Is Newsbreak Liberal or Conservative: Bias Fact Check

Newsbreak is one of the most widely known news websites and apps, not only in the United States but in many other countries as well. The word 'Newsbreak' inspired the name, meaning the first airing of the most recent breaking news. Since its launch, Newsbreak has been publishing every piece of information, from local to international. However, a concern arises about whether Newsbreak is biased or not and if it is liberal or conservative.

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Serving since 2015, Newsbreak has always delivered news updates. The news app keeps its users updated with all the updates regarding any ongoing or new events. Still, the reliability of news depends on the credibility of the news source. 

So, let’s tell you more about the reliability and biasness of Newbreak.

What is Newsbreak?

Newsbreak is an online app and website that provides the latest updates regarding all the events worldwide. The app facilitates a personalized news feed for every user based on location, interests, and other important aspects. It also helps the users stay updated in case of weather emergencies or any political or local alerts.

News Break - Local Headlines & Breaking News
News Break - Local Headlines & Breaking News

Newsbreak is a versatile news app where you'll find news from all categories, including entertainment, politics, sports, weather, science, and all the other world news. They have created the app to provide an all-in-one online platform for its users to locate all their trusted news publishers with just a single click. From the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times to the Sacramento Bee and Sports Illustrated, you'll find news from every known news and media channel on the Newsbreak app and website.

Before we tell you in detail if Newsbreak is liberal or conservative, let’s tell you who runs this fast and credible news app..

Who Runs Newsbreak?

Newsbreak is originally a US-based news app with its company in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California. With Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo being the Chief Advisor, Jeff Zheng, the ex-executive of Yahoo, founded the Newsbreak Company in 2015. Particle Media owns the company, directly funded through International Data Group (IDG) Capital. The Beijing, China-based IDG Capital has been an investment institute since 1993 and has worked with business ventures worldwide.

Harry Shum, a Microsoft executive, is now the chairperson of Newsbreak. Meanwhile, Vincent Wu (ex-News Executive of Yahoo and HuffPost) holds the position of the COO.

Is Newsbreak Liberal or Conservative? Bias Fact Check

It is important to note that Newsbreak doesn't generate original news content before we analyze whether or not Newsbreak is biased, and if it is biased, is it liberal or conservative? 

The news platform gathers news reports from various external media sources. 

We studied sources that considered a sample of around a hundred different stories and the Media Bias/Fact Check's (MBFC) ratings of Newsbreak's external sources to analyze the bias. Among all the featured media sources, the most prominent and repeated ones were NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, and The Hill. The categorization of the mentioned sources is expressed as follows:

  • Left Biased: 16%
  • Left-Center Biased: 38%
  • Least Biased: 40%
  • Right-Center Biased: 0%
  • Right Biased: 6%

The evaluation outcomes show that only 6% of the featured news sources exhibited a 'right wing' bias, while 40% of the news is least biased. On the other hand, 16% demonstrated 'left-wing' bias and 38% left-center bias, meaning that 54% of news sources veered towards the left perspective.

It is important to mention that the above analysis was solely based on national news sources after eliminating local news from the evaluation, which can vary for each user based on their locations.

Does Newsbreak Publish Reliable News?

40% of the featured news in Newsbreak is indeed low-biased. It can also be the reason many reliable sources have rated Newsbreak as one of the highest digital news media platforms. However, among its 10 thousand or more national news and local content sources, Newsbreak also uses many poor sources. For instance, it published Coronavirus reports from some sources, which knowingly or unknowingly included false information.

NewsBreak Original
NewsBreak Original

In addition, Newsbreak has also featured satirical news articles as genuine news, which raises many questions on its credibility and reliability. As a result of scrutinizing its national news sources, considering satire news being published as factual news, the reliability of its information remains 'Questionable.'

Now that you know if Newsbreak is conservative or liberal and its reliability, here’s a sneak-peek into the application’s popularity.

Newsbreak Popularity

With 50M+ installs to date, Newsbreak is one of the most popular news apps, especially in the United States, covering over 99% of the total app installs. In the global ranking index, the website experienced a positive ranking increase this year. From its rank of 5,038 in May 2023, the website jumped to 3,456th rank until July 2023. Moreover, the website witnessed a 16.89% increase in traffic in July 2023 compared to June 2023.

Newsbreak attracts users of different age groups, but the most common age bracket of visitors is from 54 to 64. With over 10 thousand news and media content sources, Newsbreak easily pulls an average of 23M visitors every month, including almost equal numbers of males and females.

Potential competitors of Newsbreak may include,,, and,, and

How to Get Access to Newsbreak?

Newsbreak is a mobile app available on both the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android. You can also sign up on their website on any device you use.

What Does Newsbreak Offer?

When using Newsbreak for the first time, you must enter your local zip code. Entering your location will help the app/website to keep you updated with every local news near you. It enables you to interact with the local community with ease. In addition, you will also have the choice to select your preferred type of news, from headlines, politics, and science to entertainment, sports, and international news.

The features provided by Newsbreak will create a personalized news platform for you featuring the latest local news.

How Does Newsbreak Generate Revenue?

Newsbreak generates revenue through different means, including advertising and local classified ads. Moreover, the website's global and national ranking determine its value, and with its increasing ranking, Newsbreak has experienced a positive impact on its business. It also features sponsored content, which is a great income source and growing revenue.

Final Words

Established by Jeff Zheng in 2015 in San Francisco, California, Newsbreak is a fast-growing online news source. Collecting news from all the well-known news sources, Newsbreak creates a news and media platform just a click away. Nearly 10 thousand external sources help provide information globally, including sports, politics, geography, entertainment, and international and local news. It is why the website pulls large online traffic interested in different news categories and eventually increases the site's worth. So, if you wonder if Newsbreak is liberal or conservative, it inclines slightly towards the left wing.

54% of the national news sources of Newsbreak are left-center biased. Notably, 40% of the featured national news sources are the least biased. Meanwhile, some poor sources and publishing satire as genuine news puts a question mark on the credibility of the information featured by Newsbreak. 


What is Newsbreak online? 

Newsbreak is an online news app and website that provides every possible new and ongoing news in one place. Jeff Zheng founded the company in 2015 in San Francisco, California. It facilitates every user with a personalized experience based on location and interest. News related to sport, politics, science, entertainment, and weather, you will find it all on Newsbreak. 

How many users are on Newsbreak? 

With more than 10 thousand local and national content sources, Newsbreak has 50M+ monthly users. The website alone pulls an average of 23M visitors every month. Also, the app is quite popular in the United States, as it has over 50 million app installs, with more than 99% of the installs from U.S. citizens. 

Is Newsbreak sponsored by China? 

Newsbreak is a popular news media company owned by Particle Media. International Data Group Capital has sponsored the company since its foundation in 2015. IDG Capital is a Chinese investment company based in Beijing that invests and funds several business ventures to help them grow in the global competitive market. 

Is Newsbreak an aggregator? 

Newsbreak is a company that features news from different external sources on its app and website. With over 10,000 news sources, you can find almost every news publisher, from ABC News and NBC News to the New York Times and the LA Times at Newsbreak. It is considered the largest news aggregator in the U.S.

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