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If you are a student looking for the best scholarships in your field, The Scholarship Collective is one of the best resources. This newsletter brings you scholarship details from around the world. Learn more in this The Scholarship Collective newsletter review.


  • You get information about all the scholarships in one place
  • All scholarships are mentioned with important details and deadlines
  • The newsletter also offers a free subscription plan


  • The newsletter contains ads
  • The Scholarship Collective is not strictly consistent

If you are a student looking for the best scholarships in your field, The Scholarship Collective is one of the best resources. This newsletter brings you scholarship details from around the world. Learn more in this The Scholarship Collective newsletter review:

What is The Scholarship Collective Newsletter about?

The Scholarship Collective is a newsletter, a one-stop solution for students and professionals seeking scholarships to earn a degree or improve their qualifications. The website and newsletter bring a plethora of information to the subscribers' inboxes several times a week to ensure you do not miss the deadline. 

It is a free digital newsletter that makes winning scholarships accessible to all students. The Scholarship Collective assists students of all age levels and backgrounds with relevant scholarship content to help them succeed. 

It is the perfect resource to find out the latest scholarships without having to skim through individual websites. Read the email with your morning coffee and apply to all scholarships you are eligible for in your field of study.

Before diving into further details in this The Scholarship Collective newsletter review, here’s a sneak peek into its structure.

The Newsletter Structure of the Scholarship Collective Newsletter

The structure of each edition of the newsletter might not be the same, but here’s what the recent edition looked like:

  • The email begins with the logo in the middle, the publishing date, and a welcome greeting.
  • Next, you will see a series of article snippets with links to the full read and a complete list of scholarships. 
  • The content is supplemented with multiple images sharing information about scholarships.
  • The Scholarship Collective newsletter also brings the “Scholarship of the Week.”
  • It ends with an ad and links to previous newsletters and directories. 

What Topics does The Scholarship Collective Newsletter Cover?

As the name indicates, The Scholarship Collective compiles all the scholarship details in one place for its subscribers. You can find scholarships according to areas, field of study, deadlines, etc.

The newsletter covers scholarships from all fields of study so you can find the one you’re looking forward to.

Is it Free or Paid?

Don't be surprised when we tell you this super helpful resource is free. The Scholarship Collective newsletter lands in your inbox without asking for a cent for this valuable information. Subscribe by visiting their website, adding your email address in the given space, and clicking on "Subscribe." Once you click on it, you will receive newsletters on different days throughout the week. 

Subscribe to The Scholarship Collective

While we tell you everything about this resourceful newsletter, how could we not mention the Scholarship Junkie in this The Scholarship Collective newsletter review!

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The Scholarship Collective is the brainchild of Sade Meeks, also widely known as Scholarship Junkie among her TikTok followers. She is also an associate at KPMG. She founded The Scholarship Collective newsletter to talk about finding and winning scholarships to help those fund their education who cannot afford to go to college. Her mission is to reduce the number of college dropouts and help them receive quality education.

The Scholarship Collective Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Scholarship Collective is a favorite among college students and aspirants who wait for the email throughout the week to see if it has something they can benefit from. Each newsletter brings numerous resources that can be incredibly helpful for people looking for financial aid to receive their degree or diploma.

The readers especially love the extra downloadable resources like the Official Scholarship Planner, The Academic Weapon Toolkit, Scholarship Essay Masterclass, etc. Despite a small cost, these resources are favorites among The Scholarship Collective subscribers.

My Honest Review of The Scholarship Collective Newsletter

While I am not looking for scholarships and subscribed to the newsletter for you guys, I am impressed to see how the author puts together all recent student scholarships. Sade's commitment to her cause and vision to ensure education for all college students and reduce dropouts is commendable.

My honest The Scholarship Collective newsletter review is undoubtedly a positive one. The frequency of the newsletter also makes it easy to stay updated without worrying about opening the email daily. It is perfect to read in the morning to start collecting the information and documents required for a particular scholarship. Skim through the newsletter, pick the scholarship that suits you the best, and get ready to apply and win!

Subscribe to The Scholarship Collective newsletter review today so you do not miss any scholarship updates.

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