10 Top Newsletters with Over 1 Million Subscribers

Newsletters are an effective medium among the countless modern communication channels. The reason is the plenty of engaging content for avid readers. Isn’t it great that you receive a power-packed copy full of news and updates on your favorite topics daily in your mailbox? They are a constant supply of information to those who love to read, and this is the reason we have got you this treat!

Cheers to all the passionate readers because in this article, we have come up with the 10 top newsletters with over 1 million subscribers. So, read on and find the top 10 best newsletters you must subscribe to in order to stay updated about your favorite topics this year.  

10 Best Newsletters with Over 1 Million Subscribers

The following are some of the top newsletters with over 1 Million subscribers:

  1. Phrasee Newsletter
  2. Vox Newsletter
  3. The Marginalian
  4. The Morning Brew Newsletter
  5. The Morning Newsletter
  6. Going Newsletter
  7. The Hustle Newsletter
  8. Hometalk newsletter
  9. The Hungry Newsletter
  10. The Skimm Newsletter

Let's discuss each of them in details:

1. Phrasee

Niche: AI, technology


Phrasee is a content engine that leverages AI Technology to generate marketing messages for marketers and entrepreneurs. The company also issues a weekly newsletter free of cost. The content is written in a lighter tone. The language used in the newsletter works as a hook and engages the readers till the end. 

The newsletter delivers news for e-commerce businesses with a lot of visually appealing graphics, memes, and GIFs. Each copy starts with a lively introduction accompanied by fun-filled blogs from their articles. The writers focus on the quality of content rather than trying to hard sell the newsletter. 

Subscription: Free

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2. Vox

Niche: Multiple

vox newsletter

Vox is another online community the passionate readers should sign up to. It delivers multiple newsletters for different types of audiences. The Vox Sentences is a daily digest containing interesting stories, while Vox Technology is a weekly editorial that supplies information about the fast-paced technological world. Future Perfect is another newsletter delivered by Vox. It comes out twice a week and discusses the world's complicated problems and their solutions.

Vox Culture is a newsletter on social updates from entertainment to investment. Other Vox creations are Meat/less for healthy diet recommendations, Vox Videos for updates on popular video series, and Vox Crossword each Saturday. Overall, Vox offers a complete package for you to read and enjoy the whole week. 

Subscription: Free

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3. The Marginalian

Niche: Philosophy, culture, science

The Marginalian, formerly known as the Brain Pickings
The Marginalian, formerly known as the Brain Pickings

The Marginalian, formerly known as the Brain Pickings is one of the 10 top newsletters with over 1 million subscribers for its valuable content as well as design. Maria Popova infuses love and effort into her write-ups to provide the audience with a good read on art, philosophy, science, and poetry. The newsletter flaunts with illustrative images and artwork. 

The newsletter caters to deep thinkers, poets, and intellects. Maria Popova manages the content solely and does not charge anything for it. However, she always calls for donations to support the newsletter. The letter comes out twice a week, one on Wednesday and the other on Sunday. 

Subscription: Free

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4. Morning Brew

Niche: Latest news and information

Morning Brew is one of the world’s biggest newsletters in 2024
Morning Brew is one of the world’s biggest newsletters in 2024

Morning Brew is one of the world’s biggest newsletters in 2024, with over 4 million subscribers. The editorial stands out for its authoritative content and a deep dive into various engaging subjects the audience is interested in. It covers news and updates related to business, tech, economy, politics, Government, finance, education, entertainment, media, games, and real estate. So, no matter what type of reader you are, you will definitely find the copy a good read.

Morning Brew has other brands, too, like CFO Brew, HR Brew, Marketing Brew, Healthcare Brew, Retail Brew, IT Brew, and Tech Brew, so you can also join these communities according to your interest. 

Subscription: Free

Read the Morning Brew review.

5. The Morning

Niche: Multiple

The Morning
The Morning

The Morning is another popular newsletter with over 17 million subscribers. This is one of the most widely read newsletters undoubtedly.

The New York Times and its journalists manage this email copy for audiences who want to enjoy the news through online platforms. It is among the most impressive newsletters of The New York Times in terms of magnitude. The editorial delivers media news and is known for authoritative and reliable communication of news and updates to its subscribers. 

