Morning Brew Review: Pros and Cons and What You Can Expect By Subscribing?

Looking to read the complete Morning brew review, this is the article where you will learn everything about morning brew inlcuding, what is morning brew, the newsletter structure, who founded it, the story behind Morning brew, and is it free or paid or a combination of both.

For every working person out there that gets up every morning for the sake of following the same dull routine, they’ve been following ever since they left college, getting something so simple as an email that actually says something useful is about as great a source of happiness as a kid finally getting a lightsaber. Emails, the thing humanity had before it had Instagram and TikTok, certainly seems like a 90s thing (which it technically is, but thank God it's sticking around). 

If you’re curious as to how a mere email could be so grand, you might want to subscribe to Morning Brew. Morning Brew is a newsletter that is delivering you everything you need to know about what’s going on, right to your inbox. It doesn’t take any longer than five minutes to actually read the whole thing but once you’re on the other end of it, you can rest assured that you’ve watched the whole news and read a bunch of different papers. 

It isn’t like reading a magazine, or a newspaper report, stuffed to the brim with incomprehensible jargon, Morning Brew brings interesting things to you in a way you can really digest them. Here is a brief Morning Brew review explaining everything you need to know about this newsletter service and why you should go ahead and subscribe to it.

What is Morning Brew?

Morning Brew is a growing daily business newsletter. Alex Lieberman is the founder and CEO of Morning Brew alongside co-founder and COO Austin Reif. Lieberman is originally from New York and went to the University of Michigan (Stephen M. Ross School of Business, also called Michigan Ross, located in Ann Arbor). Reif is also a graduate of the University of Michigan. 

Lieberman landed his first job with Morgan Stanley (which is one of the biggest financial service companies if you didn’t know). He began writing engaging newsletters about business and finance, in 2015, the very beginning of Morning Brew. Fast forward three years, and in 2018, Morning Brew has earned more than $3 million in revenue. In 2021, Morning Brew would go on to top 4 million subscribers and generate about $50 million in sales, doubling the revenue from the prior year. At 25 years old, Lieberman was on the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 list with Morning Brew co-founder, Austin Rief.

With the diverse style of business that Morning Brew is running, their gains have been massive over the years. Morning Brew has an unusual structure as a company that fails to give a true impression of its own growth. In October 2020, the co-founders sold a majority stake of Morning Brew to Insider, valuing the company at $75 million.

As Insider itself is owned by German digital media conglomerate Axel Springer, this makes Morning Brew a business within a business within a business. 

What makes Morning Brew Great?

For Morning Brew to have grown into such a successful business, there has got to be some magic going on behind the scenes. And indeed, there is. Morning Brew isn’t your everyday business magazine meant for finance or political people, it is meant to attract the attention of everyone. It takes a witty approach towards the dull business of economy, politics, and every other dry topic you could possibly think of. What’s different about Morning Brew is that it does what no businessman would do. And that is, it makes things easy for people.

In the words of The Big Short, finance people come up with the most complicated terms for their work so that the common people would neither understand them nor try to meddle in their business. Morning Brew decided to make the dreary stuff of business and banking easy, and even attractive for people. It wasn’t just fun for the business people to read but also caught the attention of people who were just barely looking into this stuff. 

Morning brew is a newsletter that started with a university student asking his classmates to subscribe, which became one of the best newsletters and sold for millions. 

I have subscribed to the Morning brew newsletter, and it is one of the best newsletters for millennials interested in getting up-to-date news every day in the morning. 

Other Morning Brew Affiliated Newsletters?

Morning Brew has 9 different Affiliated Newsletters which it calls “Brew Brands.” The list of Brew Brands includes:

  • Money Scoop
  • Money with Katie
  • CFO Brew 
  • Healthcare Brew
  • HR Brew
  • IT Brew
  • Marketing Brew 
  • Retail Brew
  • Tech Brew 

Based on your interests, you can subscribe to either of the newsletters to get more tailored industry news.

