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Vittles is an online magazine based in the UK and India that publishes new food and culture writing. It brings you something new and exciting in each edition to look forward to. Let’s tell you more about it in this Vittles newsletter review.


  • Vittles provides a free Monday edition
  • It is among the best magazines to learn about the UK food culture scene
  • You can contribute to the newsletter


  • Some editions may be too long 
  • Free subscribers do not get exclusive content

What is the Vittles Newsletter about?

Vittles is a UK and India-based culture and food newsletter that publishes essays about all aspects of food culture, recipes, restaurant recommendations, and reviews. You will also see dissections, food culture essays, digressions, and polemics in different editions from writers across the UK and beyond. The newsletter is published every Monday and is free to access. 

Vittles also encourages readers to share their recommendations for favorite restaurants, stalls, food trucks, takeaways, and lunch counters. Moreover, writers can also pitch hyper-regional food cultures of the UK for our occasional Normal Country column. They pay £800 for a full newsletter or 40p a word otherwise to the contributors.

However, they are not currently commissioning new feature essays, recipes or articles outside of the remits outlined.

The Newsletter Structure of Vittles Newsletter

Each edition of the Vittles newsletter follows a different layout, depending on the release day. Here’s the structure of the Monday email:

  • The newsletter begins with the day’s main title and a short description.
  • Then, the authors greet you and give you a sneak peek into the email contents.
  • You will see a long text supplemented with images to make it interesting.
  • The newsletter ends with Credits to the writers, mentioning their names and a brief introduction.

What Topics does the Vittles Newsletter Cover?

Vittles is a food newsletter for novel times that brings you the latest and cultural details from the British food landscape. You will get recipes, restaurant recommendations, food ideas, and much more by subscribing to the Vittles newsletter.

So, is the newsletter free or paid? We’ve covered that next for you in this Vittles newsletter review.

Is it Free or Paid?

You can choose from a free or paid subscription according to your preference. A paid subscription costs £45 for a whole year.

The Monday edition is free and brings food culture essays, digressions, polemics, and dissections. The Wednesday edition shared recipes from a rotating cast of chefs, writers and recipe developers. Moreover, the Friday email gives you insight into restaurant recommendations from six different writers, full-length reviews, and content about the social and cultural architecture of the city. All paid subscribers also have access to the back catalog of pay-walled articles.  

Subscribe to Vittles newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Jonathan Nunn founded the Vittles newsletter and edits the email copy. Other editors include Rebecca May Johnson, Adam Coghlan, and Sharanya Deepak. The team compiles the newsletter and brings the refined content for you to enjoy.

The Vittles Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Vittles is a popular newsletter among readers looking for new restaurants and food trucks to enjoy delicious food. It also appeals to readers wanting to try unique recipes that bring British tradition. The newsletter has gained a good reputation among the readers, who like its affordability.

My Honest Review of Vittles Newsletter

I love newsletters about culture and food as they allow me to learn about different regions better through their food culture. Vittles is an interesting and informative read for subscribers, giving them a peek into British food culture, top restaurants, and the overall British food scene. At the same time, it also shares finger-linking-good recipes so you can enjoy restaurant-style food at home. If you enjoy dissections, food culture essays, digressions, and polemics, the Monday edition covers everything for you.

Vittles is a suitable newsletter for people living in the UK who are trying to explore the local food scene. It tells you the best places to eat and delicious recipes to try at home. It also gives exclusive insights into the UK food scene through its essays and reviews. The best part is that you can become a part of the newsletter by recommending your favorites.

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