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While anyone can subscribe to Newsette, it is directed to women worldwide. The Newsette is run by 28-year-old Daniella Pierson, who started this newsletter at 19. She started this newsletter when her peers were getting accepted into magazines, and she could not get an internship anywhere. This newsletter is your daily dose of fun and informative news.


  • Covers multiple categories
  • Inspirational stories
  • Content you can consume with a cup of coffee.


  • Too many affiliate links and products

If you want to feel like you scrolled fifty websites in the morning to get the information you want, subscribing to the Newsette newsletter is the first thing you should do right now. It brings you stories from the top websites you would want to check every morning – the team at Newsette does that for you!

What is The Newsette Newsletter about?

The Newsette newsletter is the perfect newsletter for girls and women looking for inspirational stories from strong women around the world. The newsletter comprises stories from other sources and inspirational interviews with women who are doing great in their lives but are not very well known. It covers fashion news, celebrity updates, product launches, and interviews. The Newsette Newsletter lands in your email every morning, empowering you through stories of other women like you who have come a long way and made a name for themselves. The stories are worth reading, nevertheless!

The Newsletter Structure of The Newsette

The Newsette is one of the easiest-to-follow newsletters with all the right news to begin your day. You can see the subject line as soon as the email lands in your email. It is among the most powerful elements of the email as it gives you a brief insight into what you should expect from the newsletter. Let’s tell you more about the structure of The Newsette to see what makes it a favorite among thousands of women around the world.

  • On opening the email, you can see an animation containing the logo of The Newsette and the date of publication, followed by an image or gif.
  • Next, the author gives you a subtle welcome to the newsletter.
  • After the welcome note, you can see a Deal To Shop Today segment with links to the best deals you can make the most out of. The Newsette wants you to shop your heart out without worrying about the money.
  • While you get links to steal deals, there is a detailed description of must-buy products. There are products from the clothing section, books, mental fitness, and more.
  • Moreover, you can also see images of products that can help elevate your wardrobe when you buy them. They are classics and critical to every fashionista’s closet. You can see links as well so you do not have to search for those products.
  • As you go further, you may find stories, pieces of news, or more products in case a lot of new products have emerged to surface recently.
  • Moving toward the end of the newsletter is the Book of the Week. It briefly tells you about the book to help you decide whether to read it.
  • The newsletter ends with an offer to win something exciting by referring the newsletter to more friends.
  • Post the finishing line are the links to advertising with The Newsette and Unsubscribing and additional information.

What topics do The Newsette Newsletter cover?

Newsette covers everything you would want to read in a morning newsletter. It tells you about the latest fashion trends, books, inspirational stories, what to buy and what not, and lots more. As you get to read the newsletter daily, it brings you something new every day. Some days you might see more shopping recommendations, while another day, you may see an interview featuring a personality you have been anxiously waiting to hear from. The format of the newsletter allows the readers to skim through it effortlessly and indulge in it properly.

Is it free or paid?

You might not think of getting such an amazing newsletter daily without any subscription fee. But it's absolutely free. Yes, I was surprised too!

You can easily subscribe to the newsletter by visiting their website. Go to where you can see animations and text inviting you to become a part of their subscriber base. There is a box on the homepage with space to enter your email. Mention your email in the given space and click “Subscribe.”

PS: My Honest Review of The Newsette Newsletter

The Newsette is a breath of fresh air in the morning when you want to read something light and fun instead of focusing on the geopolitical situation, which you can instead read in the International Intrigue newsletter. The Newsette is a women-based newsletter targeting women of all ages to empower and bring them together. It comprises stories from strong, successful women that many females can relate to while they might be struggling to reach the same place. It acts as a guiding light and enables these women to think out of the box and see how others have reached where they want to be.

This newsletter is excellent for everyone. Even men can read it if they want to know more about women to understand the females in their lives. It will allow them to think from a woman's perspective to make this world better for women. The newsletter covers links to not only different deals for shopping but also fun, lighthearted news. It feels like you are reading multiple fashion and lifestyle newspapers or websites at once. But, The Newsette team does that for you. They bring you the best to ensure you have all the information you look forward to.

Subscribing to The Newsette is free, which makes it a preferred choice among female readers. They get a newspaper every morning without paying a cent for it. Subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy your daily dose of news early in the morning!

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