What is the Morning brew newsletter? 

Morning brew is one of the best newsletters where you can get all the information that matters to you as a millennial. The morning brew Newsletter is one of the most subscribed newsletters on the Internet, started by Alex Liberman and Austin Rief. It is a team of 30+ writers, editors, and salespeople. 

If you are an American millennial, Morning brew is the newsletter you should be subscribing to. This is one of the best newsletters for any person you are a student, an entrepreneur, a businessman, or a person who has invested in stocks. 

The Structure of the Morning Brew Newsletter? 

One of the reasons why Morning Brew stands out from a thousand other newsletters is because its anatomy is just outclass!

Each newsletter is designed in a manner where the first few words are eye-catching which makes the user go ahead and read what’s more there. News items are placed based on how important they are. The flow of information is not different from a traditional newspaper because Morning Brew knows this is the structure its’ users are most aware of. Along the journey, writers also throw some goodies to keep the reader’s attention. 

The basic anatomy of a Morning Brew newsletter is as follows:

  • Good Morning:

Every newsletter follows a customary salutation. To keep the conversation flowing, this is where Morning Brew will either state some fun facts or an update on the newsletter. 

Unlike other newsletters, Morning Brew hates being clickbaity here and rather wants to develop a conversational relationship with their reader. The cooler talk always seems to work because the readers seem to Love it. This was a bit tricky in the start and a risky move but over the years, Morning Brew has learned what works and what does not, and is now nailing it!

  • Markets:

Before you dive deeper into what happened a day ago, Morning Brew wants you to read how important markets like Nasdaq, S&P 500, Dow, and Bitcoin performed. 

Mainly, Morning Brew wants its reader to read and digest the numbers by themselves. Once again though, Morning Brew trusts its’ readers that they care enough for the markets. Which, as it turns out, many do! This also helps readers to immediately sense if something went bad the previous day if all markets were in red or if something went extremely right if markets were in green. 

In a way, this is pretty sneaky of Morning Brew to keep their readers engaged as it builds curiosity!

  • Headlines:

Now we’re finally to the most important part of the newsletter which is often known as Headliners. The goal is to break down important news events into 350 words or sometimes even less. This is also where Morning Brew’s editorial prowess comes in, as the goal is to simplify complex events into digestible bits and pieces. You can expect news coverage ranging from geopolitics, financial and crypto markets, environment, heavy industry, tech, public health, American politics, and much more. 

It is also important to note that Morning Brew gives in their best to make sure everything they publish is cross-checked and does not have any bias. This is because, at the end of the day, Morning Brew wants to keep their hands clean and does not want to be a part of any political or social debate. This is also why people love Morning Brew!

  • Grab Bag:

Not in all cases, but Morning Brew does comprise a Grab Bag section which covers some business and finance-related coverage. It also includes a quote or a link to some relatable reading. 

The goal is simple: keep the readers engaged and make sure they aren’t bored during the entire process of newsletter reading. 

Since Grab Bag isn’t in every newsletter, some readers cherish it when they can spot one. 

  • What Else is Brewing:

This is the section where Morning Brew attaches a few links, giving the reader choice: if they like the news, they can proceed. If they don’t, they can just keep reading the newsletter.

What are the pros and cons of subscribing to the Morning Brew Newsletter? 

Morning Brew isn’t like any other newsletter where the language is strictly official, but they include jokes, being witty, and trying to be on the funny side. They want to make your reading experience more enjoyable. 

The following are some of the pros and cons of subscribing to the morning brew newsletter

Pros of subscribing to the Morning Brew newsletter:

  • You will get all the information from the stock market to the latest important news across America. 
  • They send you a daily email. It could be a pro as they want to keep you updated about the latest news and trends. 
  • If you are an entrepreneur or investor, they are the best ones to follow. 
  • A professional team behind this newsletter. You will be in good hands. 
  • The best newsletter out there, and it is free to subscribe to. 

