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The DailySkimm Newsletter delivers concise news summaries with an approachable tone, catering to readers seeking convenient and informative updates. Founded by Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, it covers key events while providing additional resources for deeper exploration. The newsletter offers both free and subscription options, making it a valuable source for diverse audiences.


  • The newsletter lands in your inbox daily
  • Multiple sections make it easy to skim through
  • Daily Skimm is absolutely free to subscribe


  • The newsletter frequency can be overwhelming for some
  • Some stories might feel slightly biased

The Daily Skimm newsletter is a no-BS newsletter that brings you a breakdown of recent events in a simple, casual tone. It helps you skim through everyday news within minutes. Multiple sections in the newsletter cover different news segments including politics, technology, etc. Learn more about it in this Daily Skimm newsletter review:

What is the Daily Skimm Newsletter about?

The Daily Skimm is one of the six newsletters by theSkimm. It lands in your inbox throughout the week, giving you an overview of the top stories and saving you from scrolling multiple news sources.

The newsletter is an ideal source for millennials who appreciate news delivered in a friendly and casual tone. Enjoy the Daily Skimm with your morning coffee to get all the top stories to start your day with.

Newsletter Structure of Daily Skimm Newsletter

  • The Daily Skimm newsletter begins with the date on the top left followed by TheSkimm and Daily Skimm logos in the middle of the following line.
  • Next, you will see an image giving you a sneak peek into the top story for the day.
  • After the image, the Daily Skimm team shares a quotation or a funny, relatable expression.
  • The authors then share the top story with a heading, story title, and explanation; skim the titles or read the complete news.
  • Then, there are a few links to read other pieces of news under the Top Story section.
  • Besides news stories, the Daily Skimm also shares the hottest shopping deals.
  • The SkimmU Parenting section gives you a peek into SkimmU and Parenting Today content.
  • As you move toward the end of the newsletter, Skimm Picks helps you live smartly by sharing technology, gadgets, funny stories, and more.
  • While you might not see this in many newsletters, the Skimm'rs segment celebrating small and big wins from subscribers sets it apart from others.
  • Lastly, you’ll see a podcast link under Skimm More so you can stay updated on the go.
  • The newsletter ends with the mention of the Daily Skimm team, “Skimm’d by Melanie De Lima, Kate Gilhool, Julie Shain, and Mariza Smajlaj”

On good days, the newsletter might also bring some discount codes.

What Topics does Daily Skimm Newsletter Cover?

Daily Skimm covers a vast range of topics, including the top news, politics, technology, lifestyle, entertainment, finance, and much more.

Moreover, other newsletters by theSkimm, like Skimm Money, Parenting, Well, and Labs, cater to specific topics in particular categories.

Now, you might wonder why an amazing newsletter must have a high subscription fee for the value it offers; let's tell you that next in the Daily Skimm newsletter review.

Is it Free or Paid?

This newsletter, bringing you all the latest news daily, is absolutely FREE!

Yes, you do not have to pay a cent to access this wonderful resource. Visit theSkimm website and click on “The Daily Skimm.” You will see a pop-up on the page bottom asking for your email.

Add your email in the given space and click on “Subscribe” and get ready to receive a quick daily overview of current affairs and global news.

Subscribe to the Daily Skimm newsletter here

Who is Behind the Daily Skimm Newsletter?

Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg created the Daily Skimm newsletter after meeting on an overseas program. Later, they left their NBC News jobs as producers and established theSkimm in 2012.

Carly is also the Founder and Head Consultant at Higher Write while being a part-time advisor at Matthew Berry's Fantasy Life with Danielle Weisberg. Moreover, Danielle is a Nasdaq Female Leaders Council Member.

My Honest Daily Skimm Newsletter Review

The Daily Skimm newsletter is one of those publications that become an important part of your day. Besides Morning Brew and the Hustle, Daily Skim helps me stay in touch with the world. This newsletter brings all the political news and information on current affairs. Short excerpts and links to useful gadgets and recent technology trends supplement the newsletter. If you ask me for my honest Daily Skimm newsletter review, I won't hesitate to say it's undoubtedly one of my favorites!

The variety of formats throughout the newsletter allows you to choose how much detail you want to read depending on your feasibility. Read the newsletter thoroughly on slow days and skim through the headlines otherwise. The freedom to not have to go through every word makes it perfect for me.

If you are also looking for a newsletter that lets you skim through all the important news within fifteen minutes or fewer, the Daily Skimm is the best choice!

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