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Machine learning and natural language processing are the most popular domains nowadays. The advancements in these fields are fast-paced, so the loads of content available on the internet sometimes feel overwhelming. The NLP newsletter is the best bet for those who want to stay updated about the fields. Let’s tell you more about it in the NLP newsletter review.


  • The writer has authority over the subject 
  • The NLP newsletter is written in simple and easy-to-understand language
  • You receive a free potent dose of content each day


  • The content structure is boring
  • The frequency may seem overwhelming to some readers

What is the NLP Newsletter about?

The NLP newsletter provides curated news and headlines about research and industry related to machine learning and natural language processing technology. It comes out regularly and proves to be a good read for professionals and learners interested in reading about this field.  

The Newsletter Structure of the NLP Newsletter

  • The NLP newsletter begins with the title of the featured article. The author's name and date come afterward.
  • The newsletter has a straightforward structure with no sections. Each newsletter features one article with few images. The article relates to the highlights about machine learning or natural language processing technology. The content contains the author's analysis of technological advancements and thoughts on events and trends in the field.
  • In the end, the author bids farewell to the readers and asks them to support the newsletter if they like it. 

You will also randomly find the call to support the newsletter by subscribing. 

What Topics does the NLP Newsletter Cover?

The topics in the email cover highlights machine learning and natural language processing. It contains the author's analysis of technological developments and his thoughts on exciting trends in the domain. The author also guides future directions in the newsletter.

Is it Free or Paid?

The NLP Newsletter offers four different subscription plans. The monthly plan costs $8 per month, while the yearly plan costs $80 per year; the Annual plan is 17% cheaper than the monthly plan. 

However, you can also subscribe to the free plan. Under this plan, you will not have to spend a single penny and can receive free NLP news. Moreover, you can also check out the archives on the official website before joining the community. 

Subscribe to the NLP newsletter

Now that you know the subscription options, it’s time to introduce you to the talented author in this NLP newsletter review.

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Sebastian Ruder is the founder of The NLP Newsletter. He is a research scientist at Cohere and has published multiple research papers about machine learning and natural language processing. He also runs a blog and posts long-form informative content on various topics. 

The NLP Newsletter Reviews: What do Readers Think about this Newsletter?

There is plenty of content about machine learning and natural language processing on the internet, but it is not authentic and reliable. The NLP newsletter is a trustworthy newsletter with reliable learning material. It is a perfect pick for learners as well as field experts. The content of the newsletter is well-structured and authentic. Moreover, it has a visually appealing layout. Readers trust the community and support this newsletter because of the writer's authority over the subject and the quality of the content.   

My Honest Review of The NLP Newsletter

The NLP newsletter is one of the most reliable NLP and machine learning newsletters you should subscribe to. The person behind the newsletter is professional and intelligent. He has a good grasp of the subject, so he analyzes the advancements and jots down the content efficiently. Moreover, the content is backed by appealing graphics and pictures that make the content interactive and illustrative. Overall, the NLP newsletter is a resourceful read and a valuable addition to your reading routine. In my opinion, The NLP Newsletter is the next best newsletter about machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is an opportunity for the learners to enjoy access to plenty of informative content to stay updated on the next big thing. 

So, don't wait anymore; just visit the official website and join the NLP community to receive your email copy.  

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