11 Best Finance Newsletters To Subscribe To in 2024

In today's digital era, financial newsletters are the first choice for professionals to keep updated with markets and current events. But, everyone does not have enough time to read extensive newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and others. Thankfully, financial newsletters can save you from long, boring newspapers. They are perfect for those who have limited time or shorter attention spans. This article covers the 11 best financial newsletters to subscribe to in 2023. It also offers guidance on choosing the right newsletter for your investment needs.

List of the Best Finance Newsletters

  1. Exec Sum Newsletter
  2. Owler Newsletter
  3. Robinhood Snacks
  4. Brand Finance
  5. Money Stuff Newsletter
  6. The Budgette
  7. Resourceful Finance Pro
  8. The Daily Upside
  9. Morning Brew
  10. Finimize
  11. The Gist

11 Finance Newsletters to Subscribe to

Exec Sum Newsletter 

Exec Sum is a daily newsletter written by Liquidity Capital & Jack Raine.
Exec Sum is a daily newsletter written by Liquidity Capital & Jack Raine.

Exec Sum is a daily newsletter written by Liquidity Capital & Jack Raine. Liquidity is an anonymous financial meme creator. This newsletter rounds up important news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley and adds humor and memes. It has More than 200,000 readers, including investment bankers and venture capitalists. Exec Sum newsletter is a mix of news and fun in a clear and brief style. 

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Owler Newsletter 

Owler is a big business insights platform with lots of users
Owler is a big business insights platform with lots of users

Owler is a big business insights platform with lots of users. It is like a tool for business leaders to stay ahead in their industries. They can follow, track, and learn about important companies quickly.

The Owler newsletter brings all the news that tells the users what's happening in the business industry. The reader base includes executives in different jobs like sales, finance, marketing, and product. It is also helpful for those who are startup founders and CEOs. The newsletter gives updates and alerts so they can make smart decisions easily.

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Robinhood Snacks Newsletter 

Robinhood Snacks, launched in 2019
Robinhood Snacks, launched in 2019

Robinhood Snacks, launched in 2019, offers a daily newsletter to over 36 million subscribers. This newsletter is personalized to retail investors, including those drawn to "meme stocks." It focuses on delivering significant business stories using engaging, straightforward language, summarizing them for a three-minute daily read. 

With a target audience of retail and meme stock investors, the Robinhood Snacks newsletter brings the latest and most crucial updates in the business world. It simplifies complex information into a quick and easily digestible format. Many people want easy financial news, and this platform gives it to them. 

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Brand Finance Newsletter 

Brand Finance Newsletter 
Brand Finance Newsletter 

The next on our list of the best finance newsletters to subscribe to is the newsletter by Brand Finance. Brand Finance, established in 2020, is a unique information resource that connects marketing and finance. Its monthly reports explore how a company's brand value impacts its financial worth. 

This newsletter is particularly useful for entrepreneurs looking to sell their brand as an exit strategy. While it might not interest everyone, those building a brand to sell can find valuable insights here.

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Money Stuff Newsletter

Money Stuff Newsletter
Money Stuff Newsletter

Matt Levine, a finance writer at Bloomberg, creates the Money Stuff newsletter. The Money Stuff is a popular publication discussing different finance topics such as business regulations, corporate finance, and the economy. Levine is an expert in finance and law and is well known for his insights and interesting thoughts. 

Money Stuff newsletter mixes humor and deep knowledge of complex subjects. You will also see stories about unusual things in the financial world, like the FTX collapse. The best thing is that Levine can easily explain complicated finance and legal ideas; it shows how great he is at making tricky financial stuff understandable for everyone in the finance community.

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The Budgette

The Budgette
The Budgette

The Budgette is a valuable newsletter that serves solo earners who seek to optimize their finances. It was created to address the lack of financial information and customized to those managing money independently. This bi-weekly publication offers a no-nonsense approach to money matters.It covers topics relevant to solo income earners. 

The Budgette examines key areas like retirement savings, tax considerations, and survivor's pensions. It ensures readers receive well-sourced and reliable advice, with insights from experts in the field. This newsletter focuses on important things for people handling their money by themselves. Experts create the newsletter, so you know the information is good. 

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Resourceful Finance Pro Newsletter 

Resourceful Finance Pro Newsletter 
Resourceful Finance Pro Newsletter 

The Success Fuel Network brings the Resourceful Finance Pro newsletter to its wide subscriber base with the best finance insights. This newsletter delivers tailored finance and employment law updates to professionals in small and medium-sized businesses. It's more than just sharing news. 

The newsletter offers practical insights that help finance executives understand how finance trends affect their companies. It has an impressive audience of over 437,000 finance professionals. The Resourceful Finance Pro can effectively connect with the important decision-makers who would find value in your service.

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The Daily Upside Newsletter 

The Daily Upside Newsletter
The Daily Upside Newsletter

The list of the best finance newsletters to subscribe to cannot be complete without The Daily Upside.

The Daily Upside is a well-liked newsletter created by Patrick Trousdale. The newsletter is popular because it has interesting and special content the readers look forward to. It has a simple format with a distinctly humorous tone. It provides insightful coverage of the day's top stories.

Unlike regular news sources that use complicated language, the newsletter addresses complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner. The Daily Upside breaks down concepts into small portions, making it a valuable resource for staying informed about financial matters.

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Morning Brew Newsletter 

Morning Brew Newsletter 
Morning Brew Newsletter 

Morning Brew is a daily financial newsletter that makes money news simple. It's like your friend who explains business stuff to you with a sense of humor. Every day, you get short and sweet updates on what is happening in the business world, including the stock and crypto markets. 

Furthermore, on Sundays, this newsletter dives deeper into market trends. If you want a simple way to keep up with finance and enjoy some laughs, Morning Brew is a perfect choice. It's like your daily dose of money news but in a fun and interesting way.

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Finimize Newsletter 

Finimize Newsletter 
Finimize Newsletter 

As the name suggests, Finimize brings you financial news in a minimalist manner. Finimize is a platform that offers straightforward briefs on key business and financial news. 

Subscribers receive the top two daily news stories via email. So, If you want quick, hassle-free news updates that fit your busy routine, Finimize must be your first choice. This newsletter has a concise approach, which keeps you informed without taking up too much of your time.

While Finimize is free, it also offers a premium plan at $59.95, which grants access to more comprehensive analysis, broader news coverage, and expert commentary.

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The Gist Newsletter 

The Gist Newsletter
The Gist Newsletter

The Gist is a newsletter created by Finny that helps people with their money. It comes out every Tuesday and Thursday. The Gist talks about personal finance, investing, and money trends. Its goal is to help adults make better money choices. There are about 60,000 people who read it. The readers care about personal finance and investing to make the best out of their money. And The Gist delivers what they look forward to!

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Financial newsletters are a necessity if you are new to understanding finances and investments. From Exec Sum to The Gist, all these newsletters on the list of the best financial newsletters to subscribe to keep you informed in the financial zone. They blend news and humor, simplify updates, empower business leaders, and explore brand value's impact. You get everything from financial news, advice, and insights, to tips and tricks. All these stories and insights are from the best in the business, ensuring that you stay updated with all relevant news.

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