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"TheAgileVC" offers practical tips and experiences, making the startup and investment world less complicated and more exciting. By subscribing, you join a community interested in learning about successful startups and how they get funding.


  • Diverse Insights: Covers a broad range of topics from startups to venture capital.
  • Expert Authorship: Peter Saddington brings real-world startup experience.
  • Community Engagement: Connects over 14,000 subscribers for shared learning.


  • Limited Focus: Primarily targets startup and VC enthusiasts.
  • Frequency of Posts: Updates might not be as regular as some readers prefer.

"TheAgileVC" is a newsletter written by Peter Saddington. It's all about startups, investing, and life. More than 57,000 people read it. It's great for anyone involved in startups. Peter shares his thoughts and stories, giving a fresh view on startup and investment challenges and chances. It's helpful whether you're starting out or already investing. "TheAgileVC" offers practical tips and experiences, making the startup and investment world less complicated and more exciting. By subscribing, you join a community interested in learning about successful startups and how they get funding.

What is TheAgileVC - Peter Saddington Newsletter about? 

TheAgileVC is a newsletter by Peter Saddington. It's all about new businesses and how to get money for them. Peter knows a lot about this because he's worked with startups and in the business of giving money to new companies. In his newsletter, he talks about things that can help people who are starting their own businesses. He gives tips and shares stories from his own experience. This is really useful for people who are just beginning their business journey. They can learn from someone who has been there and done that. More than 57,000 people have already followed his newsletter. This shows that many people think it's helpful and like reading it.

The newsletter structure of the TheAgileVC - Peter Saddington Newsletter: 

TheAgileVC newsletter is a unique blend of personal stories, professional insights, and practical advice. Here's how it's structured:

  • Personal Anecdotes: Each newsletter often starts with a personal story or experience, making it relatable and engaging.
  • In-Depth Exploration: The main content dives deep into specific topics, combining Saddington's personal and professional life.
  • Practical Lessons: Insights and lessons drawn from these experiences are shared, offering practical advice to readers.
  • Visual Elements: The use of images and videos enhances the storytelling and explanation of concepts.
  • Engaging Conclusion: Each newsletter concludes with a reflective summary, emphasizing the key messages and takeaways.
  • Interactive Elements: Calls to action, such as sharing or commenting, encourage reader engagement and community participation.
  • Clear Formatting: The layout is straightforward, focusing on readability and ease of navigation for the reader.
  • Varied Topics: Ranges from AI, startups, and venture capital to personal hobbies like racing, offering a diverse range of subjects.

This structure makes TheAgileVC both a personal journal and a professional guide, offering a unique perspective in the startup and venture capital world.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

The person behind TheAgileVC newsletter is Peter Saddington. He is a guy with a lot of experience in starting and growing businesses. He also knows a lot about investing in new companies. Peter likes to share his own stories and lessons he's learned in his work. He writes about topics like new technologies and how to be successful in business. Peter also talks about his hobbies, like racing, which makes his newsletter interesting and personal. He's not just all about work; he shares parts of his personal life too.

The Stats of this newsletter: 

The following are some of the stats about the TheAgileVC - Peter Saddington newsletter. 

  1. What is this newsletter about? This newsletter is about exploring startups, venture capital, and life through personal and professional insights. 
  2. The Total number of subscribers: TheAgileVC - Peter Saddington newsletter has over 57,000 subscribers. 
  3. How does this newsletter make money? This newsletter makes money through subscriptions, sponsorships, and promoting personal entrepreneurial projects and services.. 
  4. Subscribe to this newsletter: Subscribe to TheAgileVC - Peter Saddington Newsletter here

My Honest Opinion of TheAgileVC - Peter Saddington Newsletter: 

Honestly, I think theAgileVC by Peter Saddington is a captivating read. It covers startups, investing, and personal interests like racing. Peter's personal touch makes it genuine. He blends his technology and business insights with personal anecdotes. The newsletter is friendly and straightforward, like a chat with a friend. It's great for aspiring entrepreneurs or those curious about startups and investing. Peter uses simple language, making complex topics accessible. This approach not only educates but also provides a glimpse into the mind of an experienced professional, offering valuable insights in an easy-to-digest format. 

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