13 Best Creators and Creativity Newsletters To Subscribe

These newsletters are your best buddies; they bring you everything from the creative world, including recent news, expert insights, and helpful tools. Creativity newsletters authored by experts help you stay on top of your game by sharing what viewers and readers today want. They ensure you do not miss something important when you're busy conquering the world!

Without any further ado, let’s tell you the best creators and creativity newsletters to subscribe to.

13 Creators and Creativity Newsletters To Subscribe

  1. Creative mornings 
  2. Letters for creatives
  3. For the interested
  4. A newsletter from the desk of Austin Kleon
  5. Makermind
  6. The hustle
  7. Total Annarchy
  8. Ann Friedman
  9. UX collective
  10. Influencer marketing hub
  11. A thing or two
  12. Monday musings
  13. Marketing brew

The Best Creators and Creativity Newsletters To Subscribe To

Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings
Creative Mornings

How could you go wrong with a newsletter called Creative Mornings?

The international creative community at Creative mornings sends this interesting weekly newsletter to over 240,000 subscribers. The newsletter contains a comprehensive week-roundup, covering everything from content ideas to ted talks and virtual field trips. 

Moreover, Creative Mornings shares wisdom and insights into various topics, including the creative design process, design techniques, inspirations, and more.

Author: Creative Mornings

Frequency: Weekly

Subscribe to Creative Mornings

Letters for Creatives

Letters for Creatives
Letters for Creatives

Letters for Creatives is another engaging newsletter that shares information and tricks for writing creatives. It focuses on topics like poetry, creative writing, book marketing, and a lot more. 

The author, Celeste Tsang, merges blogging and creative writing and shares the best techniques to improve your work. You will also come across book recommendations and reviews that Tsang loves!

It is perfect for beginners and benefits those already on this path. 

Author: Celeste Tsang

Frequency: Bi-weekly on Thursdays

Subscribe to Letter for Creatives

For the Interested

For the Interested
For the Interested

For the Interested is the best pick for you if you are looking for easy-to-understand, digestible content!

For the Interested focuses on delivering impactful and valuable business tips for creators every Sunday. You receive five simple pieces that talk about everything to help emerging entrepreneurs and creatives. You will find tips, tricks, and all result-oriented strategies to help you grow.

This newsletter is the best choice for anyone looking forward to learning something new in less than ten minutes every week. 

Author: Interested

Frequency: Weekly - Every Sunday

Subscribe to For the Interested

A Newsletter from the Desk of Austin Kleon

A Newsletter from the Desk of Austin Kleon
A Newsletter from the Desk of Austin Kleon

A Newsletter from the Desk of Austin Kleon is a must-mention on the list of the best creators and creativity newsletters to subscribe to.

The best-selling American author, Austin Kleon, publishes this weekly newsletter for over 100,000 readers every Friday. The newsletter is not niche-specific and shares everything about arts, writing, creativity, and music. 

He also shares insights on creativity in the digital age and how recent technological advancements impact creativity. Kleon encourages you to study the pioneers in your field and learn from their creative journeys. 

The newsletter also shares recommendations on books, music, movies, and ideas. So, get ready for an inspirational ride through Creativity Town!

Author: Austin Kleon

Frequency: Weekly on Fridays

Subscribe to A Newsletter from the Desk of Austin Kleon



MakerMind is a favorite newsletter among all creatives looking to improve their productivity. It tells you about good stress, flexible consistency, and structured distractions. 

The team at Ness Labs studies the relationship between neurosciences and entrepreneurship. MakerMind encourages you to take up challenges and push yourself to think critically to improve your mental well-being.

The three sections, 'Brain Candy,' 'Brain Food,' and 'Brain Hack,' bring you articles from around the world to boost your creativity and productivity. 

Author: Ness Labs

Frequency: Weekly

Subscribe to MakerMind

The Hustle

The Hustle
The Hustle

We often wonder how The Hustle ends up on almost every blog we write about newsletters; we believe it's the versatility!