Cons of subscribing: 

  • Two sponsors. I think this is what makes this newsletter a free one, so I am okay with subscribing to this newsletter. 

Who’s Behind Morning Brew?

Morning Brew's majority stack was bought by Insider Inc. The mission behind Morning Brew will remain the same, and the company will operate independently. 

The CEO of Morning Brew is Alex Liberman, and the COO is Austin Reif. There is a 30+ member team behind the success of Morning brew. It is one of the most-read newsletters on the planet. 

What’s Included in Morning Brew’s Emails?

The morning Brew email has the following sections: 

  1. Introduction
  2. How is the stock market performing? 
  3. Topics like Economy, politics, Tech, and Important International news. 
  4. Sponsorships
  5. What else is Brewing? 
  6. Grab Bag (Key performance indicators) 
  7. Around the brew
  8. A Quiz

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Become Smarter in Just 5 Minutes

Morning Brew’s decided to summarize the news into an interesting short email that people wouldn’t mind giving time to. Eventually, it dawned on people that it was far easier to understand and keep up with the newsletter than reading the good ole paper.  

And if the big stuff wasn’t fun enough for people, Morning Brew decided to throw in interesting facts about anything and everything. It’s all the things you didn’t need to know, you would never find any use for it and it might never come up in any conversation, yet it is fun to know some useless tidbits. Morning Brew grabbed this feature from social media sites and served it alongside their platter of larger information and news.

At the bottom of the newsletter is a section called “What Else is Brewing?” that contains the gist of the all major news headlines that you’d be interested in knowing. While Morning Brew relies on short-form headlines and commentary in its newsletter, if some topic particularly interests you, there are links to in-depth research and other articles from reliable sources which you can go and read.

Mission and Values

Morning Brew, as easygoing as it may be, follows a set of rules, with its mission statement being to inform, educate, and empower the leaders and decision-makers of the present and the future in the world of business, money, and their career.

Major Work Values

Morning Brew follows a set of five values and keeps them in mind while putting out any piece of content.

  • Curiosity

Morning Brew believes in learning every day through deliberate inquiry and exploration. They continue to evolve and re-examine assumptions to be a better company, offer better products, and become better colleagues by improving the work environment.

  • Accountability

Morning Brew has established a transparent reputation, celebrating their successes and owning their failures. They believe in taking responsibility for their actions as it allows them to learn from their experiences.

  • Bias Toward Action

Knowing that speed matters in any business, the team embraces quick and collaborative risk-taking. They claim to understand that many actions are reversible and therefore the team is solutions-oriented, even when facing obstacles and challenges, tackling every situation to be newsworthy without inviting controversy.

  • Challenger Mentality

If Morning Brew had settled down with what it had, it wouldn’t have nabbed such a big place in the newsletter media. It hasn’t allowed itself to be comfortable with its success. Morning Brew strives to become the best and create more value for readers.

  • Clarity of Purpose

Morning Brew has been pretty clear about what they are aiming at and haven’t strayed away in unwanted directions. This constitutes consistency in the quality of their work. They know the “why” in their work, which helps them to operate at their highest level of performance and efficiency.

Is Morning Brew Liberal or Conservative? 

No, Morning Brew is neither Liberal nor Conservative. This is because, over the years, Morning Brew has consistently remained neutral - and has loudly stated it doesn’t want to be a part of any controversy or any side. The main goal of Morning Brew is to tell its’ readers about the most important event of the last day and it does so with thorough cross-checking. This is exactly why many readers love Morning Brew.

What You Should Expect From Subscribing

Morning Brew covers a wide range of topics so it isn’t that you’d get bored reading only about a handful of things. Other than being downright hilarious, Morning Brew often draws from pop culture elements to appeal to the younger generation. Some of the major things they love to talk about are:

  • Business News
  • International News
  • Economy
  • Finance
  • Tech
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Sports

Morning Brew has launched several side projects, many of which focus entirely on a particular subject. They also release event-related content, the following are some of their most recent series.

