How To Bypass NewYork Times (NYT) Paywall and Read News Articles For Free

You want to read news articles for free? New York Times has a paywall and you need to pay $1/week in order to read NYT articles. But, if you just want to read one or two articles on New York Times and want to bypass paywall, I have explained and discussed different ways that you could use to read a few articles for free.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: there are no free lunches. Well, that’s true, especially in the 21st century where a subscription-based model is becoming a norm, and what better way than to install a paywall that won’t let users see content unless they become part of the happy-paying family.

The renowned New York Times is amongst those and in this article, we’ll be looking into how you can access New York Times content without having to pay a single penny. 

How much does the New York Times subscription cost?

There are two different offers that you can see on the New York Times website if you want to become a subscriber. 

  • The first offer includes $1 for a month or $0.25 per week. 
  • The second offer includes $10 for 12 months or a year. 
nyt subscription page

However, please note that the cost is subject to countless changes depending on the region you sign up from to other factors. 

What makes the New York Times so amazing in 2023?

There are several reasons that make The New York Times so amazing in 2023. Some of these include:

  • The New York Times is journalistic excellence and has shown high-quality neutral journalism over the years due to its rigorous reporting standards. 
  • Its reporters are some of the best people in the industry who are dedicated to ensuring before compiling a report, they do thorough research and conduct fact-checking. 
  • The New York Times also covers a wide range of topics.
  • The New York Times has won several Pulitzer Prizes which once again ensures that the paper is an excellence in journalism. 
  • Lastly, it has a global reach meaning whatever it publishes will be read by people from all walks of life, spread across the world. 

Is it worth it to subscribe to the New York Times?

It is important to note that every media organization has been subject to criticism from people across the board having various perspectives. However, despite that, the New York Times is one of the most well-known and respected papers around the world which has a history of covering important global events with a neutral eye. 

The paper covers a wide range of topics including international affairs, culture, business, politics, geopolitics, and much much more. Therefore, if you think the New York Times has got what you’re looking for then it's a good idea to subscribe to it but if you read the New York Times once in a while then it's better not to subscribe. 

Is it even possible to bypass the New York Times paywall and read it for free? 

Yes. Users can read the New York Times for free and not have to pay a single dime for it. And the best part is, it's not illegal to do it. While there are several ethical concerns over it but nothing too serious that can land you in jail. 

The best rule of thumb is to only use the free version which is mentioned below when you’re not a frequent reader of the New York Times but if you visit the site daily, and read more than 50% of the content then in that case its best you pay for it. 

Ways through which you can bypass the New York Times paywall and read it for free:

These are the best and easiest ways through which you can bypass the New York Times paywall and read the content for free. 

1: Making the best use of social media feeds:

Did you know, by 2023, the New York Times will have more than 250 Twitter accounts that basically cover almost all aspects of human beings?

I’m sure now you do and the best part of them is, they share most of the major events on those channels. Of course, not super detailed but enough to give you a sneak peak of the most important parts of the day or an event. 

When you think you want to read something important, just click on the link and it will easily take you to the main page without asking you to pay a single penny. 

The trick is also extremely effective on Facebook. If you find something interesting and want to know more about it that isn’t visible in the post’s description, just click on the link and see the magic happening. 

2: New York Times Paywall Bypasser:

If you’re a Chrome user then you’re in luck and even if you’re not, downloading Chrome takes about 5 minutes and the browser is up and running in 7 minutes. There’s a super dedicated Chrome extension only to disable New York Times. The extension is known as New York Times Paywall Bypasser. The Bypasser was launched in 2020 and to date has been updated 6 times. 

chrome extension page for bypassing nyt paywall

You can download the paywall pass directly through GitHub and install it. If you don’t know how to do it, you should check out the Readme on the main page. And even if you still have some questions, you can ask the community but for that, you’ll need to sign up for Github. 

The Bypasser works extremely well. You wouldn’t even know there’s a paywall behind asking you money! 

3: Using a VPN

VPN is another great way to get going with the New York Times. This is because the New York Times gives you a paywall based on your IP address. What VPN does is, it changes your IP address after some time. So while accessing New York Times through the help of a VPN, you wouldn’t be telling New York Times that you’re from the same address. 

As a result, you’ll get continuous free access to the site and can enjoy countless articles for free. You can use either paid VPNs or unpaid ones, however, having a paid one would be a blessing because you can continuously change your IP address but with an unpaid version you’ll need to wait for a while until it changes your VPN address.

4: Using Google to read 5 articles:

While this isn’t the best method that’s out there, it still does the job. You can use to access the New York Times which will allow you to read 5 different articles per day. This is a great method for people who don’t have to go thoroughly on the site and also don’t want to download or try something a bit more technical. Or just want to remain straight to the point. 

5: Using incognito mode:

Now, if you don’t own a VPN, the next best thing is to use your browser’s incognito mode which also redirects to your IP address. 

With the help of Incognito mode, the New York Times wouldn’t know if you’re the same reader as your IP address will be changed. However, this method will only let you read 5 different articles and then you’ll have to relaunch the browser. 

6: Disable the paywall through the help of Ad Blockers:

If you have an active Ad Blocker then this wouldn’t take more than 2 minutes of your life and will absolutely kill the New York Times Paywall. 

Whichever Ad Blocker you have, go and block the following URLs:



And that’s it. Your Ad Blocker will do the rest of the job. 

Most Ad Blockers have a separate page for URLs that you can block. If you find any trouble blocking it, consider checking out the help page on your Ad Blocker which will guide you to where and how you can paste these links. 

7: NYCLean:

Just like an extension, there’s also a bookmarklet called NYClean whose job is to clean all the cookies from your browser while you’re scrolling through the New York Times website. 

github page for installing chrome extension for reading NYT for free

All you have to do is download NYClean from the main site, drag it on the bookmarks toolbar you have (all browsers have a bookmark tab just below the URL tab), and whenever the New York Times asks you to pay for their content, click the NYClean and you’re good to go!

The NYClean script will work like a cleaning extension, which will hide the New York Times paywall for you for the additional 5 articles. Once you overrun that, you’ll then have to click again at the NYClean and you’ll again get 5 articles. 

One thing to note is, this method works best on Chrome. 

PS: How to bypass NYT Paywall:

Breaking New York Times paywall isn’t just doable but is also very easy which will save you not just time but money. The New York Times is by far one of the best internationally acclaimed newspapers out there and researchers have to thoroughly review it for their reports. However, it is important to note that one shouldn’t overdo it and become a freebie for life. 

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