Best Newsletter for Crypto: 14 Best Crypto Newsletters to Follow

Welcome to the world of crypto newsletters! Crypto newsletters are essential tools for businesses and organizations in the cryptocurrency space. And that is why you need to know the best newsletters for crypto to stay on top of your game.

Crypto newsletters keep subscribers informed about the latest activities, trends, and developments in the crypto world. With a focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, these newsletters provide valuable information and updates to their audience. 

These newsletters keep people informed about the ever-evolving crypto landscape and foster a strong community of crypto enthusiasts. Here are the 14 best crypto newsletters to follow:

14 Best Crypto Newsletters to Follow

  • Glassnode Insights
  • Messari
  • Bankless
  • TechDev
  • Milk Road
  • Delphi Digital
  • The Defiant
  • The Pomp
  • CoinDesk
  • CoinSnacks
  • Unbankd
  • Bloomberg Crypto
  • The Wolf Den
  • NFT Lately

Best Newsletters for Crypto

Glassnode Insights

glassnode insights
Glassnode Insights

Glassnode offers weekly insights and a free option to access its services with a trusted reputation. They serve institutions and provide contextualized perspectives to stay ahead in the cryptocurrency market. 

Unlike other platforms, Glassnode does not offer a paid option; it focuses on empowering investors with valuable data and insights at no cost. You get assistance from the best to make well-informed choices based on comprehensive market understanding.

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messari newsletter for cryptocurrency

Messari is a renowned crypto research company that started its journey in 2018. Their daily newsletter has reached an impressive subscriber base of over 200,000+ now. They are well-known for their focus on industry developments and insights. 

Messari has earned its reputation as a trusted crypto source with a team of skilled writers. Messari offers a free newsletter subscription that provides you with all the important insights. You get valuable information accessible to all interested parties.

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Bankless sends a newsletter daily to its 200,000 subscribers, informing them of the latest updates in the crypto world. Moreover, Bankless is known for having one of the largest YouTube channels, podcasts, and newsletters in the crypto industry. 

Their focus is to help people "debank" themselves and encourage them to explore the world of crypto. As digital explorers, Bankless share their discoveries through articles and podcasts.

However, all this comes with a small subscription cost!

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Techdew crypto newsletter

An anonymous crypto influencer TechDev_52 started this newsletter in 2021, which now has over 33,000 subscribers. This newsletter follows a bi-weekly send schedule. 

TechDev is known for providing weekly updates on Bitcoin cycle top indicators, altcoin targets, and exit/reinvestment strategies. This makes the newsletter a favorite among intermediate investors; the content is highly affordable and easy to understand.

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Milk Road

Milk Road Newsletter
Milk Road

Milk Road is a cryptocurrency newsletter founded by Shaan Puri and Ben Levy. It aims to make the complex world of crypto accessible to the average person by explaining concepts in simple terms. In its first year, it gained over 250,000 readers, growing since then. 

The newsletter provides tools, calculators, and data-driven content to help readers understand and benefit from the crypto world more effectively.

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Delphi Digital

delphi digital newsletter
Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital comes from Delphi, a crypto research company. The newsletter serves both retail and institutional investors. It is highly regarded in the industry for its insightful analysis and valuable industry information. Around 80,000 subscribers benefit from this daily newsletter.

Additionally, Delphi has a well-regarded crypto podcast that further enhances its reputation as a leading source of crypto knowledge and expertise.

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The Defiant

the defiant newsletter for cryptocurrency enthusiants
The Defiant

Camila Russo started The Defiant in June 2019. The platform offers a daily newsletter and a weekly podcast about decentralized finance and the open economy. They provide unbiased and timely reporting on decentralized finance, NFTs, and web3.

The Defiant comprises a core team of 20 members and a network of contributors. This newsletter publishes news stories, features, research reports, opinion columns, interviews, and tutorials. Additionally, they are developing an on-chain DeFi data platform to serve as a valuable tool for investors, traders, and industry analysts.

