Best Science Newsletters To Subscribe

Science newsletters are informative publications that regularly share updates and insights about various scientific topics. They aim to keep readers updated on the latest discoveries, trends, and developments in the world of science. These newsletters have made complex concepts accessible to both experts and the general public. We have taken great care in choosing some best science newsletters to subscribe to. They are produced by research institutions, experts, and writers. They provide accurate information, interviews, explanations, and reviews, contributing to scientific literacy and curiosity.

So, lets tell you about these newsletters quickly!

List of the Bets Science Newsletters to Subscribe

  1. Weekly Filet
  2. Super Self
  3. Mixture
  4. Recomendo
  5. Codon
  6. Live Science
  7. Your Local Epidemiologist
  8. Singal-Minded
  9. Science Buddies

Weekly Filet

Weekly Filet
Weekly Filet

Every Friday, Journalist David sends out a special collection of the best science-related internet links through his newsletter called Weekly Filet. These links can be all sorts of things like long stories, cool pictures, interesting videos, podcasts, music, books, games, and more. David only chooses five each week. He surprises the readers with things they might not have found on their own. These could be any creations, ideas, and content not widely known or recognized but have exceptional value and uniqueness. 

Readers can see all the stuff David's liked and suggested since then in the archive. This gives them an idea of what they might find in the future. It helps people understand the world better and even learn something about themselves.


  • David picks best stuff, no need to waste time searching
  • Has mix of articles, videos, and more to keep things exciting
  • Regular updates help readers stay curious and engaged


  • Limited selection of links per week
  • Exploring the links could take up some of your time

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Super Self

Super Self
Super Self

This newsletter delivers a weekly roundup of the latest and best content, spanning news, science, tools, and more. Its goal is to assist readers in their personal growth. Subscribers can enjoy full access to the newsletter and website, and they won't miss any new updates. 

By joining Super Self, readers become part of a community of individuals who share similar interests. Lewis Kallow explains new research that can help readers to be smarter in how they live and work. 


  • Connects readers with like-minded people
  • Provides insights from new studies
  • Helps individuals improve how to live and work
  • Written in simple language for easy understanding


  • Not cover all topics of interest
  • Have limited depth due to simplification

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The next on our list of the best science newsletters to subscribe to is an interesting one that covers more than science. This newsletter is a best way to explore the exciting world where science, art, music, and culture intersect. Originally, it was started as two separate newsletters: one to keep followers updated on fresh blog content and the other discussed the fascinating mixture of music and science. 

Now, it has evolved into a captivating combination of all these elements. It's a blend of insightful articles, captivating art, delightful music, and thought-provoking discussions. It is one of the best platforms for readers with passion for exploration of the connections between science, art, music, and culture 


  • Explores the fascinating overlap of science and art, music and culture
  • Combines insights from different fields for a unique reading experience
  • Offers a blend of articles, art, music, and discussions


  • Relies on the perspective of the newsletter's creators
  • Less suitable for those looking for very in-depth analysis in a single field

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Recomendo provides the readers with six concise personal recommendations for cool things that readers find interesting to explore, try out, or learn about. These include gadgets, books, websites, activities, or ideas that the newsletter's creators believe their audience would find appealing.

The curator of these recommendations, Mark Frauenfelder, is also the Research Director at IFTF. When readers subscribe, they'll get complete access to the newsletter and the website. By subscribing, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share your interests.


  • Full access to the newsletter and website
  • Connect with a community of shared interests
  • Six quick and cool recommendations


  • Recommendations are personal
  • Not suitable for those seeking extensive analysis

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Codon, launched by Niko McCarty discusses progress and how to grow faster. It's interested in the exciting advancements that scientists have made in health and medicine. It talks about   artificial intelligence, automation, and changes in how science is approached. The newsletter team keeps track of the weekly scientific breakthroughs that are paving the way for a better future. 

Codon’s team does not focus on the hype or flashy news, they're more interested in real accomplishments backed by data. The essays they write aim to educate, inspire, and shift perspectives through the newsletter. By sharing the stories of progress, the team encourages people to tackle big challenges and create innovative companies contributing to a healthier Earth.


