5 Best Funny or Humor Newsletters To Subscribe With Reviews

We have mentioned a number of best Substack newsletters that you can subscribe to and this article we are going to discuss some of the best Funny, comedic, or Humor newsletter that you can subscribe or let your friends subscribe to them.

What are some of the best Funny or comedy newsletters that you should subscribe to? In this article, we have mentioned a number of Funny newsletters that you can follow and read their daily or weekly or bi-weekly posts right from your inbox.

While newsletters are the perfect source to stay in touch with recent news and advancements worldwide, funny and quirky pieces make it even better. Talking of the 5 best funny newsletters to subscribe to, we bring you a mix of quirky and informative newsletters. All these newsletters are different from the regular, boring newsletter bringing all the bad news.

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List of Best Funny Newsletters to subscribe:

  1. What you need to know from the Mouth of a Comedian
  2. Situation Normal
  3. Mark Starlin Writes
  4. Dear Webby
  5. The Funnies
  6. Inbox Comics

Let's discuss each of these newsletter in detail and what you can expect from them.

1. What You Need To Know: From the Mouth of a Comedian

If you cannot watch or listen to a comedy show for some reason, why not read it?

Geoff Plitt is a comedian and joke writer who skewers news headlines on TikTok in the show "What you need to Know" and brings the best pieces to his newsletter subscribers. He recaps the funniest and craziest events of the week through stories and videos.

The newsletter comprises two sections. One brings you the transcript of his TikTok show, while the other has four funny videos from the past week you would like. Check Plitt’s example post to see if his humor matches your style.

Subscribe to What You Need to Know

Subscribe to the free newsletter and follow him on his socials in the first example post for quicker updates.

2. Situation Normal: Real-Life Content + Adult Entertainment

Michael Estrin, the author of Situation Normal, brings funny stories from his life that can make you smile on a bad day. The story titles are as simple as "I Asked 4 Friends if middle age is right for Them,” “May the Fourth Be With You,” and “The First (and Last) Honest graduation.” But the readers know they are always in for a fun ride.

Estrin shares funny essays and pieces on serious topics and a few on adult entertainment; every edition is unique and engaging.

Subscribe to Situation Normal

Click on the subscription link to become a part of Estrin's 3000 subscribers, who enjoy the newsletter every week.

3. Mark Starlin Writes!: A Mix of Fiction and Reality

You will find Mark Starlin Writes! in almost all funny newsletter listicles – it is just so good!

This newsletter lands in your email every Monday morning to ensure you have a fantabulous and not-boring start to the day. You can see short stories in the newsletter enveloped in this unique sense of humor. The stories vary in their subjects, from objects to real-life stories explained interestingly. It is perfect for readers who want a mix of real life and fiction.

Subscribe to Mark Starlin Writes!

You can get the basic Mark Starlin Writes! subscription for free to access Monday Morning Mark and news about his novels. Subscribe to the newsletter at the Substack website, or read a few pieces for free first.

4. Dear Webby: Your Clean Humor Newsletter

Dear Webby is a must-have on the list of the 5 best funny newsletters to subscribe to. It brings you fun and entertainment but in an old-school and clean manner.

Dear Webby is also the oldest humor newsletter, first published in 1994. It is perfect for parents wanting to introduce their kids to funny newsletters to develop reading habits. The newsletter has maintained a loyal subscriber base due to its funny one-liners and witty humor. You will also find out about significant historical events relating to the publish date in each edition.

Subscribe to Dear Webby Humor Letter

The Dear Webby Humor Letter subscription page is different from the modern ones and gives you a glimpse into the past.

5. The Funnies: Web-Comics, Baby!

There’s nothing better than a fresh dose of web comics in your inbox every day!

You receive a newsletter from The Funnies with four web comics every day for five days of the week. The comics are brand new every day and a mix of cute and funny. It has everything from dad puns to cringe and wholesome moments. The author, Hans Yadav, supports the artists by giving them 80% of the newsletter revenue.

