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It's all about in-depth analysis and sometimes original reporting about China. From the US-Japan-South Korea complicated relation to Xi in BRICS, Sinocism Newsletter has the best news for you. The Sinocism Newsletter is sent four times a week. It's read by hundreds of thousands of readers across the globe.


  • Sinocism Newsletter has the best content related to China
  • The newsletter is formatted in an excellent way, which makes it easier to read for everyone. Sinocism also offers a 70% discount for students.
  • Oftentimes, the newsletter does original reporting. Further, the Sinocism Newsletter is trusted by diplomats, policymakers, investors, and journalists.


  • Readers of Sinocism Newsletter need to pay to read.
  • Every newsletters has their own limitations. The Sinocism Newsletter, for instance, is niche specific. It's specifically for academics, journalists, and diplomats — not for all.

What is the Sinocism Newsletter about?

Sinocism Newsletter sends your expert analysis, commentary, and original reporting of Chinese, as well as, English language news.

To put it short: it gives you access to an elite community of China watchers through regular online discussions. Another plus of this newsletter is that Sinocism subscribers can chat via the Substack app.

The newsletter also has weekly podcasts for its subscribers.

The newsletter structure of Sinocism Newsletter

The Sinocism Newsletter is sent four times a week. It's read by hundreds of thousands of readers across the globe.

The newsletter structure is minimalistic and eye friendly. Additionally, it's well framed. The newsletter structure makes it so much more interesting.

The writer, Bill Bishop, has been writing about China for many years. China Research Director Andrew Batson said: “I'm very happy to subscribe to Sinocism and finally give Bill some money for the fantastic job he has been doing for years.”

Is it free or paid?

Sinocism Newsletter drops the China related posts and curated links right in your inbox four times a week. 

You need to pay to read. But do you want to know the best part of it? Subscriptions start at just $15 per month. The membership is within your budget. Which is why it's such a high quality newsletter.

My Honest Review of Sinocism Newsletter

If you're someone who wants to know what's happening in China and why it is important to the world, then the Sinocism Newsletter is for you.

The New Yorker correspondent Evan Osnos puts it better: “Sinocism is the presidential daily brief for China hands.”

Sinocism Newsletter is my personal favorite. It's my go-to for every China related news and in-depth analysis of its importance to the world.

Some of my favorite pieces from the newsletter are: 

  • “Wuhan virus; Travel bans; Economic impact; What was known in December?”
  • “Huawei CFO arrested, expect trade talks to continue as US-China tech strains intensify.”

Not just me, this newsletter is loved by hundreds of thousands of people.

Sign up and educate yourself about China.

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