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The Sequence is among the most popular AI newsletters that technology enthusiasts and specialists read globally. The Sequence newsletter review tells you what makes it a favorite among readers.


  • The newsletter brings the latest research and studies
  • The authors are experts in their fields
  • The Sequence also offers free emails


  • TheSequence Edge is not free
  • The information may seem complicated to new readers

What is The Sequence Newsletter about?

The Sequence newsletter, also known as the #1 AI newsletter among AI and ML specialists, brings you news about artificial intelligence in 5 minutes. It is a favorite among readers from top AI labs, including Google Brain, OpenAI, DeepMind, and many other enterprises. 

The Sequence offers multiple newsletters ranging from free to paid resources. The free emails include:

TheSequence Scope (every Sunday): It shares the latest research papers, AI investments, and tech releases.

TheSequence Chat (every other Wednesday): It brings engineer, researcher, and entrepreneur interviews.

TheSequence Guest Post (every other Friday): It shares guest posts from The Sequence partners on ML and AI.

TheSequence Edge is a premium email that lands in your inbox every Tuesday with groundbreaking ML research and core concepts. It also explores new frameworks and platforms. At the same time, the Thursday email shares technology frameworks and research.

Subscribing to the free versions allows you to read TheSequence Chat, TheSequence Scope, and TheSequence Guest Post. We’ve shared the structure of one of the emails in this The Sequence newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of The Sequence Newsletter

  • The email begins with The Sequence logo in the middle. 
  • Next, you will see, “Was this email forwarded to you? Sign up here.
  • Then, the author shares the title in large font, followed by icons to like, comment, or share the newsletter.
  • Following the heading is an image related to the day’s story.
  • The email is a straightforward read till the end.
  • The author winds up the newsletter with an invitation to subscribe to the paid version.

What Topics does The Sequence Newsletter Cover?

The Sequence newsletter covers a vast range of topics under machine learning and artificial intelligence. It shares all the recent advancements and research to help you stay updated on the trends. Whether you want to know about machine learning or artificial intelligence, this newsletter has got you covered.

Is it Free or Paid?

As mentioned earlier, The Sequence offers multiple newsletters, some of which are free. Signing up for the newsletter requires you to put your email in the given space on the web page and click "Subscribe."

When you select “Subscribe,” you will get an option to choose your subscription plan. The options include:

  • Monthly ($6/ month)
  • Annual ($50/ month)
  • Generous supporter ($100/ year)
  • Free

Subscribe to The Sequence newsletter

Now, if you wonder, "Who writes this informative newsletter?" get ready to know that next in The Sequence newsletter review.

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Jesus Rodriguez and Ksenia Se co-founded this newsletter to inform ML enthusiasts of the latest insights. Jesus Rodriguez is an angel Investor in over 30 crypto, AI, LP, and enterprise software companies. He is also the CEO of IntoTheBlock and co-founder and president of Faktory and NeuralFabric.

Ksenia Se is The Turing Post's founder, a Track Two board member, an ex-editor-in-chief of TheQuestion, and an ex-NY chief editor of Snob Magazine. Furthermore, both founders are also guest lecturers in reputed universities.

The Sequence Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Sequence is a breath of fresh air for people interested in-depth in the ML world. It does not share superficial AI news. Instead, this newsletter brings valuable insights and research papers that help ML and AI enthusiasts understand the subject better and stay up-to-date. Thus, the newsletter is not only a favorite among readers who want to understand the core but also big tech giants like DeepMind and Google Brain.

My Honest Review of The Sequence Newsletter

I love reading about the latest technologies, and AI and ML have caught my attention, too. Reading this newsletter has informed me of the basics and also enabled me to stay in touch with the latest studies and research. Winding up The Sequence newsletter review, I'd say it is popular among the giants for a reason, and readers interested in the topic must try it. If you prefer, start with the free newsletters and upgrade to the paid version.  

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