11 Best AI Newsletters To Subscribe For Free And Receive Daily Emails

What are some of the best AI newsletters that you should subscribe to for free and get the best AI updates and news from the recent advancements in AI? Artificial intelligence in 2023 is on the boom, and reading a newsletter is one of the best ways to get the best of it.

I read some of the AI newsletters, and every time I read them, I get a new perspective, learn about more apps and websites that I can join, and do cool stuff with them.

From ChatGPT prompts to Stable DIffusion to using AI to create videos and voiceovers to analyzing huge amounts of data using AI.

Artificial intelligence is the present and future of technology. Many believe artificial intelligence will eventually take over the world, bringing innovations and likely replacing people in workplaces. You can make the best of this revolutionary technology when you know how to use it to your benefit. So, if you feel you are not up-to-date with AI and how it impacts our world, subscribing to AI newsletters can help you. We bring you the best AI (artificial intelligence) newsletters with pros and cons so you stay updated with AI trends.

Best AI Newsletters that you should be subscribing to:

The following are some of the best AI newsletters that you should subscribe to:

  1. AI Tool Report newsletter
  2. The Run Down AI Newsletter
  3. FryAI Newsletter
  4. BigBrain Newsletter
  5. The YellowBrick Road
  6. The Neuron Newsletter
  7. AI Guy Newsletter
  8. In The Loop AI
  9. The Automatic

Let me explain each of these newsletters in detail:

AI Tool Report newsletter

AI Tool report is a newsletter read by 250k+ AI enthusiasts. It is one of the best newsletters for people to learn everything about AI and recent developments. The execs of Microsoft and Apple are reading the AI Tool report newsletter.

This newsletter is free for everyone to read. It is a daily AI newsletter that you can subscribe to and get the best AI news right in your email. The newsletter makes money by sponsorship, so you don’t have to pay anything to subscribe to this newsletter. I love this newsletter every time I read it; I find something different to try and use for my business.

Want to subscribe to the AI tool report? Subscribe to the AI Tool Report here.

BigBrain Newsletter

The BigBrain Newsletter is one of the largest AI career newsletters that you should subscribe to. It is the newsletter that is regarded as one of the best and is read by over 100k+ readers.



TLDR is one of the most popular newsletters, with 500,000 readers, and TLDR AI has made its space among the top AI newsletters. It brings you news about software, open source, tech, and futuristic technologies. 

The newsletter is short and brief, with summaries of extensive research papers and AI-related articles. TLDR AI is the perfect newsletter if you want to know everything trending about AI, data science, and machine learning in less than 10 minutes every day.

Subscription fees: Free


  • Easy to skim
  • Credible information


  • No original content
  • Many ads

Subscribe to TLDR AI

The Neuron

The Neuron
The Neuron

The Neuron is the best pick if you enjoy light-hearted content more than straightforward newsletters!

The Neuron by Pete Huang brings you the most impactful AI research, news, and tools every day within 3 minutes only. It is sleekly designed, with the cute cat welcoming you to the newsletter. The bite-sized content lets you get a little bit of everything without overdosing on complicated information. 

You can read the news further by clicking the links to access long-form informational articles and AI tutorials. 

Subscription fees: Free


  • Humorous elements
  • Concise content with source links


  • Complicated sign-in

Subscribe to The Neuron

AI Breakfast

AI Breakfast
AI Breakfast

If you are an academic or tech enthusiast looking for AI news and applications every week, AI Breakfast has you covered!

Compared to other AI newsletters, AI Breakfast lands weekly in your inbox, giving you a brief rundown of specific AI news. It covers numerous topics, including AI ethics, AI applications, and advancements in AI technology. This newsletter does not only bring you theoretical knowledge you will find just anywhere; it tells you details on cutting-edge projects and enhances productivity using AI.

AI Breakfast is made for those who want to learn practical implementation instead of reading a few pieces on AI every day. You get the whole week to practice the tools and master them over time. 

Subscription fees: $97 per year


  • Implementable AI tutorials
  • Brings the latest AI tools


  • Paid subscription
  • Not suitable for non-technical individuals

Subscribe to AI Breakfast



The one on our list of the best AI (artificial intelligence) newsletters with pros and cons is Superhuman, one of the fastest-growing AI newsletters. This newsletter discusses various industries, sports, technology, arts, science, etc. Besides articles and news pieces, Superhuman includes videos, infographics, and photographs.

It focuses on telling you about improving productivity and careers to help professionals improve. The newsletter provides easily accessible information with updates and highlights for easy understanding. 

Thus, Superhuman is suitable for professionals looking to incorporate AI into their routines and leverage its benefits.

Subscription fees: $4.99 per month


  • Highlights
  • Infographics and videos


  • Subscription fee
  • Technical content

Subscribe to Superhuman

Box of Amazing

Box of Amazing is another artificial intelligence newsletter that lands in your email every Sunday. 

This detailed piece provides information regarding ChatGPT and AI, cryptocurrency, and augmented reality. The information is easy to skim through and provides an overview of the latest advancements in the AI landscape. 

