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The Warning with Steve Schmidt Newsletter is one such space that holds fruitful conversations about the expected revolutionary upheaval in the US that would shape democracy. Schmidt, with his range of experiences, brings forth difficult conversations that we have been avoiding for a while. Now that the USA stands on the brink of elections, it is important to comprehend the political dynamics and mood of the public. It already has a following of 72K+ people who are eager to broaden their political knowledge, you can join and expand your understanding too.


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What Is The Warning with Steve Schmidt Newsletter About? 

Before you subscribe to this newsletter collection, it is important to know the person you are getting information from. As the title implies, The Warning with Steve Schmidt Newsletter was initiated by Steve Schmidt. He is a political and business strategist from America. He has contributed to both Democratic and Republican political campaigns, such as Dean Phillips and those of President George W. Bush, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during his 2008 presidential campaign.

Up to his resignation in July 2018, he served as vice chair of the public relations firm Edelman, counseling CEOs and other top executives at Fortune 500 companies. In 2011, he joined MSNBC as a political analyst. Since then he has created an individual space to talk about politics, the economy, the prospect of democracy, civil rights, world affairs, and America’s election.

As a former election campaign organizer, he has profound knowledge about the subject he talks therefore it is easier to trust his explanations and opinions. However, at times, his commentaries come off as emotional especially when criticizing Trump and his administration. Nonetheless, he also criticizes the current government and policymakers.  

What Themes The Warning with Steve Schmidt Newsletter Discuss? 

  1. Presidential Politics: Schmidt leverages his former role as a political campaign organizer and comments on presidential campaigns, including candidate analysis, campaign strategies, election predictions, and reactions to presidential speeches and events. He also discusses political scenarios, such as party dynamics with respect to the future of democracy in the US.
  1. Current Events: The newsletter covers a range of current events, including domestic and international affairs. With the current global adversaries, Schmidt necessities discussion on geopolitical tensions, such as the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as domestic issues like gun violence and border disputes. He provides analysis and commentary on these events, highlighting their political implications and broader societal impacts.
  1. Media Critique: Most of the personal spaces have evolved due to the corruption of corporate media houses. Therefore, Schmidt focuses on critiquing media coverage and narratives, particularly regarding political figures and events. He examines the role of mainstream media outlets in shaping public opinion, as well as the spread of misinformation and propaganda. Specific examples include critiques of Fox News and The New York Times, highlighting biases and ethical concerns.
  1. Political Analysis: Schmidt has close relations with political figures, he uses it to provide in-depth analysis of political trends, ideologies, and figures. Includes discussions over topics such as populism, extremism, fascism, and democracy. The author examines the strategies and rhetoric employed by political leaders, such as Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and assesses their impact on governance and public discourse.

Final Review – The Warning with Steve Schmidt Newsletter

Over the years I have deviated from the mainstream media and largely focused on stories from independent or investigative journalists like Chris Hedge or Seymour Hersh. I am excited to explore any new person who steps into the field of journalism and actively repels propagandist corporate media houses. The ones whose sole focus is to enlighten the audience with their knowledge and sources. 

Schmidt has risen to become one such person. He has political ties with a lot of people in the government. He actively leverages that power to uncover various stories and events that are concealed from the general audience. Let it be matters of democracy, fascism, economy, global politics, or foreign policy of the US he never turns away from having controversial discussions. 

However, I believe he is not completely unbiased in his opinions, which at times derails from the diplomatic characteristics that one journalist should adopt. Especially, when he talks about Trump’s administration, his legal battles, or when he sides with the Zionist ideologies while discussing Israel’s war on Palestine. His arguments appear vague and devoid of historical background. Regardless, his perception of American politics is impressive, you can learn a lot about the upcoming elections. 

You can follow Steve Schmidt on X: Steve Schmidt 

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