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Artificial intelligence instantly wowed the world with its ability to perform multiple tasks faster and more efficiently. You can leverage AI tools for content creation, graphic design, data analysis, reporting, and a lot more. This technology not only boosts your productivity but also helps you to accelerate your career.


  • The writer has authority over the subject
  • The newsletter follows a simple language and layout
  • SuperHuman AI brings free-of-cost AI news every day with free resources


  • It might seem lengthy to some readers
  • Daily newsletter frequency can be sometimes overwhelming

Artificial intelligence instantly wowed the world with its ability to perform multiple tasks faster and more efficiently. You can leverage AI tools for content creation, graphic design, data analysis, reporting, and a lot more. This technology not only boosts your productivity but also helps you to accelerate your career. 

So, isn’t it a great idea to stay updated and learn more about the fast-growing AI technology?

You can utilize AI newsletters to boost your productivity without spending a fortune on long, time-consuming, expensive courses. One of them is the SuperHuman AI, bringing all the hot news from the artificial intelligence world. Learn everything about it in this SuperHuman AI newsletter review.

What is the SuperHuman AI Newsletter about?

The SuperHuman AI Newsletter is a worth-reading pick you should subscribe to. The newsletter is super-useful, I must say. Along with plenty of informative content for AI freaks and learners, it gives access and links to various resourceful AI tools. It brings daily updates from the artificial intelligence world, providing you all the information you need. Once you sign up, you get access to free resources like; 

  • ChatGPT for Beginners
  • How to Write Prompts
  • Data Analysis & Excel with AI
  • Turn Images into Insights with AI
  • AI Job Hunting Guide
  • Best Free Alternative AI Tool
  • ChatGPT Mastery cheat sheet
  • 1,000+ ChatGPT prompts     

The Newsletter Structure of SuperHuman AI Newsletter

  • The header includes the date on the top right of the newsletter.
  •  The title comes afterward with visually appealing graphics. The author also mentions the reading time so you can get an idea of how long it will take to read the copy. 
  • The newsletter starts with a welcome note where Zain, the author, sends a brief greeting to the reader with an attention-grabbing quote or fact related to AI.
  • The newsletter is divided into various sections; each containing AI information and news. 
  • The first section is Today's Menu, where the author lists down all the featured headlines that are further discussed in detail later in the newsletter.
  • The next section contains the latest AI and Tech news.  
  • The fourth section is AI and the Economy, where you can read articles, studies, and findings about the impact of AI on the economy. 
  • The following section is AI at Work. This section will give you tips about using different AI tools for various purposes. 
  • Moreover, the author shares charts that present the latest statistics about AI. 
  • Another section, Next in AI, shares future predictions and forecasts about the technology, as suggested by the section's title. 
  • The last section is Productivity, where Zain mentions the latest AI tools and a short description. You can use these tools to boost your productivity.
  • In the end, the author invites readers' feedback and publishes the best reviews of the day he received from his readers. The copy ends with a farewell note. 
  • The footer contains the option to change preferences or unsubscribe from the newsletter if you don't want to receive the copy anymore. 

Overall, the structure is clear, simple, and visually appealing. Multiple sections allow you to  easily navigate if you don't want to read the whole newsletter.  

Next, let’s give you a quick sneak peek into the newsletters topics in the SuperHuman AI newsletter review.

What Topics does the SuperHuman AI Newsletter Cover?

The topics include info about the latest AI tools, news and updates about AI advancements, articles, the impact of AI tools on the economy, and insights about how you can boost your income using AI. Each section brings a wealth of knowledge to readers. The newsletter also contains access to AI resources. So, the AI learners have a power-packed editorial in hand to get started.

Is it Free or Paid?

The SuperHuman AI newsletter is free of cost and has exceptional content quality, a clear and simple structure, and a visually appealing format. You will not find this quality of content for free, but it seems like the founder wants everyone to leverage AI to their best benefit. 

The frequency of the newsletter is one copy every day, so it provides plenty of content for the readers daily.  

How to Subscribe to The SuperHuman AI newsletter?

The SuperHuman AI newsletter is super-easy to subscribe to. You can simply join the community by visiting the official SuperHuman AI website

On the top right, there is a tab to subscribe. When you click the tab, it directs you to another page asking for your email. Enter the email address and tap subscribe. After submitting the email address, you will land on a short form asking for some relevant information like your first and last name, job level, job function, industry, organization, company size, and location. 

As you sign up, you will receive an email from the author in your mailbox, sending a greeting and a simple welcome note on your way. Moreover, Zain also provides you with the list of The Ultimate 100 AI tools as a gift to join the tribe. Once you reply ‘YES’ to the email, you will regularly receive the latest editorial in your inbox. You can also update your email preferences and unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive the newsletter anymore.  

Now you might wonder, “Who is this wonderful person giving away all the knowledge for free?” Don’t worry; this SuperHuman AI newsletter review answers that too!

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Zain Kahn is the super personality behind The SuperHuman AI newsletter. He is an AI enthusiast and the founder and author of the SuperHuman AI newsletter. His objective is to make the SuperHuman AI newsletter the world's biggest newsletter with the greatest readership and tell people how they can make the best use of artificial intelligence.

Today, The SuperHuman AI newsletter has 500K readers, exhibiting an enormous growth in subscribers within five months of its startup. Zain Kahn and his brother have leveraged AI technology, notably Chat GPT, for business success. The Business Insider and Ellengau have also covered their story where they told the public about their struggles. The duo revealed how they reached record-breaking heights and brought in more money in less time using AI tools.   

The SuperHuman AI Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The author claims AI is the next big thing, and the subscribers understand that. The readers admire content quality, readability, the writer's authority and research over the subject, attractive structure and interface, and access to 100s of free AI tools. It is a treat to receive a free copy of such a resourceful newsletter daily and enjoy reading useful and informative content.

My Honest Review of The SuperHuman AI Newsletter

The SuperHuman AI Newsletter is simply among the best newsletters related to AI technology, bringing plenty of informative news, articles, analysis, and updates to read; I am impressed by the author's authority and research on the subject. The writer not only shares trends and updates but also shows how to use AI to achieve your objectives successfully. He claims to work like a personal researcher, evident in his write-ups. Zain Kahn and his team spend hours researching the content to share the best material through the power-packed email. The language is simple and easy to understand, combined with a visually appealing layout.   

If you ask my honest SuperHuman AI newsletter review, I’d say it is the next best newsletter you should subscribe to. It is an opportunity for AI enthusiasts to enjoy access to plenty of informative content and tools to master artificial intelligence. You can boost your productivity and kickstart a successful career once you grasp the subject well. So, what are you waiting for?

Just visit the official website and join the SuperHuman community to receive your latest copy.   

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