This compact newsletter has all the information you need, so you do not have to rely on multiple resources.

Subscription fee: $8 per month; $80 per year


  • Multiple topics
  • Detailed information


  • Paid 
  • Improper routine

Subscribe to Box of Amazing

Exponential View

Exponential View by Azeem Azhar
Exponential View by Azeem Azhar

Exponential View by Azeem Azhar is a highly remarkable newsletter on AI and other exponential technologies; this weekly newsletter has over 87,000 subscribers.

Azeem gives you an expert perspective on recent machine learning and artificial intelligence developments. He also covers topics like innovation, climate change, and geopolitics in an entertaining manner in Exponential View. 

You will learn the most recent trends, research, and advances in various subjects with practical applications. Exponential View does not only tell you what is happening in the AI world today but also how things will change in the next 5 years.

Subscription fees: $12 per month; $120 per year


  • Niche-specific
  • Informative, practical content


  • Paid subscriptions

Subscribe to Exponential View

Smartr Daily

Smartr Daily
Smartr Daily

The next on our list is Smartr Daily, which makes you smarter whether you want to learn about technology, AI, data science, or content marketing. 

Smartr Daily is a daily newsletter focusing on machine learning, technology, and AI, mentioning all latest trends and news. It provides content and digital marketers insights on improving their strategies using artificial intelligence. You will also receive weekly advice, analysis, articles, and case studies. What could be better!

Subscription fees: $5 per month; $39 per year


  • Comprehensive information
  • Helpful for content and digital marketers


  • Paid subscription

Subscribe to Smartr Daily

The AI Rundown - Best AI Newsletter

The Rundown is popular among the best AI (artificial intelligence) newsletters
The Rundown is popular among the best AI (artificial intelligence) newsletters

The Rundown is popular among the best AI (artificial intelligence) newsletters with pros and cons on this list.

You will receive The Rundown five days a week, Monday to Friday, filled with expert views, insightful information, and some funny tweets. 

The newsletter is everything about AI and aims to provide you with the latest updates on AI advancements. The digestible layout keeps you in the loop with AI scoop in a precise manner without overburdening you with information.

You also get to know about AI tools, coupons, and discounts for your favorite AI tools. Furthermore, the newsletter contains exciting exclusive pieces of news and job listings.

Subscription fees: Free


  • Digestible layout
  • Discounts, coupons, and job listings


  • Limited depth of information

Subscribe to The Rundown

Ben’s Bites

Ben's Bites
Ben's Bites

Ben's Bites is a daily newsletter that focuses on stories from the past 24 hours, providing information to experts looking for the latest details.

Ben Tossell covers a wide array of topics, including AI news, AI-related topics, and AI product launches in the AI industry in less than five minutes. You will also see pieces on AI detectors, AI shutting, and deals among AI companies.

Ben's Bites started in October 2022 and delivers all trending news in one-liners with links to Learning, Code Tools, and other AI applications. It also gives insights into innovative AI use cases, AI tools, and how-to directions. 

Subscription fees: Free


  • Free of cost
  • Latest AI tools and use cases


  • Complicated sign-up

Subscribe to Ben’s Bites

The Music Futurist

The Music Futuristic
The Music Futuristic

The Music Futuristic does not discuss multiple niches and global AI news but tells you everything about the intersection of AI and music. 

The writer, Chris Egan, shares the potential of music combined with AI as AI music tools continue to surprise musicians. He covers philosophical and technical aspects of the situation to help you understand AI and music better.

This newsletter is well-suited for people interested in making music through AI who want to learn more about the possibilities. 

Subscription fees: Free


  • All music AI news
  • Technical and philosophical elements


  • Only for music enthusiasts

Subscribe to The Music Futurist

AI Weekly

AI Weekly
AI Weekly

The list of the best AI (artificial intelligence) newsletters with pros and cons cannot be complete without mentioning AI Weekly.

AI Weekly is the perfect package bringing you all news about artificial intelligence and machine learning. You receive AI weekly in your inbox every week with the newest AI information and updates on blockchain, AI, gaming, data sciences, and more. It contains stories, tricks, study papers, writing, tutorials, and news summaries.

This newsletter does not only provide information but also encourages readers to think from a different perspective. Reading the industry expert’s views on different topics challenges readers to unlearn and relearn.

You can subscribe to sub-niches of your choice, including research, robotics, cybersecurity, ethics, business, healthcare, and marketing, regarding how AI impacts all these.

Subscription fees: Free


  • To-the-point
  • Customizable


  • Specific weekly schedule

Subscribe to AI Weekly

PS: Best AI Newsletters To Subscribe:

This article offers the best AI (artificial intelligence) newsletters with pros and cons to help you pick your favorite. Some are suitable for professionals, while others give you an overview of the latest AI news. At the same time, AI newsletters like Smartr Daily are a valuable resource for content and digital marketers, helping them enhance their campaigns using artificial intelligence. All these newsletters are essential to stay updated on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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