  • 2023 Tax Guide
  • CES 2023
  • 2022 Holiday Gift Guide
  • The Business of Sports
  • The New Heist
  • Into the Metaverse
  • Black Wall Street, 100 years later
  • Your Pandemic Super Bowl Companion

And more.

Advertisements and Bias

Morning Brew makes a majority of its money from advertising, sponsorships, organizing events, selling various items through its own online shop, and offering premium courses for learners. The firm operates on an advertising-based business model, which means that you can expect to drown in a bunch of ads once in a while when you are reading the newsletter. However, considering Morning Brew is free of cost, it doesn’t exactly hurt to tolerate them.

Morning Brew does not lean on any side when talking about politics or business. It tries to stick to the facts, despite its witty commentary and poking fun at serious events to lighten the mood. The newsletter aims at giving equal weight to both sides of the story and eventually ends up somewhere in the middle without siding with anyone. Being unbiased is another factor that makes it a favorite among readers.

Pros and Cons of Morning Brew

Morning Brew does a great job at being what it is. It delivers more than what you’d usually expect from a business newsletter. Still, there are places where it has its shortcomings and you can only go too long before noticing that it isn’t perfect.


  • 5-minute read
  • Daily news without opinions and fluff
  • A witty and entertaining way of writing
  • Trivia, random facts, and tidbits to enjoy 
  • Costs nothing to subscribe to it


  • Sponsored ads which are rather frequent albeit entertaining
  • Is centered majorly around tech, business, and finance
  • Customization of topics isn’t available

Subscribe to morning brew newsletter here: Subscribe To Morning Brew

Alternative to Morning Brew: 

While Morning Brew is on the top of the game, however, if you’re looking to enhance your newsletter reading experience, some of the Morning Brew alternatives worth checking out include:

This newsletter covers daily business news in an engaging and insightful tone. As of March 2022, it has over 300,000 subscribers. 

  • Understandably

Another good alternative to Morning Brew that will jump to your newsletter daily is Understandably that is curated by Bill Murphy Jr. It covers almost all the topics that Morning Brew does and as of March 2022, it has a subscriber count of 140,000. 

  • The Flip Side

The Flip Side is also another good alternative to Morning Brew especially if you’re seeking to read commentary from liberal and conservative media in a 5-minute digest!

Morning Brew Vs. The Hustle: 

If there’s one newsletter out there that’s giving Morning Brew a tough time is The Hustle which stands at a market valuation of $27 Million. While this number is shorter than the $75 Million valuation of Morning Brew but it's still something. 

Both Morning Brew and The Hustle have the same goal: to provide their readers with important news events of the past day. However, The Hustle, as the name suggests, is more focused on covering Offthewall business facts, and data. 

On the other hand, Morning Brew covers a wide range of topics with its specialty in covering the most important geopolitical, political, or business event of the last week. 

While both newsletters are great in their own way, users who are more focused on the business world are seeming to like The Hustle better and users who like a wide range of topics tend to stick towards Morning Brew. You can read the The Hustle Newsletter review.

PS: Morning Brew Review

The short answer is why not? In case you missed out, Morning Brew is absolutely free and for a free service, its newsletters bring you nothing but goodness. Who knows, maybe you’ll develop an interest in business and finance, or finally, understand what the entire world has been going on about all this time. Although Morning Brew is chock full of ads, since these ads aren’t exactly harmful and often entertaining enough to actually read, it isn’t a bad idea to subscribe to Morning Brew.

Overall, Morning Brew has set a new standard for the world of newsletters and news. It has changed the game of how we traditionally consumed news and has made difficult topics easy to digest. It has also taken over the responsibility of presenting its readers with the most important event of the past day. The best part is Morning Brew’s reporting style which is free from any bias, just straight facts and nothing more. So, if you’re looking to enhance your morning coffee experience, Morning Brew is the right way to go!

Let's know know what you guys think about Morning brew?

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