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The Peak newsletter brings you everything you need to know to start your day. It is the perfect newsletter for those who want to stay updated and get smarter in just five minutes. Learn more about it in The Peak newsletter review here.


  • The newsletter brings you daily news in a concise format
  • The Peak is a free newsletter
  • You can listen to The Peak via the podcast


  • Daily frequency may be overwhelming for some readers
  • It is exclusive to the Canadian audience

What is The Peak Newsletter about?

The Peak is an informative resource for busy Canadians who want to stay in the loop with business, finance, tech, and other stories of the day in five minutes every day. It brings you everything you need to know to start your day confidently.

The newsletter lands in your inbox before 6:00 am Eastern Time, bringing you all the latest news in a simple email. The email is fast, digestible, and entertaining, allowing you to stay informed without getting bored.

The Newsletter Structure of The Peak Newsletter

  • As you open the email, you will see the publishing date and links to listen to the podcast or read the newsletter online.
  • Next, there’s The Peak logo and sponsor’s details.
  • As you move forward, the author welcomes you to the newsletter and gives you an estimated reading time. 
  • You will also see market details followed by "Entertainment” and “Big Picture” sections.
  • Next, the author provides you further information about the sponsor.
  • After that, the email brings the latest in housing, business, games, and other sections.
  • You will also see the latest news, "By the Numbers” and “Peak picks.”
  • The newsletter concludes with a link to share The Peak and leave a review. 
  • In the end, you get to know the team behind this amazing newsletter.

What Topics does The Peak Newsletter Cover?

The Peak is a comprehensive newsletter that covers an extensive range of topics, from current affairs and news to tech, finance, and other relevant topics.

In addition to The Peak newsletter, you can subscribe to Peak Money and Peak Tech for the latest insights into finance and technology. The Peak also offers The Peak Daily and Free Lunch by The Peak podcasts for those who prefer listening to the news on the go.

Is it Free or Paid?

The Peak is an absolutely free newsletter that you can subscribe to to stay informed on the latest news and insights. Subscribing is easy. 

All you have to do is visit their website, enter your email address, and click “Subscribe.”

Subscribe to The Peak newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The Peak newsletter is the brainchild of Brett Chang, Taylor Scollon, and Alex Blumenstein. Brett Change mentioned, “We loved Morning Brew and couldn’t figure out why nobody was writing a similar product for Canada.” 

Eventually, they researched and sent out the first The Peak newsletter in August 2020 after raising CAD 412,000 from angel investors to build the business.

Later, ZoomerMedia, a prominent Canadian media company, acquired The Peak for CAD $5 million ($3.75 million US) in June 2023. They aim to combine Zoomer’s impact with The Peak's young audience to win over Canada's young business news consumers.

The founders were happy about the deal, and Chang said, "This is an incredible opportunity to supercharge The Peak's mission of becoming the go-to media outlet for modern business leaders and decision-makers in Canada. Not only will Zoomer's resources allow us to grow faster and further than we could have alone, but the opportunity to learn from and work with Moses will help take our operation to the next level."

The Peak Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

125,000+ Canadians start their day with The Peak and have positive reviews about this valuable email. They appreciate how The Peak shares high-quality, tailored Canadian news in the morning in an easy-to-understand and concise manner. Others mention that they love the subtle hint of humor in the newsletter.

Some of the reviews by The Peak readers include:

  • “The Peak rocks!”
  • “Great news reporting and a crossword every day! Perfect”
  • “I love reading your newsletter every morning!”
  • “The BEST way to start your day… In the know! Keep up the good work!”

My Honest Review of The Peak Newsletter

Like other readers, I also find The Peak a valuable and useful resource that helps you stay in touch with the most recent news and happenings in a simple email. If you subscribe to the newsletter on my The Peak newsletter review, I'd say it's a worthy subscription—the best part? It's absolutely free!

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