalist for over a decade and has reported for The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Evening Standard, and The Telegraph. 

Moreover, The Mill team comprises Sophie Atkinson, a brilliant writer and editor. Sophie develops interesting ideas and improves the stories before they go out. She also writes cultural stories for the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Besides Sophie, Mollie Simpson and Jack Dulhanty are the staff writers at The Mill. Mollie joined The Mill when she was a student at the University of Manchester in 2020. She joined the newsletter on staff in July 2021 and has made a distinguished place thanks to her unique reporting style.

Jack Dulhanty, grew up in Salford and joined The Mill newsletter after finishing his journalism course in January 2022. He is best known for his investigative long reads and has become The Mill's main force in uncovering what happens inside Manchester’s hospitality industry.

The Mill Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Some of the readers’ thoughts about The Mill newsletter include:

“The Mill is a great idea. Just the kind of local journalism I want to read — intelligent, trustworthy and insightful.” — Jon Connell, founder of The Week magazine

“Barely a year old, it’s already better than any local newspaper in Britain.” — Will Lloyd, Unherd

“A great read. Subscribe, fellow Mancunians.” — Michael Rawlinson QC, Mill member

“You give us thoughtful in depth articles, beautifully illustrated, and as well as covering places and people I might never have heard of, you unpack political battles without ever coming down on one side or another. Kudos!” Liz, Mill member

“This is brilliant! If you miss real, well-researched journalism without sensationalism and all the clickbait, have a read.” — Paula, Mill reader

My Honest Review of The Mill Newsletter

The Mill is an impressive newsletter with detailed insights and stories on Greater Manchester. The best part is that the emails do not bring complicated clickbaits. Instead, the newsletter shares straightforward stories with responsibility so you can stay in touch with the latest news. However, each edition usually covers one story. Subscribe to it to see if it suits your preference.

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