Beware: Sometimes you might also come across dark humor you did not expect.

Subscribe to The Funnies

Subscribe to The Funnies on their website to access four curated comics all weekdays for $2 monthly with a 10-day trial period. Also, don’t forget to toggle the “Potty Mouth Edition” button if you are into adult humor and situations.

6. Inbox Comics: The Bonus

We said 5 best funny newsletters to subscribe to but couldn't stop ourselves from adding Inbox Comics to the list – who's counting anyway?

Inbox Comics is another comics-based newsletter that brings you your favorite comics. It lets you pick from the best such as Dilbert, Wizard of ID, Garfield, Cyanide and Happiness, and around 400 other options.

Subscribe to Inbox Comics

Inbox Comics newsletter is free of cost, and you can subscribe to it through the website. Click on the subscribe link or Get Started on the site.

Looking for some laughter in your inbox? We've got you covered! In this blog, We'll review the top 8 humorous newsletters that will make you laugh. These newsletters provide a lovely diversion from the every day with funny stories and smart personal writings. 

So, let's dive in and discover the pros and cons of these entertaining subscriptions!

7. How Curious!

How Curious! is the ultimate monthly dose of awesomeness for curious minds seeking entertaining discoveries and personal recommendations.

It's like having a super-productive friend who dives into books, podcasts, and the web to uncover the coolest tech, mind-expanding books, captivating podcasts, productivity hacks, and the best of the web. With each edition, How Curious! delivers a concise and curated selection of captivating content directly to your inbox, ensuring you never miss out on the latest and greatest.


  • Provides a monthly collection of cool tech, books, podcasts, productivity hacks, and web gems.
  • Curated by a curious and positive techie, Peter Duffy, who shares his passion for exploration.
  • Saves time by delivering top findings, allowing readers to stay up-to-date effortlessly.


  • Limited frequency of newsletters (monthly), which might leave readers craving more frequent updates.

8. Respectful Smartass by Ariana Newhouse

Respectful Smartass is the ultimate comedic escape for those seeking a dose of silliness and introspection. Ariana Newhouse, the witty writer, and comedian behind the newsletter, takes readers on a wild ride through personal essays, satire, pop quizzes, and more. 

Whether rolling your eyes, laughing out loud, or contemplating life's absurdities, Respectful Smartass is your weekly invitation to embrace the hilarity of existence.


  • Hilarious and relatable personal essays that provoke laughter and introspection.
  • Various content, including satire, advice, quizzes, and jokes, keeps readers entertained.
  • Ariana's writing style combines wit and charm, creating an enjoyable and unique reading experience.


  • It may not appeal to those looking for strictly serious or informative content.

10. Ask Leo! by Leo A. Notenboom

Ask Leo! is the tech-savvy friend you never knew you needed, delivering a dose of humor alongside valuable tech insights. Leo Notenboom's witty and engaging writing style will keep you entertained as he helps you navigate the world of personal technology. From tackling common tech conundrums to sharing his excitement for the possibilities of personal tech, Ask Leo! ensures you stay informed and amused. 

With Confident Computing, you'll receive a weekly dose of laughter and practical advice that will make you say, "Technology? It just works!"


  • Provides answers to tech questions in a humorous and relatable manner.
  • Offers practical solutions and tips with a fun twist.
  • Leo's passion for technology shines through his entertaining writing style.


  • Limited focus on in-depth technical information for advanced users.

Funny Newsletters to Subscribe Wrap up

When it comes to funny newsletters, there's something for everyone's sense of humor. Whether you enjoy funny stories, satirical essays, or humor mixed with practical advice, these eight newsletters offer a delightful escape from the mundane. Choose the options that tickle your funny bone after considering your choices and weighing the benefits and drawbacks.

Become a subscriber, settle in, and get ready to laugh out loud at these funny newsletters!

What’s More?

The Borowitz Report, Without a Hitch, The Onion, and Reductress are a few more to name if you’d like to explore more funny newsletters.

Happy Reading!

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