5 Best Vegan Newsletters To Subscribe With Pros and Cons

Veganism has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, with people adopting plant-based diets for various reasons such as health, animal welfare, and environmental concerns. For anyone looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle, staying current on vegan news, recipes, and advice is essential. So subscribing to vegan newsletters is a terrific way to remain informed. 

In this blog post, we will highlight the top six vegan newsletters that provide valuable content and resources to keep you updated and inspired on your vegan journey.

Top 5 Vegan Newsletters to Subscribe:

The followng are some of the best Vegan newsletters to subscribe:

NewBites: The FatFree Vegan Newsletter

NewBites: The FatFree Vegan Newsletter is an exceptional resource for individuals seeking a broad selection of vegan dishes that are low-fat and oil-free. With many delicious and healthy plant-based recipes, cooking tips, and nutrition advice, this newsletter caters to those who strive to maintain a healthy, fat-free vegan lifestyle. By subscribing to NewBites, you open yourself to a world of culinary possibilities that align with your dietary choices.

One of the highlights of NewBites is its commitment to keeping readers up to date on everything happening on fatfreevegan.com. From new recipes on the blog to reader-submitted recipes on the main site, this newsletter ensures that you never miss out on exciting content. Additionally, NewBites digs into the archives to resurface seasonal recipes that may have slipped from your memory. It also provides valuable tips, tricks, and alerts on discounts for favorite products, making it a comprehensive resource for the vegan community.


  • Extensive collection of low-fat and oil-free vegan recipes
  • Offers valuable cooking tips and nutrition advice
  • Resurfaces seasonal recipes that may have been forgotten
  • Occasional exclusive recipes for subscribers
  • Subscriber privacy is prioritized.


  • Newsletters are sent infrequently, which may not suit those seeking frequent updates
  • Limited content delivery compared to more regularly distributed newsletters.

 2. HappyCow Newsletter

The HappyCow newsletter is a valuable resource for vegans and vegetarians exploring vegan-friendly options worldwide. This renowned online platform is dedicated to helping individuals discover vegan-friendly restaurants and stores wherever possible. By subscribing to the HappyCow newsletter, you can access information about the latest vegan-friendly establishments, events, and promotions globally.

One of the key benefits of the HappyCow newsletter is the opportunity to stay up to date with new vegan hotspots. Whether planning a trip to a new city or simply exploring your local area, the newsletter provides valuable insights into the best vegan-friendly restaurants and stores to visit. It guides those who want to enjoy delicious plant-based meals while supporting local vegan businesses.


  • Helps users discover new vegan-friendly establishments worldwide.
  • Stay informed about events and promotions
  • Connect with a worldwide network of people who share your interests
  • Support local vegan businesses.


  • Newsletter frequency may vary
  • Coverage may be limited to specific regions.

3. The vegconomist-newsletter

If you're interested in the business side of veganism, The vegconomist-newsletter is a must-subscribe resource. This newsletter covers the latest developments in the vegan industry, including news, market trends, investment opportunities, and innovative plant-based products. Stay updated on the growth and impact of the vegan movement by subscribing to The vegconomist-newsletter.

The vegconomist-newsletter offers a comprehensive source of information for decision-makers and individuals interested in the vegan business world. This newsletter offers helpful insights and updates on every aspect of the plant-based economy, concentrating on vegan business news specifically aimed toward B2B.


  • Helps users keep up with the most recent headlines and advancements in the vegan sector
  • Gain insights into market trends, investments, and acquisitions
  • Great to discover innovative plant-based products and startups
  • Access valuable information for decision-makers in the plant-based sector.


  • The content may primarily focus on the business aspect of veganism, which may not appeal to all readers
  • Coverage may be more targeted towards B2B topics, potentially limiting its relevance for general consumers.

4. VegNews

VegNews offers a vibrant and comprehensive newsletter catering to the vegan community's diverse interests. With its rich content, including the latest plant-based news, tantalizing recipes, captivating celebrity interviews, and valuable health updates, the VegNews newsletter is a must-have subscription for anyone looking to stay informed and inspired on their plant-based journey. Whether you're seeking culinary inspiration or fashion tips, or want to delve into the vegan community's vibrant culture, VegNews' newsletter delivers it straight to your inbox.


  • Includes information on various subjects, such as travel, fashion, and gastronomy related to veganism.
  • Specialized Interviews access to privileged interviews with well-known vegan figures
  • informs users of the newest events, trends, and news relating to plants
  • It enables people to meet others who share their interests, generating a sense of community and discovery.


  • Some readers may find the newsletter frequency either overwhelming or insufficient
  • The abundance of content can make navigating and focusing on specific areas of interest challenging.

5. HolyCow Vegan

HolyCow Vegan is a popular vegan food blog that offers mouthwatering vegan recipes, cooking tutorials, and insightful articles. HolyCow Vegan is more than just a food blog; it's a vibrant community for anyone seeking tasty and affordable plant-based recipes. 

Their newsletter provides subscribers exclusive content, including new recipe releases, behind-the-scenes insights, and special offers. By subscribing to HolyCow Vegan's newsletter, you can stay connected with the latest updates and inspiration from the world of vegan cooking.


  • The newsletter provides a variety of plant-based recipes that may be customized to fit individual tastes and dietary needs
  • Subscribers gain access to valuable cooking tips, techniques, and hacks to enhance their culinary skills
  • Occasionally, subscribers receive exclusive discounts, promotions, and giveaways related to vegan products and services.


  • The frequency of the newsletter may vary, and there may be occasional gaps between updates, potentially reducing the regularity of content received.

Vegan Newsletters to Subscribe Wrap Up

Staying connected to the vegan community and accessing reliable resources is crucial for individuals following a vegan lifestyle. Subscribing to vegan newsletters provides a convenient way to stay informed, discover new recipes, explore vegan-friendly establishments, and learn about the latest developments in the vegan industry. 

Whether you're looking for fat-free recipes, restaurant recommendations, cooking tips, business insights, or spiritual perspectives, these top five newsletters have got you covered. So, subscribe to these newsletters and unlock a world of inspiration, knowledge, and support for your plant-based lifestyle.

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