Subscription: $0.25/week 

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6. Going

Niche: Travel

Scott's Cheap Flights
Scott's Cheap Flights

If you are a travel enthusiast, Going, formerly known as Scott's Cheap Flights, is the newsletter you must definitely subscribe to. It is a resourceful editorial for those who love to travel and look for cheap flight schedules. The newsletter has over 2 million subscribers who receive well-curated content regularly. The content includes cheap flight schedules, on-the-fly travel guides, blogs, etc. 

The newsletter is crafted and delivered by a team of experts making sure that the subscribers may never have to overpay for the flights again. It saves you the trouble of looking through multiple websites to get the best deals. Subscribing to this newsletter makes traveling economically super convenient.

Subscription: Free

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7. The Hustle 

Niche: Business, technology

The Hustle Newsletter Logo
The Hustle

The Hustle is our favorite pick in the 10 top newsletters with over 1 million subscribers; it boasts a reader-base of more than 2.5 million members. The 5-minute read offers a bundle of valuable information about the business and technological world. The audience is the entrepreneurs and young professionals who want to shine in their careers. 

Its copywriters are well-versed in the subject and deliver the content with a touch of humor, making it digestible. The editorial also contains links to free podcasts and other articles so you can enjoy plenty of knowledge in a single issue. Moreover, the layout is worth praising as it is equipped with visually appealing graphics, animation, and pictures. 

Subscription: Free

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8. Hometalk

Niche: Home improvement


If you are a homeowner with a keen interest in home improvement, Hometalk is the newsletter for you. With millions of readers, this newsletter is also a regular supply of thoughtful content for interior designers and garden enthusiasts. Content includes trending DIY projects, in-depth guides, and tips, along with resourceful video tutorials. 

It contains over 140,000 projects and ideas that can help you in your endeavor. Moreover, the community calls for communication if you want assistance with any DIY project to improve your place. While the newsletter is primarily directed toward females, anyone can sign up any time!

Subscription: Free

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9. Hungry Girl

Niche: Food

Hungry Girl is the perfect newsletter
Hungry Girl is the perfect newsletter

Hungry Girl is the perfect newsletter for people who’re always on the look for simple recipes. The newsletter serves over 1 million readers and offers food news, recipe makeovers, guilt-free food recipes, supermart finds, and go-to guides. The newsletter is full of interactive elements like graphics, pictures, and an appealing layout with interesting blogs on food, an info-packed Hungry Girl podcast, and healthy recipes. 

Lisa Lillien is the founder of the newsletter and also the New York Times's bestselling author. She is a food lover and loves to discuss food. She also reviews different food products and recipes in the newsletter because she is obsessed with food. Her interesting recipes and easy-to-understand guides make this newsletter among the most popular 10 top newsletters with over 1 million subscribers.

Subscription: Free

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10. The Skimm Newsletter

theSkimm - Your go-to for the info and tools you need to live your smartest  life. | theSkimm
The Skimm

The Skimm is another resourceful read that passionate readers wait for. It offers content on politics, lifestyle, and world events and delivers just a 5-minute read that makes you ready for a hectic day. Daily Skimm comes out seven days a week, while Skimm Your Life offers content on Tuesdays and Thursdays to solve your routine problems with smart products. Skimm Well is a weekly edition on Health and Wellness, while Skimm Money is dropped to your mailbox on Mondays and Fridays. It provides financial news and advice. 

At the same time, Skimm Parenting is a Thursday edition from expert parents to the parents. The issue discusses and helps to resolve parenting dilemmas. SKM Lab is a marketing and advertising newsletter with a focus on women. So, Overall, The Skimm offers a power-packed daily issue on life's different aspects. Choose what suits your needs and interests the best and subscribe right away!

Subscription: Free

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Final Words

Subscribing to a newsletter is the best way to stay updated on the topics of your interest. This article shared 10 top newsletters with over 1 million subscribers in multiple niches. These newsletters help you stay informed without scrolling numerous websites to find what you are looking for. The best part is that this newsletter is that most of them are free.

So pick your favorites and subscribe to join millions of people benefiting from these newsletters.

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