How to Read Wattpad Paid Stories for Free?

Wattpad is a popular online platform where you can read interesting fictional and non-fictional stories. Wattpad offers a user-friendly platform for emerging writers to showcase their talent while the readers enjoy a wide array of stories. However, some stories on Wattpad are paid, and you must pay to unlock them. Many people do not want to give money to read their favorite authors. So, the question arises, "How to read Wattpad paid stories for free?”

This article tells you everything you need to know about reading Wattpad paid stories for free.

Wattpad is a popular online platform
Wattpad is a popular online platform

Do You Have to Pay to Read Wattpad Stories?

One of the main reasons for Wattpad’s popularity among readers was the opportunity to read free books online. However, in 2019, Wattpad introduced paid stories, and readers had to pay to enjoy their favorite authors' writings; many users did not like this idea.

Though you have to pay to read your favorite stories, you can check the preview for free to decide if you want to spend coins to read that story.

How to Read Wattpad Paid Stories for Free?

While many of you might not know, you can actually read Wattpad paid stories for free!

No, you do not have to send long emails to the writers telling them you’re broke. But you will have to watch a few advertisements to unlock the chapters.

Here’s the process in detail:

  1. Look for the wallet icon on your screen and click it. 
  2. You will see the coins you have when you open the wallet. Then there are ‘Earn coins’ and ‘Buy coins’ CTAs. Click on ‘Earn coins.’
  3. As you click on ‘Earn coins,’ you will see an advertisement. Watching the complete advertisement will give you one coin.
  4. As the ad ends, click on the 'x' sign in the top corner of the screen. Now, you will see "You have earned a coin" on the screen after a few seconds. You can also see the coin in your wallet.
  5. Once you see the coin in your wallet, you can go back and watch another ad to earn your second coin. 
  6. Do this daily for a few days to read all the story you want.
 wallet icon
wallet icon

What to Remember

However, there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • You can only watch two ads every day, meaning you get two coins daily.
  • Unlocking 4 chapters of a book requires 12 coins; you have to watch two ads daily for six days to unlock four chapters of paid stories. 
  • At the same time, if you use 36 coins earned over 18 days, you can unlock 12 chapters of your favorite Wattpad author.
Process of how to unlock stories by coinsof
process of how to unlock stories by coins

Though the process is time-consuming and might feel annoying to some, it is the only way to read Wattpad paid stories for free directly.

How to Read Wattpad Stories for Free using Telegram?

Now that you know how to read Wattpad paid stories for free by earning coins, there’s another application you can use to read Wattpad stories: Telegram.

Telegram is a popular platform where people create group chats and share content with others. It is unique to other platforms but a heaven for Wattpad readers who do not want to pay to unlock stories. 

Here’s how you can read Wattpad stories on Telegram:

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for ‘Telegram.’
  • Click on ‘Install’ and wait for Telegram to download.
  • Now, sign up on Telegram and open the search bar.
  • Type “Wattpad Softcopies” in the search bar; click on the first chat. 
  • Alternatively, use this link to join the chat. You will see all trending Wattpad stories.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner and select "search" to find your favorite stories in Wattpad Softcopies.
  • Tap on the file when you find it and open it in a html viewer to read it.

How to Download Wattpad Stories for Free?

Besides reading the stories online, you can also download Wattpad stories for free to read later. Follow these steps to download Wattpad stories online without paying:

  • Visit Wattpad and log into your profile.
  • Select the story you want to read.
  • Copy the URL of the Wattpad story.
  • Visit on Google Chrome to download the story for free.
  • Paste the story link you copied and download the story in ePub.
  • Then, convert the file to pdf to read it. 

Wattpad Alternative to Read Free Stories Online

Wattpad was a breeze of relief for readers who could not buy books on Amazon Kindle and wanted to read for free. As Wattpad has also started paid stories, readers are finding it difficult to find free stories to read.

AnyStories is another online platform where you can read stories online without buying them.

This reading platform has thousands of bite-sized love stories, romance fiction stories, and fantasy stories about billionaire bosses, bad boys, and attractive vampires.

Besides romance, you can also indulge in other genres, including comedy, science, mystery, paranormal, action-adventure, and fan fiction. It also has technothrillers and cyberpunk fairy tales to entertain everyone.

How to Search Stories on Wattpad?

Besides knowing how to read Wattpad paid stories for free, understanding how to search your favorite titles on Wattpad makes it easy to use. Wattpad allows you to search stories through multiple methods so you reach the story you want without worrying about the “right” way.

Whether you want to search using a title, keyword, or any other method, the first step is to tap on the ‘🔎’ (search) button in the bottom navigation bar and select the search field.

Here you can search for your desired story by typing the:

  • Title 
  • Keywords
  • Tags
  • Username

When searching with keywords, you can type the name of the story as much as you remember or add a precise description of the story. At the same time, click on 'Profiles' when you search for the story with the author's username.

Moreover, you can use the following filters to refine the results after you search using titles, keywords, tags, or usernames:

  • Completed
  • Length
  • Last updated
  • Hide mature

Final Words 

Wattpad was free for readers before 2019, but now it has a paid story program, and you cannot read many without paying for them. Thus, many readers ask, “How to read Wattpad paid stories for free?” You can read Wattpad paid stories for free by earning free coins by watching ads. Alternatively, Wattpad Softcopies on Telegram has a wide variety of Wattpad paid stories, and you might find your favorite. You can also download your desired stories for free online. Choose whichever method suits you the best, and enjoy your favorite pieces.


Can you reread Wattpad paid stories?

You can keep the unlocked chapters for as long as you want to read and reread them. The stories do not expire until the author removes them from the paid stories program.

How do you get unlimited offline stories on Wattpad?

Subscribing to Wattpad Premium allows you to remove your offline limit and read as many stories offline as you want.

What is Wattpad chapter limit?

As a writer, you cannot have over 200 chapters in a book. However, you may publish it as sequels or parts per your preference.

Is Wattpad deleting mature books?

While you can filter mature books when searching for your favorite genre, Wattpad also takes action against mature content. The platform is removing stories with prohibited content regardless of their rating.

What is the age limit in Wattpad?

Users over 13 can sign up on Wattpad and read content from writers worldwide. However, in Wattpad's efforts to keep the content age-appropriate, readers younger than 17 cannot access mature content.

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