  • Covers health, medicine, and tech advancements
  • Evidence-based essays that educate and inspire
  • Insights into real scientific achievements


  • Less interested in flashy news or hype
  • Niche content may not suit all interests

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Live Science 

Live Science 
Live Science 

The Live Science newsletter makes science interesting and useful for everyone by talking about it in a way that's easy to understand. The newsletter team searches for the most amazing and important stories by looking through scientific journals and staying updated with top institutions. They also check if new discoveries might affect anyone's life. 

They don't just believe what scientists say, rather they dig deep, examine results, and talk to experts to make sure the information is real. It also has cool things like exploring weird questions, talking about inspiring scientists, and testing products. People trust it because it has high standards for its articles and reviews. It is a great place for curious readers to learn about science and have fun.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best science newsletters to subscribe to!


  • Makes science interesting and easy to understand
  • Finds fascinating stories from scientific journals
  • Checks facts and talks to experts for real information


  • Focuses on specific topics within science
  • Detailed approach may not suit those seeking light reading

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Your Local Epidemiologist

Your Local Epidemiologist
Your Local Epidemiologist

Your Local Epidemiologist gives the readers direct and easy-to-understand information about public health science. Dr. Katelyn Jetelina, an epidemiologist, started this newsletter in March 2020. She started writing it to update students and staff about the Covid pandemic. But now, it has over 197,000 subscribers from all around the world. Its focus is to take complex public health science and make it simple and clear for everyone, no matter if the reader is close by or really far. 

The newsletter talked about COVID-19, variants, its vaccines and even antivirals. It also tries to answer the big questions we still have. The team has also started to talk about other public health topics like mental health, other diseases, and current events in public health on this platform. It is free for everyone. But paid subscribers can get access to all the posts from the past three years. 


  • Provides clear and easy-to-understand public health information
  • Started by an epidemiologist with expertise
  • Covers COVID-19 and other health topics


  • Paid access might limit content for free readers
  • Does not cover very specific or niche subjects

Subscribe to Your Local Epidemiologist



Singal-Minded newsletter is written by Jesse Singal, who is a journalist and podcaster. Its aim is to talk about moments when science and social justice arguments clash, with the aim of helping them understand each other better. But the topics are not just limited to that; it has a bit of everything like current events, cultural discussions, opinions, and more.

Paid version readers receive seven posts each month in their inbox. It offers free posts, but they come less often. Those interested in understanding how these two worlds of science and social justice interact and want some thought-provoking content delivered to them, it is a great choice to check out. 


  • Explores clashes between science and social justice
  • Offers insights to help understanding
  • Covers a variety of topics beyond the main theme
  • Provides a mix of paid and free content


  • Paid subscribers receive consistent newsletters
  • Not suitable for those seeking consistent content

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Science Buddies

Science Buddies
Science Buddies

Science Buddies newsletter is all about making STEM exciting and easy to understand. The team creates activities that let students explore these subjects in a fun way. It helps students discover, engage, and learn about these subjects by offering a variety of activities that reflect the team's personal efforts. 

The team regularly publishes new content and collaborates with experts to ensure that the things they create are interesting, modern, and make students think in a smart way. It's designed for kids in school. And is undoubtedly one of the best science newsletters to subscribe to.


  • Inspires STEM learning through practical exercises
  • Covers a wide range of STEM topics
  • Provides new content regularly


  • Emphasizes K-12 education
  • Not explore deeply into advanced STEM areas

Subscribe to Science Buddies

Final Words

In conclusion, these science newsletters are like doors, opened to exciting learning. From unraveling the mysteries of health and technology to exploring the intersections of science, art, and culture, they help readers to understand more in a fun way. They're for everyone, making tough stuff easy. Whether the readers want answers, discussions, or just to know what's happening, they are like keys to curiosity. Pick up your favorite from the list and start exploring the world of science and knowledge.

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