Is Scripps News Liberal or Conservative: Bias Fact Check

Today, in the modern world, where countless digital media and news channels operate simultaneously, Scripps News is one of them. Scripps News is undoubtedly one of the leading news networks in the United States and is the national news network of the E.W. Scripps Company. Edward Willis Scripps set the stage for this incredible E.W. Scripps Company in 1878. With around 60+ news stations in the U.S., the media empire has stood tall since its foundation.

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Scripps News

With many growing media outlets and thousands of them reporting a single piece of news in different ways, journalism can also be misleading. So, it is always essential to sieve out the actual information from the circulating news reports. To conclude, whether a news network is biased or not, knowing the credibility of a news channel or newspaper is certainly important. For the same reason, we are here to end this discussion about Scripps by answering the question: Is Scripps News liberal or conservative?

Continue reading the article further to know everything about Scripps News, from its history and news reliability to bias fact check.

About Scripps

Scripps News was established in 2008 by the E. W. Scripps Company in Columbia, Missouri. E. W. Scripps is one of the largest, leading, and growing local news and entertainment companies in the United States. They operate many widely known entertainment outlets nationwide, including Laff, Bounce, Grit, TrueReal, Defy T.V., ION, and ION Mystery. Moreover, their two major news brands, Scripps News (Newsy) and Court T.V., ensure they deliver every possible information to the citizens. Not to forget that Scripps News is their official digital news outlet. 

Scripps News, the official digital media outlet of E. W. Scripps Company, holds the largest running local T.V. broadcaster position in the United States. With 61 news stations across the country, Scripps News's headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. The news outlet was recently given its new name, 'Scripps' on January 1st, 2023. It was previously known as 'Newsy' until December 2022. The news platform is available on T.V. channels, satellites, and digital media throughout the U.S.

Conservatives Vs. Liberals

In the United States, there are two dominant ideological beliefs regarding politics, i.e., liberal and conservative. Both of these political orientations conclude most of the U.S. voters. The liberal school of thought is widely called 'left-wing,' while the conservative thought is called 'right-wing.'

People with conservative perspectives stick to their valuable traditions. Plus, they tend to cautiously approach unfamiliar or nontraditional concepts outside their 'normal' traditional views. In contrast, people with liberal or progressive mindsets and thoughts are always willing to broaden and redefine the 'normal' traditional idea as their understanding expands by exposure to societal awareness and various cultures.

In the U.S., the Democratic Party is the most influential national party for liberals. Whereas the Republican Party is the primary national platform for conservatives and serves as the counterpart to the Democratic Party. These two parties collectively represent most of the American voting population's diverse beliefs and broader ideological thoughts.

Is Scripps News Liberal or Conservative?

Ingroup-versus-outgroup thinking warps the moral principles of liberals and  conservatives
Ingroup-versus-outgroup thinking warps the moral principles of liberals and  conservatives

Continuing the 145-year-old legacy and motto, Scripps News delivers information with unbiased journalism. After reviewing their published and broadcasted news, we rate Scripps News as medium-biased or center-biased. The national news channel of E. W. Scripps doesn't follow modern media tactics to edit and twist the information to favor their favorites. And they rather stick to clean journalism and independent media stance to broadcast the 'Real News.' 

Scripps News delivers direct news collected from their reporters present in more than 50 cities of the U.S. These reporters are settled in the cities and localities they report about. Their journalism is primarily based on facts from their sources and sometimes from well-known external sources like CNN,, and many more.

However, sometimes we have noticed the Scripps News is a little peered towards the left. 

It is mainly because some of their broadcasts favor the 'left wing.'  Not to mention that many media bias checks have also rated them as left-center bias. Still, we conclude Scripps News is the least biased based on the most unbiased stories and their fact-based, pure, and unedited information.

Is Scripps News Reliable?

The video journalism of Scripps News is 99% based on facts, as no fake news and facts have been found in their reports in the past five years. Moreover, the transcripts of their videos provide links to the external sources of the mentioned facts. These external sources include, CNN,,, and the El Paso Times.

Similar is the case with their other news categories. For instance, in the case of science reports, Scripps News publishes those statements with the consensus of science. It increases the credibility of their news and eventually eliminates the chances of failed facts.

With their factual reporting, many award-winning journalists of Scripps News also raise the credibility of their video-based journalism. 

After considering all the factors of Scripps News journalism, we rate it as 'Highly Reliable.'

In What Form Scripps News Creates Content?

Scripps News is a national video-based news network. They generate visual stories to educate their audience on every current or ongoing local, national, and international topic. They produce videos of all categories, including science, politics, sports, weather, geography, economy, business, world news, and so on.

To reach as many people in the U.S. as possible, Scripps News is available on T.V.s, Satellites, and other online platforms. They also create news in the form of transcripts and link them in their short videos to access visitors who prefer reading rather than watching videos. These transcripts feature links to any external source used to provide facts in their video news.

Where Can I Find Scripps News?

Scripps News network is readily available on various mobile, T.V., and digital platforms across the U.S. They are available on different platforms, including YouTube, Sling TV, Charter Spectrum, AT&T U-verse, Concise Xfinity, and Cox.

In addition, you can always find Scripps News live 24/7 on streaming platforms like Apple T.V., Hulu, Roku, over-the-air, and Amazon Fire T.V.

Scripps News Live
Scripps News Live


Scripps News, the national news outlet of E. W. Scripps Company, has served since 2008. It has 60+ news stations in the U.S. with six main offices. The news channel generates reports on various news categories, including technology, economy, science, sports, politics, weather, geography, etc. The news channel is accessible to every U.S. citizen as it is available on every well-known platform on T.V., mobiles, and desktops. Plus, they provide news in short-form videos, and along with them are attached transcripts for people who prefer reading news.

Newsy (former name of Scripps News) has appointed reporters to stay in over 50 U.S. cities to collect important news from their respective locations. This way, they generate news reports with an independent and unbiased stance to stick to the 145-year-old media legacy of E. W. Scripps. In addition to its internal sources, Scripps News utilizes well-known external sources such as CNN. External sources are linked in the transcripts of video news, which further increases the credibility of their reports. Overall, we rate Scripps News as center-biased and highly reliable.


What is the motto of Scripps News?

E. W. Scripps Company's motto says, "Give light and the people will find their way" since its foundation in 1878. And Scripps News, being its national news outlet, sticks to the same motto. They aim to gather and report the least biased, independent, and factual news on every possible ongoing or new topic.

Where is Scripps News located?

Scripps News was established in 2008 in Columbia, Missouri. The news platform has six offices in different cities in the United States. These offices are in Columbia, New York, Chicago, Denver, Cincinnati, and Washington DC. Additionally, there are 61 news stations of Scripps Company across the country. However, the headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who runs and controls Scripps News?

Scripps News is one of the E. W. Scripps Company news outlets. It is the company's official national news channel. E. W. Scripps launched Scripps News in 2008 in Columbia, Missouri, and called it 'Newsy.' It was later changed to 'Scripps News' in 2023.

Is Scripps News accurate?

After analyzing several video news stories (with their transcripts) from Scripps News, we have rated it 'High' in reliability and Center bias in the bias fact check. It means that the reports and information that Scripps News does not favor either the left or the right wing. However, sometimes the news outlet is a little left-leaning.

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