The Hustle differs from many boring newsletters and shares the latest creative information through articles or bullets. Instead, it is an engaging and conversational newsletter that gives you something to discuss with your coworkers and friends at lunch time.

The newsletter delivers newest news from the creative world. Besides creativity, you will also learn about businesses, the creator economy, and technology. The Hustle is undoubtedly one of the best newsletters for young professionals.

The best part? This newsletter is absolutely free!

Author: The Hustle

Frequency: Weekdays (Monday – Friday)

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Total Annarchy

Ann Handley’s Total Annarchy
Ann Handley’s Total Annarchy

Ann Handley’s Total Annarchy’s unmatched marketing expertise and tips make it a must best creators and creativity newsletter to subscribe to.

Total Annarchy is a favorite among its subscribers as it tells you everything you need to know about digital marketing and the creative aspects of the business. This newsletter has writing tips, trends, anecdotes, and media recommendations to help you reach the top. 

It is the best pick for marketers who want to compete with their rivals with unique ideas. Handley mentions everything to help you surpass others and reach heights!

Author: Anne Handley

Frequency: Bi-weekly

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The Ann Friedman Weekly

The Ann Friedman Weekly
The Ann Friedman Weekly

This newsletter is also from an "Ann," who brings you the best news to help you accomplish your business goals.

Ann Friedman, an accomplished New York Magazine writer, sends out a comprehensive newsletter for her readers every week. She shares her life experiences, helping you how to maintain a business today. 

Friedman ensures that her newsletter is easily accessible and understood by everyone, not only polished businesspeople.

Author: Ann Friedman

Frequency: Weekly on Every Friday

Subscribe to The Anne Friedman Weekly

UX Collective

UX Collective
UX Collective

The next mention on this blog is not for marketers or content creators but for website designers. We understand website designing requires you to use every brain cell to offer top-notch designs to each client. UX Collective is among the best newsletters for designers and creatives if you want new ideas.

This newsletter brings you collections of essays and articles on technology and design, including tutorials and tricks. It is an excellent resource to play with creativity and come up with something extraordinary.

Author: Fabricio Teixeira

Frequency: Weekly 

Subscribe to UX Collective 

A Thing or Two

A Thing or Two by Erica Cerula and Claire Mazu
A Thing or Two by Erica Cerula and Claire Mazu

This newsletter by two friends is the perfect dose of creativity and inspiration without boring you. 

Erica Cerula and Claire Mazur share two to four things with their audience through the newsletter and the podcast. If you are a millennial female, the newsletter seems to speak directly to you. You will get the latest intel on creativity and business combined with content on productivity and product discovery.

Author: Erica Cerula and Claire Mazur

Frequency: Weekly on Every Monday

Subscribe to A Thing or Two

Monday Musings

Monday Musings by David Perell
Monday Musings by David Perell

Whether you are a writer, marketer, or entrepreneur, Monday Musings is what you need in life!

David Perell sends out this newsletter to his subscribers every Monday to ensure an informative yet fun start to the week. Every edition comprises a personal story, new articles, podcasts, and the coolest thing Perell learned last week.

Author: David Perell

Frequency: Weekly on Every Monday

Subscribe to Monday Musings

Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew
Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew is one of the sub-newsletters from Morning Brew, bringing you all you need to know about the marketing buzz. 

This marketing newsletter lands in your email three days a week. It is filled with marketing tips, updates, and strategies to boost your business. You also learn about social media trends, brand strategy, advertising, social influence, etc. The newsletter shares only high-quality content, so you do not have to worry about vague information. 

Coming from the best names among newsletters, Marketing Brew is a credible and highly informative source for marketers.

Author: Marketing Brew

Frequency: Three days a week 

Subscribe to Marketing Brew

Final Words

Being a creator or creative can be tough when you are out of ideas. The best creators and creativity newsletters come into play in such situations. They help marketers, designers, businesspeople, course creators, and many others to think creatively in a unique dimension. These newsletters bring the latest news, tutorials, strategies, and tips and tricks. In some newsletters, you may also find amazing recommendations to help you grow as a professional.

Pick which newsletter suits your needs the best and get your dose of creativity right!

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