Best Entertainment Newsletters To Subscribe To

Entertainment is an inevitable part of life, and we all need a little sprinkle of fun, entertainment, and humor. While the definition of entertainment varies vastly, some newsletters are a favorite among all readers. These entertainment newsletters cover everything from spicy news to fun facts and hacks you need! So, without any further ado, let's dive into our list of the best entertainment newsletters to subscribe to.

12 Top Entertainment Newsletters To Subscribe

  1. Hung up
  2. A cup of Jo
  3. The elevator
  4. NextDraft
  5. The morning
  6. The daily skimm
  7. Ann Friedman weekly
  8. TheCoolist
  9. The hustle
  10. The daily water cooler
  11. The future party
  12. Dirt

Best Entertainment Newsletters To Subscribe

Hung Up

Hung Up
Hung Up

If you are looking for that one newsletter that brings you the top news from the entertainment and fashion world, Hung Up is a no-brainer!

Curated by Hunter Harris, this newsletter has everything hip and pop, keeping you up-to-date. As Harris explains, this newsletter is about "the idea of personal obsessions" and what she's feeling "hung up" on at the time; you could be feeling hung up about the same things. This is why this newsletter is the perfect dose of intel on the latest trends, movies, and everything else!

Harris's perspective on recent changes and trends is accurate and sometimes funny. She religiously sends out a Friday post with a few pieces throughout the week.

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A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo
A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is your perfect morning newsletter if you want to know all the fun details of everything happening around you. It is like your best friend who spills the tea while you enjoy it with some snacks.

Joanna Goddard, A Cup of Jo’s author, brings you numerous different topics in this newsletter to ensure you do not miss anything. Whether it's fashion tips, humorous blogs on partying, trips, or managing toddlers, Goddard has you covered on all fronts!

Subscribing to A Cup of Jo can be the best decision if you enjoy news from versatile niches without a specific preference.

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The Elevator 

The Elevator 
The Elevator 

The Elevator is an exclusive newsletter for men to treat their eyes. It brings you a blend of food for thought and eye candy, all in one place. This newsletter reaches you daily so you can enjoy your day with something nice and fun!

It covers relationships, entertainment, life hacks, cultural artifacts, history, and news. Everything is beautifully intertwined and curated so that nothing seems out of place. Furthermore, you may also find timeless gems that The Elevator's editorial team handpicks for you. 

Each issue is unique, with more classy and aesthetic photos of models than raunchy ones. Also, it is a free newsletter!

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NextDraft is another fun and interactive newsletter on our list of best entertainment newsletters to subscribe to.

This newsletter is an excellent news source for everyone looking forward to staying updated on the latest news. Over 140,000 subscribers read the newsletter, which contains the day's ten most interesting stories delivered in less than 10 minutes. You also get to know the writer's perspective and thoughts on those news pieces. Dave Pell, the author of NextDraft, strives to have a creative output and build an inspiring audience.

It is a constant source of funny and fascinating reads that captivate you till the end. Once you subscribe to this newsletter, there is no coming back!

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The Morning

The Morning
The Morning

How could we miss The New York Times’s The Morning on this list? The Morning is the most-widely read newsletter among all.

David Leonhardt and Times journalists provide you with the day's news and ideas so that you not only read them but also understand them well. They make sense of the news pieces and ideas to offer value to the users.

This newsletter covers everything from entertainment to the latest news and bizarre stories that might make you think, “What?” But this is what makes The Mornings a favorite of 17 million subscribers. This newsletter is not only “She married him” or “Wear hats this summer.” It covers everything you must know to be sure you don’t feel like you live in the stone age.

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The Daily Skimm 

The Daily Skimm 
The Daily Skimm 

The Daily Skimm is often called the friendly newsletter for busy women.

As the name gives it away, The Daily Skimm allows you to skim stories in a laid back, easy-to-read format. Unlike other newsletters with long paragraphs, it does not take much time to read. Instead, the content is easily skimmable. The newsletter is cheeky, conversational, and easy to follow. 

The Daily Skimm brings you everything that impacts you as a millennial woman and wants to build a friendly relationship with you. It is no less than talking to a friend when you read this newsletter. 

Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg send this daily newsletter to over 7 million subscribers to wait eagerly for it. You can be one of the receivers too by subscribing to it right away!

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Ann Friedman Weekly

Ann Friedman Weekly
Ann Friedman Weekly

The next one on our list of the best entertainment newsletters to subscribe to is the Ann Friedman Weekly which brings a plethora of information your way!

Friedman has been writing this newsletter since 2013, and it lands in subscribers' inboxes every Friday, regardless of the circumstances. This newsletter brings you the gems and rare news around the world.

Ann Friedman Weekly (AF Weekly) provides stories segmented into I'm Looking and Listening, This Week, I'm Reading, and I Endorse. Each section comprises specific content, including stories, podcast suggestions, and paid advertisements.  

You will also find funny GIFS and quirky pie charts in the newsletter to make it more interactive and witty. 

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TheCoolist - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

TheCoolist is a fun, entertaining newsletter that covers amazing content everyone loves!

They bring everything lifestyle to your inbox, including DIY, social causes, aesthetics, the latest gadgets, and exciting news. TheCoolist focuses on evergreen content and topics without neglecting recent jazz. 

TheCoolist has become a favorite among subscribers in no time because of how transparent and open to criticism they are. The team welcomes you to share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions regarding the content so they can improve it for you!

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The Hustle

The Hustle
The Hustle

The Hustle on this list might be surprising for a few, but if you are looking for creative insights besides Hollywood news, The Hustle is the perfect pick!

The Hustle is the top choice for millions of readers worldwide who look forward to it daily. It provides the microdose of news to young professionals looking for recent advancements. Furthermore, it allows companies to find new ideas to grow in their field by adopting new approaches.

The newsletter follows an informal, humorous tone to ensure it does not bore you. The newsletter also brings links to podcasts and other articles.

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The Future Party 

The Future Party 

The Future Party is an entertaining student newsletter to help fellow students and other readers stay on top of the recent hip trends. 

This newsletter delves into insights on media, culture, and entertainment in an engaging, witty manner. Around 200,000 people globally read this newsletter daily to get their daily dose of culture and entertainment news. You can also discover emerging trends in business and technology.

Besides being a subscriber, you can join the curators' team if interested.

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Dirt is the last name on our list of the best entertainment newsletters to subscribe to, but it is definitely worth subscribing!

Dirt is an entertainment newsletter co-founded by Daisy Alioto and Kyle Chayka. The newsletter brings you thought-provoking pieces from the media and entertainment industries, allowing you to understand the equation from another perspective. The wonderful team of media superstars ensures each edition is carefully crafted and edited to bring you the best.

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Final Words

The idea of entertainment can be different for everyone, which is why we have compiled a variety of newsletters in this blog. Some of the best entertainment newsletters to subscribe to include Hang Up, Dirt, TheCoolist, and Ann Friedman Weekly. Furthermore, The Skimm, The Morning, The Hustle, NextDraft, and Cup of Jo are perfect for skimming through to get the latest updates. At the same time, The Elevator is a men-exclusive newsletter with interesting news and beautiful models. Pick what you like the best and get your dose of entertainment!

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