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The Warm-Up Newsletter is one of a kind; it is a space where music and sports are blended to bring forth a compassionate side of both fields. The Warm-Up Newsletter publishes young athletes from college or high school teams or at times professional players; interviews them to explore their taste in music. Their featured playlist gives a glimpse of their personal life and also motivates other aspirants from the field.


  • Importance of Music 
  • Fostering companionship with music 
  • Discover new artists and players
  • Interesting conversations with players and team members 
  • Unpaid subscription


  • May only appeal to a specific group of people

Why You Should Subscribe To The Warm-Up Newsletter? 

The Warm-Up Newsletter emphasizes the importance of music that contributes to boosting team spirit, uplifting morale, and inspiring players.  They provide examples of music-induced motivation by publishing interviews and personal stories of different individuals and discussing their music preferences.It is a community of music lovers that is expanding, and you can become a part of it too!". Here is why as a sportsman or athlete you should realize the importance of music and utilize it in your warm-ups and practices.

  • Team Spirit: The spirit of a team is essential to excel at sports. The Warm-Up Newsletter emphasizes this theory by sharing an exclusive playlist of teams like; UNC Women's College Lacrosse Warm-Up (2023). The newsletter features songs by DJ Khaled, Rihanna, and Pitbull. The choice of music can be a powerful way for a team to bond and build camaraderie. When players share and listen to the same songs or playlists during warm-ups, it can create a sense of unity and solidarity among them. You can also curate a pre-game playlist to up the morale. 
  • Game Preparation: The Warm-Up Newsletter features players from different sports backgrounds who share their pre-game music ritual and how it helps calm down their nerves. Noah Carter, a college basketball player says,” love listening to summer-type songs because they bring me happy vibes. If I’m happy I like playing happy feeling songs.” Therefore, it shows warm-up music serves a practical purpose in helping athletes mentally prepare for competition. The songs selected are often high-energy and motivating, helping players get into the right mindset for the upcoming game.
  • Cultural Trends: The music chosen by teams may reflect broader cultural trends within the lacrosse community or popular culture in general. For example, certain genres or artists may be particularly popular among lacrosse players at a given time, and teams may incorporate these trends into their warm-up playlists. Additionally, the music may reflect the unique identity and style of the team, showcasing their individuality within the broader community.
  • Community Engagement: The Warm-Up Newsletter shows that sharing warm-up playlists can be a way for teams to engage with their fan base and supporters. By providing insights into the music preferences of the team and offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into their culture and rituals, teams can connect on a deeper level with their audience. 

Final Words – The Warm-Up Newsletter

I believe music has the strength to bring people of different backgrounds together and share cultural spirit. The interesting initiative by The Warm-Up Newsletter brings forth a commendable concept of building a community and fostering companionship through music in a way that has never been done before. 

They not only share the message of resilience and empathy that music emanates but also provide real-life examples from people belonging to sports, who know the true meaning of sportsmanship. Nonetheless, even if you are not athletic or part of any sports team, you can learn the importance of music and leverage it to use it in your field because teamwork is crucial regardless of a particular profession. Or you can add more songs to your playlist by discovering interesting artists. 

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