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The Pomp

the pomp
The Pomp

It covers topics like business, technology, finance, and more, catering to a vast subscriber base of over 250,000. The Pomp’s reader base includes top investors, founders, venture capitalists, and industry leaders. 

The newsletter provides valuable insights from billionaires, industry leaders, and cultural icons about the secrets of their success. The newsletter has been quite popular among newbies and people who have been in the crypto business for some time now. The Pomp is one of the best newsletters in the industry.

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doindesk newsletter

Personal investors and financial advisors can access around eight free newsletters by CoinDesk each day of the week. The Market Wrap is sent out on weekdays, providing updates on the latest happenings in the crypto markets and their implications. 

On Thursdays, Crypto for Advisors offers financial advisors and registered investment advisors the chance to learn about cryptocurrencies and discuss them with their clients. Additionally, CoinDesk offers a few other newsletters like The Node, Money Reimagined, and State of Crypto. Choose what suits you the best!

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Bloomberg Crypto

bloomberg crypto newsletter
Bloomberg Crypto

What’s better than a crypto newsletter from a credible source like Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is a major financial, data, and media company that offers over 40 newsletters. One of them is Bloomberg Crypto, which provides updated news on cryptocurrencies, digital assets, blockchains, and crypto events. 

It helps advisors, investors, and lenders to understand the crypto market; the newsletter also includes links to relevant articles from Bloomberg and other trustworthy sources. 

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coinsnacks crypto newsletter

CoinSnacks is a platform that offers free weekly newsletters about cryptocurrency. Starting in 2017, it has around 60,000 subscribers who receive the newsletters every Wednesday. The content is tailored for novices, investors, and traders, providing them with news and research on cryptocurrency. 

The first newsletter of 2018 had an interview with Clay Collins, the co-founder of Nomics. Since then, they have published over 200 weekly newsletters, covering topics like must-reads, deep dives, regulatory updates, and a tweet of the week. Their goal is to keep people informed and updated on cryptocurrencies.

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unbankd newsletter

Unbankd was founded in 2018 to support individuals in navigating the constantly changing cryptocurrency market. They provide a free daily newsletter that offers one-minute crypto updates; for those seeking more information, a pro version is available.

Moreover, paid subscribers can access an ad-free experience and benefit from profit-maximizing articles, market updates, research, and poll; they also enjoy lighthearted content such as memes of the week and op-eds. 

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The Wolf Den

the wolf den newsletter
The Wolf Den

The Wolf Den is a popular crypto newsletter by Scott Melker, a crypto advocate. The newsletter is free of cost and released every weekday. It has over 39,000 subscribers and 500+ past issues.

Melker shares his crypto market ideas and advice on trending topics and discloses his personal crypto investments in this newsletter. The content includes charts and rates for currencies, bonds, stocks, and commodities. It's a valuable resource for crypto fans looking to stay informed and make the best well-informed decisions in the crypto market.

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NFT Lately

NFT Lately newsletter
NFT Lately

If you want to know more than crypto, NFT Lately brings you information regarding NFTs. This newsletter lands in your mailbox twice a week. You get details about everything you need to know about NFT-related. 

Every NFT Lately edition provides readers with the latest NFT news, updates, and upcoming events. NFT Lately also has Rarible, OpenSea, and Dapper Labs in its reader list. It is one of the best NFT newsletters to give you all the info you need. 

Subscribe to NFT Lately

PS: Best Cryptocurrencies newsletters to subscribe:

Crypto newsletters are pivotal for staying updated on cryptocurrency trends. Popular ones include Glassnode Insights, Messari, Bankless, TechDev, Milk Road, Delphi Digital, and The Defiant. Many readers also prefer The Pomp newsletter, CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, Blockworks, CoinSnacks, Unbankd, Bloomberg Crypto, and The Wolf Den. They offer various features like market insights, research, and interviews. 

These newsletters serve different audiences, from beginners to experts. They help them in making informed decisions in the crypto space. Overall, they provide valuable information and updates about the cryptocurrency industry. So, you can get to know the latest news, expert insights, and recent trends in the crypto landscape through these newsletters.

Decide on what suits your needs the best and subscribe right away!

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