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With the advent of crypto, trading has become common, and people look forward to making money. However, you can be successful in the field when you know all the ins and outs instead of investing blindly. Benzinga can be your best friend concerning understanding financial trading. The newsletter brings you information about trading, including customized portfolio summaries and market analyst ratings, to get you started for the day.


  • Insights into the latest trends
  • Trading analytics from experts


  • Not many news stories

If you are also looking for financial advice without having to pay a hefty amount to financial advisors, Benzinga can be your best pick. The best part is that Benzinga offers different newsletters to give you the news you want. From crypto to fintech, Benzinga newsletters cover everything!

What is Benzinga Newsletter about?

Benzinga newsletter is all about finances and trading. You get to know the latest trends in trading and associated risks, if any. It is an excellent choice for investors, especially when new to trading. You get all the important news from the newsletter. With the Benzinga newsletter, you will be able to start planning your day with recommendations from experts. Understanding the intricacies of trading gives you a benefit over other traders. Serious traders can opt for Benzinga Stocks To Watch to not miss top-level insights from the best in trading.

The Newsletter Structure of Benzinga

Benzinga Newsletter is an easy-to-follow newsletter with a simple format.

  • The story begins with a header mentioning the title.
  • Just below the title is the name of the author on the left side and the social media handles on the right side.
  • Furthermore, you can see the date, time, and estimated reading time under the author’s name.
  • Before getting into the story in detail, there is a small summary or Key Points from the news.
  • Under the header and author details is an image or video relevant to the news.
  • Moreover, there are details regarding the main news with a lot of white space to make it easy for the readers.
  • There are also a few links to other articles to provide more information on relevant subjects.
  • The newsletter stories are a mix of normal and bold text to increase readability and conveniently convey information to readers.
  • It also shows tables and charts for a better understanding of analytics by those experienced in the field.

What topics does Benzinga Newsletter cover?

Benzinga newsletters cover all topics from stocks to crypto trading and fintech. You just have to go to the website to pick your favorite and subscribe to the relevant newsletter of your choice. The newsletters deliver daily market analysis and insights from some of the top researchers in the market. The Crypto Rocketship is a weekly newsletter for everyone looking forward to investing in cryptocurrency but not wanting to risk it all. It contains insider interviews, exclusive crypto airdrops, news and show highlights, etc.

Is it free or paid?

Benzinga has multiple newsletter options for the readers to choose from, depending on their requirements and interests. The Benzinga morning newsletter is the daily morning newsletter for your daily updates about trading from the best in the field. Visit the website to sign up for the newsletter of your choice and get the best. The Benzinga morning and crypto newsletters are absolutely free of cost!

PS: My Honest Review of Benzinga Newsletter

Benzinga is among the most popular newsletters for traders, especially those new to it. You can find information regarding all different kinds of investments and trading, especially stocks and crypto. There is all information in their newsletter regarding crypto trading, that too, free of cost. Benzinga newsletter also has graphs and charts to provide all trading details. The morning newsletter gives you news about changing trends at night to ensure you are ready for the day. While budding traders are happy with the simple format and extensive information in the newsletter, sometimes, readers expect more than one story. If you also want different types of trading information in one place, you might not find Benzinga the best as it does not offer multiple snippets or bits from various news. 

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