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Mindstream is a daily AI newsletter that shares the most relevant tips, insights, and news in an easy-to-digest read. It brings you the latest updates on AI and business with numerous free resources. Learn more about this newsletter in this Mindstream newsletter review.


  • Mindstream is a daily newsletter (even on Sundays)
  • The authors are AI gurus
  • The newsletter is absolutely free


  • The newsletter does not share detailed tutorials
  • Daily frequency may be overwhelming for some readers

What is the Mindstream Newsletter about?

Mindstream is an interesting and informational newsletter that gives you insights into the latest news and tips. The newsletter was launched on June 1st, 2023, and reaches over 120,000 people daily now. They also feature the best AI art and daily polls. The newsletter is a helpful resource to learn about AI tools and their applications. It allows you to save time and earn more while working less. Mindstream also shares the latest AI trends with its readers before everyone else.

You can also advertise in the newsletter and reach 120,000 readers, including engineers, founders, and content creators.

The Newsletter Structure of Mindstream Newsletter

The newsletter follows an easy-to-skim and digestible structure, so you can read it without skipping any details. Here’s a quick look into the daily email:

  • The newsletter begins with the Mindstream logo in the middle, followed by the sponsor details.
  • You will also see the author's pictures and images above the logo on the left, with social share icons on the right side.
  • Then, the authors greet you and give you a summary of the newsletter's contents along with the approximate reading time.
  • Next, the authors share the first story’s headline with a relevant image. As you scroll down, you will find further details.
  • There’s another news piece after the first one; this one is typically sponsored.
  • After that, you might see another story, helpful AI tools, or an image titled "AI Image or Real?"
  • The next section, “Mindstream Picks,” tells you about top news in AI as one-liners.
  • Every Mindstream newsletter edition also shares an AI image along with a prompt for you to try.
  • Lastly, the email concludes with results from yesterday's poll and links to provide feedback, refer to the newsletter, and advertise with Mindstream. 

What Topics does the Mindstream Newsletter Cover?

Mindstream is an everything-AI newsletter that covers an extensive array of topics, including top AI tools, free resources, prompt tips, AI job posts, and much more. You get all the knowledge to thrive in the modern world, where everyone uses artificial intelligence. The newsletter also shares the latest business and AI trends updates before others. 

As we move forward in this Mindstream newsletter review, let’s tell you if it’s a free or paid resource. 

Is it Free or Paid?

Mindstream is a free newsletter, and the team aims to keep this resource free forever. They wish to make informative content accessible to everyone without a subscription fee. The email lands in your inbox every day of the week (yes, Sunday too!)

You can subscribe to the newsletter by visiting their website and entering your email address in the given space. Click on “Subscribe” to receive this email daily.

Subscribe to the Mindstream newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Matt Village and Adam Biddlecombe co founded Mindstream in 2023. Matt is also the Head of Content at Mindstream, aside from being the cofounder. At the same time, Adam is the cofounder and CEO. They are both highly knowledgeable in AI, ensuring you get authentic, useful content in your inbox every day. 

The Mindstream Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Mindstream newsletter is well-received by the readers. They believe it is a comprehensive resource bringing everything from the AI world, including the latest news, tools, and prompts. The reader base seems to be quite happy with the quality of the content in the email and looks forward to reading it every day.

My Honest Review of Mindstream Newsletter

I have been following Mindstream as one of the AI newsletters to find the most valuable ones, and it has not disappointed me. While it does not bring tutorials or business prompts, it brings you the latest news and insights. Furthermore, the newsletter also tells you the latest AI tools that can make your life easy. So, if you're looking to stay in the loop with AI news, Mindstream is one of the best picks.

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