Promote Your Newsletter on Our Newsletter Discovery Platform is a Newsletter discovery platform. We help newsletters get discovered. The system is already in place to promote newsletters. We are working with them and helping them grow by promoting and presenting their newsletter in front of subscribers.

How do we get that viewership?

promote your newsletter on newsletterworthy

We write about newsletters. We have over 1000+ newsletter reviews and recommendations of the newsletters to the readers who are interested in subscribing to newsletters. We get that traffic. We invest a lot of money on content creation as well as things that could help us rank good on search engines.

How much do we charge?

The following are the rates we charge for the newsletter listing to promote your newsletter for up to 14 days.

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Most of the subscribers first search for the name of the newsletter as well as the writer. So, having a review that is discoverable in search engines and probably on top of Google will help you build trust.

We charge $35 for publishing a review of your newsletter. Contact us here if you are interested in publishing a review of your newsletter. Contact us here.

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Just for $150 per month, you can get a lot of subscribers; we will also publish a review of your newsletter and make sure it is the best review someone has about your newsletter.

Work with us, and let us help you get more subscribers (our prime motive)

Want to work with us, contact us here.

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